Hi, my name is Sylvia, I work for S.E.I.P, or also known as Solve Everyone's Individual Problem. I was taken in from the government and they tested something on me. Now no one, nothing, not even a bullet can stop me. Only the scientist who created me can. It's my job to kill the abominations, the stupid scientist made an experiment gone wrong thing. That now eats meat (which includes humans) and once bitten you will never be the same. I'm on my own now. Well I got to go. Here comes more.

Chapter 1: Beginning of New Life

"Let go of me," I yelled. They threw me in a van and drove off. I banged on the door. "Help!" No one can hear me. The van came to a sudden stop. And then the doors to the van flung open. They grabbed my arms and brought me to a white room with a chair with straps. "Let me go!" They put me on the chair and strapped me down. "Shut up." Then 2 men came out wearing white-coats. "Are you ready?" They all shook their head. "Ready for what?" I was confused. A small table was set up. The guy in the white-coat took the needle from it and injected it in my vain. My heart started beating fast. Then I soon blacked out. In my head I started seeing things. Thing I never saw before. It was a dream. Soon to be reality.

"Hey, wake up." A person's voice was saying. I opened my eyes to find the guy in the white-coat. "What… what happened?" I was still confused. "We're just going do some testing. Okay?" I didn't know what he was talking about. "Get up." I stood up. "Now catch." He threw a plate at me. I caught it with only thinking of it. He pulled up a chair and sat down. "Sit down." I sat down. "So I want you to think of what I'm thinking." I looked at him closely. I could hear his thoughts. He's thinking of his next experiment. "Are you crazy?" Shaking my head knowing what he was going to do. "If you think that will help any all, well sorry your tripping." He smiled. "Your such a good experiment we did. Your unstoppable! You can do anything!" Yeah, he's crazy. I got up and ran past him. Moving towards the door. Swigging the door open finding move doors. I picked the closest door. Finding myself now in a quart yard. So all I did was run. People were running after me. 'Keep running, don't stop.' I told myself. I wasn't even tired.

"Stop!" They were yelling at me. But I didn't. The next building was right there. I went straight into it. Finding myself next to lots and lots of ammo and guns. I looked around. No one not a single person was here. I found a shirt and jean shorts that I dressed into. Picking up a gun to put it in the pouch I had already because I did work for the security in the airport. I grabbed a knife and I was ready to fight.

I took the sniper to the top of the building and waited. Waited for the right time. They kicked in the door. I shot the bullet. Headshot. One down, 4 more to go. They saw me. I jumped down. I slid behind a table I hurried and put down for protection. "Give up." They told me. "You're not going to win." Someone said. "Well watch me!" I yelled back. I grabbed my pistol and jumped over the table. One, two, three. Three people dead less then 10 seconds. The fourth guy just stood there. He looked so innocent. I dropped my gun. "Don't worry, pick up your gun. We're leaving." I looked at him confused. "I'm on your side," He said. He took my hand and we ran for the car that was parked.

"They were going to use you as like a super soldier." He told me. "Super soldier?" I was confused. "Yeah super soldier, you would totally kick ass." I smiled. "Why are you on my side again?" I asked. "I'm on your side because they are making some kind of experiment again and trust me it's not pretty." We drove off fast. "Okay? And?" I didn't want to be any part of this. "Okay my point is I don't want you to get hurt like them." Who was he talking about? Them? "Okay so who are they?" I asked confused. "THEM!" We hit something on the road. "Did you just seriously hit someone?" I asked. "No. It's not even a someone. It's something." No, this is not what I meant by this world needs a change. "And once bitten by one you will never be the same," He said. We drove past blood, guts, and bodies. "Do they eat humans by any chances?" I questioned. "That's what they feed off of. So yes" I sighed. "That's just great huh?" Shaking my head. "Do you even know if you got any skills?" He asked. "Err, no." I laughed. "Let's find out?"

Chapter 2:

So, they seeing all these things are freaky. We drove into town. "Oh you don't know my name do you?" I shook my head. "Nope." He shrugged. "My name is Aaron." He held out his hand that he wasn't using for the steering the wheel. "My name is Sylvia." I shook his hand. "So these things are like abominations basically?"

"Yeah I guess. Stupid scientist messed everything up and now they are here." I shook my head in shame. "They are so dumb. They took me in and inserted something in me and now I'm like super natural." I sighed loudly. He stopped the car at a gun shop. "Really? A gun shop." He shrugged. "We need all the ammo and weapon we can get. Plus we're not paying. Now go in and I got your back. Also it's not really stealing if the world is coming to an end." I smiled and said, "Okay."

I took a pistol from the back seat and got out of the car, then started for the shop. "Don't worry I'm right behind you." Seeing one of those things just freaked me out. It had blood and sharp teeth. The eyes were pitch black. So I hesitated to shoot it. The thing jumped on me and I literally fell over. "Can you help me?" I screamed at him. "You have to learn how to kill it yourself." Gahh! "Fuck off!" I pushed the thing off me and took out my hatchet and cut off its head. Leaving blood all over me. "Pull yourself together! You have to learn how to defend yourself. You're different than anyone else. You're much stronger. Pull it together! Stop being a pussy!" I rolled my eyes.

We entered the gun shop. I grabbed a gun bag and put like 10 guns in it. Then grabbed another bag then put 6 pistols and 3 shotguns in. I walked out of the gun shop and it wasn't even heavy at all. "Wow how much did you even get?" I shrugged. "Go check yourself. I got to head back in to grab some knives and ammo. I ran back inside. Grabbed a knife bag. I picked up like 5 knives and threw them in it, not even caring where they went. The door slammed closed. I looked around. "Hello? Aaron, is that your?" All I heard was moans. I took out my gun and looked around.

"What the hell?" It started for me. I shot it in its head. Really? I need to know what these things are. I turned to get ammo and put it in a plastic bag. "Jeesh. This is annoying. We got to go get food." I walked out of the store with 4 bags. "I like what guns you picked Sylvia." I smiled. "Good. Lets head for the store."

"Err, what the hell is that?" Looking at a mob of things, the abominations. I heard people screaming. "Hey, look people are being chased by them things." I sighed. "Sylvia, go help them." I rolled my eyes. "Use your abilities too. Don't forget you can do anything." I walked and whistled. It attracted most of them. But not all so I took my small knife and cut myself a little bit. The blood attracted all of them now. I stood there waiting. Waiting for the right time to move. I looked down at my feet and closed my eyes.

"Sylvia, get ready." Hearing all the footsteps coming. My hand feeling the handle to my gun. My eyes shot open. Taking the gun in one small motion killing them less than a minute. I ran out of bullets. "Hey, you missed one." Someone threw a knife at its head. I turned around to find a tall, beautiful tan, hazel eyes, and light brown hair that was so light that it was almost of blonde. "Ya. Thanks. I ran out of bullets." He shrugged. "Maybe you should keep more on you." I laughed. "Nah." Smiling at him he said, "Well i saw what you did. You're pretty good." He looked at me weird. "Well it's like a new me took over." He had a confuse expression on his face. "Don't look at me like that." I rolled my eyes. "Like what?" He asked. "Like you think i'm crazy. It's not my fault the stupid scientist took me in and injected something in me and then I suddenly turn all bad ass into something that can kill anything and anyone."

"Shhh!" He shushed me because I was talking talking to much. "What?" I said annoyed. "The same thing happened to me." I looked at him surprised. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah. Them assholes took me in and just injected me with something. Now i'm unstoppable like you." I smiled at him. "It's good to know that i'm not the only person like this." He smiled back at me. "Hey, what's taking you so long?" Aaron came running in. "Oh you rescued someone." I shook my head. "No, he rescued me." Aaron turned to meet him. "Well that's the first. I thought you were unstoppable Sylvia?" I took my knife out. "Wanna see how unstoppable i am? Try me. But you will regret it." I glared at him. "Okay!" The guy i just met said. "I rolled my eyes. "Are knives necessary Sylvia? You can't fist fight?" Aaron said. "You're so lucky i didn't kill you at base," I said. "Anyways. Hi, i'm Sylvia we haven't officially met. And you are?" I asked. "I'm Drake," He said. "And i'm Aaron."

Chapter 3: