An Unseen Dream

So far away

Yet so close

I see you daily

But you don't see me

My haunted glow

My outline of you

I am perfection

Yet you don't see it like I do

Don't worry though

Let's make this better

Go to our favorite place

A place with no sun

A place with no other people

A place

For you and me

The Shadow Forest

There you will see me

There you can meet me

There you can be me

It's the only time

You'll recognize me

I am your shadow

Come visit me

I'm sick of following you around

If you can't handle it

I can

Just trade me places

I want to be you

And make everything go away

But that's just


Unseen Dream

Author Note-

In my English 10 class, we had to do what my teacher calls a "Snap Shot Poem" we were to use a picture and write a poem. The picture I used was a girl standing alone in a dark forest. The idea of this poem came from her shadow. It seemed to be pointed to the darker side of the trees which made me think of this. If I can find the picture, I'll put a link in my profile.I hope you enjoyed this!