Trickery for Life

You said you loved me but when I look at you I see regret flashing through your pure-gray eyes it makes me feel


You said you loved me yet when you hold my hand I feel the devastation as you grimace secretly faking a smile I feel


You said you loved me though when we kiss I feel


You said you loved me but as I lay here on my death bed I realize my naive pure heart had always been fooled. You never loved me and it shows now. I'm dying of a broken heart and you?
Are doing perfectly fine
Even though you've treated me like a rag doll I'll never forget the years we spent together

I forgive you
Simply because
I love you

Author Note- In my English 10 class, we had to write poems about a memory. I chose to write about my grandmother who died from cancer two years ago. Right before she was admitted to the hospital, my grandpa came out about cheating on her. A few days before she passed away, she told me that she forgave him the last time she saw him. Her doing this taught me a lesson I'll never forget. I really hope you did enjoy this poem.