I'm so tired of the same old breed,

The guy who thinks with a smile

He can get me.

You know the ones who have it all,

Dark, handsome, but dull.

They spout out line after line,

Saying "Oh Baby, your so fine."

Well you can save your time,

I'm into guys who want to know my

Beautiful Mind.

I ask a question you take a breath,

Stair down, but the answer isn't

Written across my chest.

Come on give that a rest!

At least try to have some class

Stop staring at me like I'm just

Some piece of….

Grass you can walk on!

I'm not that type,

I want a guy who sees my

Beautiful Mind.

Yes, I have luscious lips

And you seem to like the swing of my hips

But that doesn't make me your type

Doesn't stand a chance to make you my guy.

See I'm quite fond of using my voice,

I proudly say that it's my choice,

I have opinions,

I make no apologies'

I'm telling you guys like you can't handle me.

Poor thing, you say your lost in my eyes

As long as I just sit here and smile

We can hang here for a while.

Well some one get Player a map,

Cause he's going no where fast!

If you really want to be one of a kind,

Tell me you like me for my

Beautiful Mind.

Now don't get me wrong,

I don't think that I'm all that,

But if your skinny or fat

Your perfect in your way

Because you pull off your perfect shape

The point of this rhyme,

And of me taking up your time

Is to tell you don't settle for anyone less

Than someone who loves you for your

Beautiful Mind.