I'm average. A 5'7 girl with mid-back length mousy brown hair and amber colored eyes. I don't have large boobs, an amazing butt, or killer mile long legs. I'm pale and pasty. The only thing that I'm good at is dancing. No boy has ever spared me a second glance. But tonight, I was going out with my girls, Jessica and Lauren. I was 18 and barley out of the house. My life will change tonight and this is my story.


I drive in silence to my friend, Jessica's apartment where she was throwing a 'Thank-goodness-we-made-it-out-of-High-school' party. I climb out and shut my door. I adjust the blue sparkly sequence dress Lauren had forced me into. It barley covered my butt and probably showed the world my underwear if I sat down. I grumble and go inside. "Avalon! You made it!" Jessica squeals hugging me. I smile softly as I hug her back.

"No way! Avalon Hasting is at a party?" One of the boys says as I walk past. I go out to Jessica's balcony, the smell of testosterone makes my head pound as I pass the douche bag guys who think they can get any girl they want. I perch on the edge of the railing as the music inside blares.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing alone out here?" A musical voice asks me.

It startles me and I scream a little and lose my balance. The owner of the voice grabs me before I plummet to my potential death. "Getting some air." I murmur.

"Hi, I'm Braxton." He says a sly smile on his face.

"Avalon." I murmur as I hop off the railing. "Avalon Hasting."

"Avalon." He repeats rolling my name around on his tongue as if it were the sweetest candy. "What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl."

"I am far from beautiful." I mutter as I head inside. I feel his arm wrap around my waist and his other at my neck. He pinches something softly and it gets dark.


I drowsily wake up and people are standing over me. They have black eyes that shift to vibrant colored eyes as they notice I'm awake. "I'll take her." The man says and the other two bind my wrist together with thick ropes that burned when i tried to move my wrist.

"What's going on? Where am I?" I ask quietly, afraid to speak.

"You're at the human trade market." The man says as he pulls out some money and hands it to one of the men that bonded my wrists. "You are coming with me." He says pulling me up and pushing me out the doors and into a car with dark tinted windows. I scream and thrash the whole car ride to our destination. "Will you please be quiet? You are hurting my ears!" He bellows and I stop and shrink into my seat. We arrive at a large stone mansion. He opens the door and pushes me out. I trip and stumble as we climb stone steps. The driver shuts the door to the car before driving away.

"Edmund! Did you find one?" A lady appears as we enter the house.

"Yes Edith." He says. "Go call for him."

"Fabian!" She screeches and I flinch back. She turns to me, "Darling, nothing to be afraid of. Just a couple demons."

A small girl skips in and smiles at me before going to Edith. A tall somewhat muscular boy, an athletic build, cute, dark brown hair, and the most beautiful brown eyes I'd ever seen comes into the room. "What?" He's wearing black jeans, a black v-neck that clung to his body, black high-tops and a black leather jacket.

"Your father found one." Edith smiles.

"Take it back." He hisses and I scowl. So I'm an 'it' now?

"Your father had the courtesy to buy you a human and this is how you repay him?" Edith snaps at her son as the little girl scampers across the room to stand beside Fabian.

"Fine." He grumbles and turns towards me. "Come on wench."

I scowl and follow behind him and the little girl. He goes into a room and the little girl motions for me to follow them inside. I go into the large room and glance at the expansive bed, the dark oak furnishings, and the large window that led out to the balcony. "Hi, I'm Hazel Jessamine St. Claire. What's you name?" She asks as I sit on a chair.

"I'm Avalon Alyssa Hasting." I say quietly repeating her introduction.

Fabian is over at his desk scrawling something on paper. A few moments later he looks up. "Hazel, time for bed." He says.

"No! I'm not tired!" She pouts.

"You need beauty sleep. If you don't get it you won't be beautiful anymore." Fabian says to his little sister and she looks at him terrified.

"Night!" Hazel yells as she scampers out of the room.

He smiles and laughs. The King of Gloom actually smiled and laughed. "You, come here." He says.

"Me?" I say with an attitude leaking into my voice.

"Yes you wench." He says as I rise off my seat.

"I have a name you know." I spat at him.

He rips the ropes easily. "And what is it then?"

"Avalon." I say as I rub my wrists.

"If you're smart you would have figured out I'm Fabian."

"I know." I grumble. "Explain this to me?"

"You're mine, my property. I own you, my father gave you to me after he bought you from the Human Trade Market." He says pulling out a tannish object. He unfolds it and I see it's a cot.

"What, no pillow? No blanket?" I say. As soon as those words leave my lips a plush pillow and blanket fly into my face. I grumble and climb into "bed" as he turn off the lights. I lie awake knowing it'd be no use trying to escape a house full of demons, but to hell thats stopping me. I bolt for the door and manage to get it open an inch before it slams shut and my hands are pinned ver my head.

"You need to be a lot sneakier if you're trying to leave." He murmurs, his body pressed against mine. I caught a whiff of Axe. Not too much that it's overwhelming, but subtle. Just enough to make you notice it.

"I want to go home." I say trying to pull myself free from his grip. He rolls his eyes and throws me over his shoulder. He deposits me on to the cot and glares at me.

"Go to sleep." Is all he utters before the lights go out again. I grumble and roll over. Of course, when you're scared for your life sleep is not exactly on the agenda and will not find you easily. I managed to close my eyes for a wink of sleep before Fabian is hovering over the cot. "Breakfast. Let's go." He says as I throw my legs over the side of the cot. I slip on my heels and follow him down the stairs to the dinning room. He's a blur as he moves down the stairs.

"How?" I utter staring in awe.

"You forget you live with demons now?" He asks as I bound down the stairs two steps at a time.

"Kind of hard to forget with you always reminding me." I muse as I sulk into the dining room.

I take a seat as a maid comes into the room. "What may I get you?" She asks in a small timid voice.

"What do you want Hazel?" He asks the small girl.

"Trix!" She smiles and a few moments later the maid comes back out with three bowls of cereal. She sets them down in front of us and I eat quickly. I finish long before Fabian and Hazel make a dent in there cereal and milk. I look at them and feel a pang of jealousy. My mother, father, and baby sister died in a fire 2 years ago while I was getting some groceries for my sick bed-ridden father and busy mother. I frown slightly knowing that none of my relatives would miss me. I didn't know anyone on my father's side and my mother's side lived in Italy. I sigh as Edith walks into the expansive dinning room and sits across from Fabian at the table that could easily seat 12.

"Come on." Fabian says as soon as he's done. I follow him as he walks down a few flights of stairs. He gestures to a door. "You can clean up in here. I'll have Andromeda bring you some clothes I picked out." He murmurs leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. I strip down to bare nothing and climb into the shower. My shampoo was in there along with my body wash and conditioner. As I condition my hair I hear the door open and peak my head out from behind the sower curtain.

"It's just me, I brought you some jeans and a t-shirt." Andromeda murmurs. "Towels are on the counter." She turns quickly and leaves the room, leaving me alone to my thoughts again. I towel off as soon as I'm done, slip into my new undergarments, a lacy black thong with a small red ribbon and matching bra. I pull the low cut navy blue v-neck on and make a face.

"At least your boobs look bigger." I mumble as I pull on the denim blue skinny jeans that hugged me perfectly. I looked like a whore, a first class flash everyone bitchy bang everything you see kind of whore. The worst kind. I look at the shoes, black ankle booties. I smile, they were cute. I slip them on and leave the room, my wet hair hanging down my back. I climb the stairs again and Andromeda stops me.

"We have to do your make up." She says before pulling me into a small white room. She sits me down in the chair and applies the make up to my face. She curls my hair so it looks like I just stepped out of a prom magazine. She leads me up the stairs to the dining room. "Look at her." She smiles beaming at her work. I catch a glimpse of my reflection and gasp. I looked beautiful, but all for the wrong reasons. Fabian glances up at me and then back down at his paper. Hazel was gone, probably to school. Edith smiles.

"Fabian, what do you think?" She asks her son.

"Eh, she's okay." He shrugs not even looking up again.

"Fine, since you aren't going to use her. I'll need her to help at the party tomorrow night." Edith says.

"But she's mine!" Fabian snaps slamming his pencil down.

"You aren't using her to her fullest abilities so I'll use her." Edith says before turning to me. "Tomorrow morning after breakfast you are to help Andromeda make food, set up the ball room, bake the cake, decorate, and serve food at my party for the launch of my newest make up line. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am." I say quietly, folding my arms in front of me.

"What's your name dear?" She asks.

"Avalon." I say.

"Avalon what?"

"Avalon Alyssa Hasting." I introduce myself to her.

"Avalon, such a pretty name. Take a seat dear." She says gesturing to the seat in front of her and to Fabian's right. "Tell me about yourself."

"I'm 18. My birthday is December 25. I am half italian, scottish, native american, and just a touch of brazilian." I murmur, "I had a baby sister. My parents and her died in a fire two years ago when I was 16. I lived with 3 foster families. I was born in Seattle. Um, what am I missing?"

"You're parents died?" Edith asks at the same time Fabian mutters, "Any hobbies?"

"Yes and Yes, I'm a professional dancer." I say quietly.

"Dancer?" Edith asks interested now.

"Yeah, I've danced at nationals for 5 years now." I say crossing my legs.

"Oh really." Fabian says picking up his pencil again.

"Yes really. Look me up on Youtube if you want to. Avalon Hasting-National Performance." I say before he stands up to leave. I catch a glimpse of his work, it's a picture of a girl with long curls, large doe-like eyes and a button nose.

"Mother, are you going to continue talking to her or are you going to allow me to take her?" He asks.

"Go ahead." she says waving us away dismissively. I rise and follow after Fabian as he bounds up to his room. He puts the sketches away and grabs a jacket as well as a set of car keys.

"Let's go." He says walking out the door.

"Rude." I mutter as I follow him down to the family's commodious garage. He walks to a silver Maserati Truism Convertible Sport. This car must have cost him a wad of dollar bills. "Damn."

"Get in." He says opening my door for me.

"You know I have a name and it won't kill you to say please." I grumble as I slide in.

"Please Avalon. There, happy?" He asks shutting the door an walking to the other side of the car. He slides in and I glare at him.

"Where are you taking me now?" I ask annoyed at his attitude towards me.

"To go pick up a few more clothing items, more art supplies, a new tattoo and then to get Hazel from school." He says pulling out of the garage and down the stretch of driveway that wound around the house. We drive past familiar scenery but I just can't place it yet. Then it hit's me. I was no longer in New York, NY. I was now in Hickory Creek, TX. I'd only been there once when I was a child.

"Stop! Stop the car!" I scream and he slams on the brakes.


"Where are we?"

"Hickory Creek, TX." He says pulling over.

"How? I was in New York City the night I was taken." I mutter.

"You were out for a pretty long time, that's what I heard anyway. They brought you to Texas on a private plane." He shrugs as we drive though the town. He pulls into a parking lot and motions for me to follow him. I sulk and follow him. We enter the store and he buys me a few more clothing items, pajamas this time. We pick up a few new tubes of paint as well as a few new canvases. We drive to a tattoo parlor and we walk inside. He motions for me to sit down and I do. A man comes out and looks me over.

"Babe, are you getting the tattoo?" He asks winking at me.

I shake my head and Fabian stands up. "I'm getting the tattoo." He says standing in front of me, blocking the man from looking at me.

"Come on back." He grumbles.

Fabian turns around to look at me. "It'll only take a minute. Don't think about trying to run."

I nod obediently and fold my hands in my lap. A few minutes later he comes out and smiles at me. "What?" I ask confused.

"You didn't run." He says holding out his hand for me to take. I place my hand in his reluctantly and he pulls me up. "That's a first. I expected you to stab me first before you would wait for me while I get a tattoo."

"You would have caught me anyways." I shrug. "Now let me see your tattoo!"

"I don't think so. Come on. We need to get Hazel before she ends up stranded." He says and I follow him out the door and to the car. I sit in the car and almost fall asleep as Fabian drives to the school. He parks the car and looks at me. "Stay here." He leaves the car and I lean back. I stare out the window at little kids walking with their parents. My little sister, Amaliyah, would never have that. My parents would never get to see me get married or Amaliyah grow up. Tears come to my eyes and I blink them back as Fabian opens the door. He slides the white leather chair back for Hazel to climb in.

"Hi Avalon," She smiles.

"Hey Haze." I say with a small smile on my face. Fabian looks at me strangely.

"Have you been crying?" She asks as Fabian slides the chair back and sits down. I shake my head quickly, my naturally wavy hair shakes.

"Buckled up?" Fabian asks his little sister as he looks into the mirror to check. She nods and he starts the car. I look out the window and see a familiar face.

"Wait!" I yell as I take off my seatbelt and throw open the door. I run through the crowd dodging people and know Fabian is following me. "Mara!" I yell at the girl.

She turns towards me, "Avalon!" She screams as I throw my arms around her. "How are you?"

"In Texas." I say and she laughs. "I'm pretty good."

"Are you still dancing?" She asks as Fabian comes up behind me.

"Psh, yeah! Dance was my life and it still is! I was just taking a break. But I'm quitting after this year." I say. "How's Keller? Still mad at me?"

"Yes, she's determined to beat you in national qualifiers this year." Mara smiles and I roll my eyes.

"Bring it." I say.

"Avalon, we have to go." Fabian says placing his hand on my shoulder. It's warmer than I expected.

"Alright," I frown. "Bye Mara!" I wave a her and she waves back as Fabian and I walk away.

"How do you know her?" He asks.

"I used to dance with her." I explain as we walk back to the car. "I need to seriously start practicing again."

"I'll see what I can do." He says as I get into the car.

"Avalon, will you dance for me?" Hazel asks as I buckle my seat belt. "We have a dance studio near Fabian's art studio."

"You're an artist?" I ask Fabian.

"Yeah." He says focusing on the road.

"What do you paint?" I ask.

"He paints Haven." Hazel says and he tenses gripping the wheel tightly.

"What?" I ask my eyebrows creasing together, "Heaven?"

"No, Haven. My ex girlfriend." He says and I give a small understanding 'oh'.

"Can you teach me how to dance?" Hazel asks.

"Sure." I smile at her. "I just need something I can actually dance in."

"Your stuff from your apartment in New York should be here." Fabian says. "My mom had them bring your things."

"What do you dance?" Hazel asks me.

"Lyrical, ballet, pointe, jazz, and tap." I list as Fabian drives down the street.

"What's pointe?" He asks.

"It's like ballet but you're on your toes the whole time instead of flat on your feet." I say as we pull into the driveway. He parks the car and I get out. I wait as he let's Hazel out. She grabs my hand and pulls me inside. I run to keep up with her. Man, for a little girl, she could run. She pulls me into her room where a large trunk of clothes sat.

"Theres your stuff." She smiles as I move across the room and open it. I kneel and go through the trunk, my mom's old sparkly baby blue lyrical dress was in there. I smile and tuck it away. I pull out my gunmetal colored costume. "Dance!" She squeals.

"Alright, I have to change first." I smile at her. I grab my black leotard and a tan lace overdress as well as my lyrical shoes and a black hair tie. She leaches the room and I strip down to my underwear before slipping into the black spaghetti strap leotard before tugging the overdress on. I pull my hair into a tight ponytail and pick up the shoes. I walk into the hallways and Hazel smiles at me. I walk into the dance studio behind her and through the door. The room had mirrors that stretched from the ceiling to the floor that ran around 3 walls. The near right wall was made of glass with a connecting door. I see Fabian in the other room working on a painting. "Do you have an Ipod?" I ask her.

"I'll go ask Fabian for his Iphone." She says and opens the glass door connecting the two rooms. I watch them through the glass wall. He turns around to glance at me as I pretend to stretch. He rises and comes over as I slip on my shoes and do an arabesque. He has an amused smirk on his face as he walks in with his sketch pad and pencil.

"What do you need?" He asks.

"I need music to dance to." I say.

"What's the word Avalon?" He asks and I make a stink face.

"Please." I say and He cracks a smile.

"What song?" He asks.

"One Direction!" Hazel squeals.

"You're a Directioner too?" I ask her.

"Yes! Can you dance to I Should Have Kissed You?" She asks and I nod. "Turn it on Fabian!"

"Fine. I don't know how you guys can listen to this terrible music." He grumbles. He looks at me waiting for my okay. I walk to the center of the room. I nod to him and music plays, I do illusions and pirouettes along with splits, scissor kicks and leaps. I forget about my two people audience and begin to dance at my own free-will forgetting that I'm being watched. I pirouette 3 times and go straight into a splits before pulling my leg so that I'm in a sitting scorpion. Fabian stops the music and I snap my head in his direction.

"There. Now if you excuse me. I need to make this the routine of my life. It's my last year on that dance floor." I say rising and brushing off my bottom.

"Hazel, go do your homework." Fabian says to his sister. His gaze on me the whole time.

"I don't wanna!" She whines and I laugh quietly.

"Go, you need to get smarter." He says giving her a boogie. She fixes her hair in the mirror before leaving and closing the door behind her.

"Why'd you ask her to leave?" I ask cocking my head to the side.

"Maybe, just maybe I'm falling for a human." He says moving towards me. He moves his hand and and smooths out my hair. A purr escapes my lips and I turn pink. "What was that?" He asks amused.

"I've been known to purr if you pet my head." I mumble quietly.

"Interesting." He smiles, "Why are you quitting dance?"

"I have no reason to dance anymore. I did it for my mom." I say. "Plus, I can't dance if I don't have a team or dance instructor. And I can't get one if I'm stuck here." I murmur.

"Then leave, go. I'm letting you be free." He says and I stare at him in awe.

"Really?" I ask. He hands me my boots and I take off the dance shoes and slip them on. He leads me out and hands me a fur lined pea coat.

"It'll be cold. I don't want you to get cold." He says as I slip in on. My overdress barley peaking out of the bottom of it.

"Thank you." I say before walking through the gate and down the street. The only person I knew that lived near here was , one of my dad's old high school friends. I run in the direction of her house and glance back at the large mansion growing smaller in the distance. I don't pay attention as I run across the street and don't see a car speeding towards me. I notice it and manage to get a scream out before it hits me. I instantly black out.