Avalon's P.O.V

Fabian tucked me in and I was out like a flame in the middle of a down pour. I had a dreamless sleep and when I wake up I hear footsteps from the floor below us. I get out of bed and run a brush through my head before bounding down there. A crowd of people had gathered and everyone's eyes are on me. Hazel smiles at me as she jumps up off the couch. "Avalon, you're awake! Fabian she's awake!" She calls and Fabian emerges from a group of people. He smiles at me as he takes me into his arms.

"Did you have sweet dreams?" He murmurs dipping his head to look my in the eye.

"Yes," I smiled, "Who are these people?"

"Avalon, this is my family. Guys, this is Avalon." He says before turning back to me, "Go get changed I'll introduce you to everyone formally later." I scowl at him.

"We'll talk about this later." I whisper and head back up the stairs. Hazel and another girl follow me, she looks about 15. I go into the guest room where Edith had put all of my dresses. I change into a simple black dress and a pair of black heels. I thumb through the racks and find nothing. "Haze help me?" I ask and she disappears through the racks. I glance at the girl. "Hi," I smile sweetly.

"Hello," She chirps shying away from me.

"I'm Avalon, what's your name?"

"Amaya." She says quietly.

"That's a pretty name." I smile as Hazel comes out holding up a strapless silver dress with a pink sash.

"Here you go," She chirps and I take the dress from her.

"Thanks Haze, I owe you."

"No, wait. I think I found a better one." Amaya pipes up and Hazel smiles. She pulls out a sky blue knee length halter top dress with an empire waist.

"Perfect." Hazel smiles and pushes me behind the vanity and I change. I look in the mirror, my scars are gone. I grab a pair of silver heels and slip them on. "You look so pretty." She giggles and I smile.

"Thank you Amaya." I smile as they both drag me down the stairs and into Fabian's arms.

"Treat her right Fab." Amaya tells him before walking away, I scowl at him.

"You should have warned me." I whisper to him as we walk into the kitchen. He pours me a Mountain Dew and grabs a can of beer. I wrinkle my nose, "Something smells."

"That's dinner." He chuckles.

"You're joking right?"

He laughs as I sip my drink, "That's the kids, they're out in the yard playing."

"I'm over dressed." I groan and he chuckles.

"You think I'm not?" He asks and I glance at his outfit, a black suit, white dress shirt, black tie and dress shoes. I giggle as he takes my hand and leads me out to the yard. I glance around and everyone is smiling at us. We drink our beverages as we watch the kids run around playing tag. "Hazel! Don't ruin your dress!" He yells after his little sizer. She waves him off and I laugh.

"So, are you going to introduce me to everyone?" I ask finishing my drink. He finishes his and throws the can and cup in the trash.

"Yes ma'am I am." He smiles.

I laugh as he takes my hand and leads me around introducing me to every last relative. They all joke around with me and tease Fabian, he keeps an arm around me at all times. I lean into his side as we meet his grandmother, she's pretty young actually. Only 55, she smiles sweetly at me. "Hello dear, well aren't you a pretty one."

"Avalon this is Grandmother Claire. Gran this is Avalon Hasting."

"You can call me Gram, Fabian insists on calling me Gran though." She says swatting his arm.

"Hi Gram." I smile as she pulls me down to sit on the lawn chair beside her.

"You're the dancer aren't you." She smiles..

"The one at nationals that danced to Blown Away by Carrie Underwood?"

"Yes her," She smiles.

"Yes ma'am that's me." I grin as Fabian walks off to talk to his cousin from Italy, Angelo. "Fabian!" I call after him.

"I'll be right back!" He yells back and I turn back towards Gram.

"So tell me dear, have you and Fabian been busy between the sheets?" She asks with a chuckle.

I feel my cheeks burn and the blush creep up my neck. "Um," I stutter.

"No need to tell me." She winks and I gulp. "You make my grandson happy, this is the happiest I've ever seen him."

Frowning I tell her, "He treats me like a princess and I've done some terrible things to him."

"Like what?" She frowns.

"I've been rude to him, I've screamed at him, I made him watch me lay on my almost death bed. What's worse? I ran away from him." I murmur.

"Dear, Fabian can handle all of it as long as you're still here." She smiles clapping my knee as Fabian walks back over to us. He bends down to place a swift kiss on my cheek.

"We should go inside, they're about to start lunch Gran." Fabian says helping his grandmother and I up. I smile as he helps her up the steps and into the house. I follow behind them as we walk into the dinning room, lunch was set out buffet style and you ate wherever you wanted. Fabian grabs me some food as I cater to Hazel's needs.

"Avalon? Can you dance for us?" She asks.

"After I eat Haze." I smile setting down her drink. She smiles and nods as Fabian pulls me away from the little kids. He walks me across the yard to a secluded spot under their willow tree. He sits down beside a plate of food and two drinks before patting his lap. I sit down on his lap and he captures my lips in a passionate kiss before feeding me chicken salad and pasta. "So, tell me. Why are we so dressed up?"

He shrugs, "My mom told me to put this on." I snuggle closer to him as the sun peers through the willows leaves. "You look beautiful though."

"Your not half that bad." I smile as we go inside. He puts the paper plate in the trash before everyone gathers in the living room.

"I'll be right back," He smiles before leaving me on the couch. His family steal quick glances at me and I gnaw on my bottom lip.

"You okay?" Angelo asks me as Fabian disappears down the hall.

"Yeah, just a tad bit awkward. Everyone's staring."

He chuckles, "You're Fabian's. That's something new, everyone has to stare."

"Wow, thanks. Make me feel more like an object than a person." I roll my eyes.

"I didn't mean it like that!" He says with wide eyes.

"I'm joking." I laugh as Fabian comes back in and calls everyone's attention.

"Avalon, can you come up here please?" He asks and I rise and move to stand in the middle of the living room. "Avalon Alyssa Hasting, you are the best thing that's happened to me throughout my immortal life. These past three or so weeks have been amazing. You deserve the world and I'm willing to give that to you." He murmurs and I feel tears come to my eyes, I know what he's going to ask. Maybe. "These past 3 weeks have been some of the best for as long as I've been alive. Avalon, have I stole your broken heart yet?" I silently nod as tears stream down my face. He drops to one knee, "Avalon Hasting, will you marry me?" He produces a Tiffany blue box from his pocket and opens it. He got me a ring, from Tiffany & Co.? Inside was a ring with diamonds arranged into the shape of a flower.

I bite my lip trying not to cry, "Yes!" I yell pulling him up and wrapping my arms around his neck. "A million times yes." I whisper into his neck. I hear clapping and cheering as he slips the ring onto my finger and presses his lips to mine.

"I love you," He whispers to me as I cry into his chest.

"I love you too." I mumble as Edith and Gram pull me away from him. They hug me as he smiles. I turn my head to mouth, 'You are the absolute best' to him. They let me go and we go around as his aunts and cousins look at my ring and hug me. His uncles clap him on the back and Hazel bounces excitedly chattering away about wedding details with Edith and Gram. As promised I dance for the kids as Fabian watches with his sketch pad and the adults talk about out engagement. Around midnight they all leave and I collapse onto the guest bedroom bed.

"Go change into some comfortable clothes," He smiles kissing me. Reluctantly I get up and change into one of his t-shirts and a pair of Sophee shorts. I lay down on the bed and he pulls me against his chest, "I love you so much."

"I love you more." I mumble as my eyes droop.

"Go to bed lovely." He says rubbing my arms soothingly. I shut my eyes but don't sleep, instead I think.

I'm living in a romance novel, a perfect romance novel. I'm Cinderella and Fabian is my Prince Charming, he's Noah and I'm Allie. We've been separated but never stopped loving each other. I'm a reincarnation and I was supposed to die 2 days ago. I'm engages to a demon, I am a demon. I've survived the odds. Love has strange ways of working itself out, but they always have a nice out come. This is my tragic life and I love it. It's mine and no one else's. I've fallen in love with someone I'd never picture myself with in 3 weeks, life is full of miracles.

The End

P.S. I'm making a sequel to this little story(: Check it out, it's called Indescribable