I never meant to hurt you

Never meant to make you cry

I only thought of myself

My own happiness

I never meant to take away yours.

I know the reasons behind your tears

That smile that always fades

When you think no one cares

But I do, I don't show it, but I care.

I cry, not for me, but for you

I see how I've hurt you

The scars and tears I've carved

Nothing can take them away.

The tear tracks down my face

The scars that cut deeper than flesh

They are for you

For the hurt I've caused.

If I could forget, erase my memory

I would for you

So you get your happiness

But I can't, no one can.

I never meant to cause you pain

But I always do.

My endless talking, crying, laughing

Relates back to the one thing

The one thing you want the most.

I'm sorry for the pain I've caused

The tears I've made fall

The scars along your body

I'm sorry for it all.