A/N: I'll do my best to try and keep these short. There's only a few since a lot of myths were covered before hand. But I might have to go over a few Greek myths, just an index, but that's about it. And I could probably find that elsewhere.

Yggdrasil is the axis of the world and stretches its branches over gods, giants, men, and dwarves; all of creation. One root was deep in Niflheim and from under that the spring Hvergelmir frothed while Nidhogg tore at its roots and ripped apart corpses. In between mouthfuls he would shout insults at Ratatosk to carry to the eagle.

Other creatures attacked the tree as well, for there were four stags that nibbled on the new leaves and goats that tore off the shoots. Its bark was peeling and parts were rotting.

Another root dug into Asgard and by which was the well of Urd where the gods gathered every morning. Nearby was where the Norns lived, shaping the lives of men. And every day they sprinkled water onto Yggdrasil to help keep it alive.

The third root was in Jotunheim held by the giants and under that root there was the spring guarded by wise Mimir and the water gave insight to all those who drank it. Heimdallr had left his horn by that spring until Ragnarok came and he needed it. And Odin gave an eye to drink from the well and won immense knowledge and a want for more. So, the High One approached Yggdrasil alone.

Odin said: he hung from the tree for nine nights, pierced to it with a spear, and was offering himself to Odin; himself to himself.

No one has or ever will understand the roots of Yggdrasil.

No one had come to offer the High One bread or refresh him with drink from a horn. He looked at the worlds below, read the runes, and fell back.

From Bestla's father he learned nine powerful songs and was able to drain the mead from the cauldron Odrorir.

His wisdom grew then and one word gained many words and one deed gained many deeds for him.

The charms he learned are not for any king's wife or man. The first is called Help for it can weaken grief and cure any sickness, fatigue pain.

He knows a second: that any man who wishes to be a healer must know it.

He knows a third: should he need help to fend off his enemy he can blunt the opponent's sword or staff so that he could not injure him.

He knows a fourth: if anyone should bring him a hand or a foot, the charm is so great that the lock springs apart, and he can walk free.

He knows a fifth: if he sees an arrow on its way to its target he can stop it by fixing his gaze upon it.

He knows a sixth: if anyone thinks to finish him off with a sapling marked with ruins the hero will only destroy himself.

He knows a seventh: if he sees the roof catch fire of the heads of his friends he can kill the flame, no matter how fierce.

He knows an eighth: and all men will be advised to know this: if hatred takes root in a man's mind he can uproot it.

He knows a ninth: he can calm the waves and put the sea to sleep should his ship ever be in danger in a storm.

He knows a tenth: if he sees witches he can make it so that they never return to their day form or find their home.

He knows an eleventh: if he leads loyal friends into battle and sings behind his shield, the men will strengthen and remain unharmed.

He knows a twelfth: if he sees a hanged man he can bring him down and talk to him.

He knows a thirteenth: if he sprinkles water over a child it will never be drawn into war.

He knows a fourteenth: if he desires to, he can say the name of each god and elf.

He knows a fifteenth: a dwarf sang it in front of Delling's door, a charm of power for the gods, glory for elves, and wisdom for Odin.

He knows a sixteenth: if he longs for love he can win the heart of any woman.

He knows a seventeenth: such a charm that a young girl would loathe to forsake him.

He knows an eighteenth: he shall never tell it to a girl or married woman unless he was in her arms or she was his sister. What you and you alone know is always the most potent. And that is the last charm.

These were Odin's words before there were men and after his death when he rose again.