A/N: Takes place after Ottar's Ransom and before Baldr's Dreams

Alvis came from the world of the dark elves to Asgard and from there to Thor's hall and though he saw the god whom he was searching for, he did not recognize him. He said that he had come for his bride, Thrud, and take her home with him but Thor asked who he was – and what, for he was very pale and looked like a monster. To this, the Thunderer denied the dwarf Thrud. The dwarf introduced himself as Alf and he had come for Thrud, his reward for making weapons and the gods should not break his oath. Thor said he would break the promise, though, for he knew nothing of it and that the father has the last word in who his daughter marries. Alvis demanded Thor's name, calling him a vagabond and asking what maiden Thor had to pay many rings to just for her hand in marriage. Thor glared at Alvis, making him shiver, and introduced himself and repeating that the dwarf would never have Thrud in marriage. Alvis denied this and said that he would win Thor's favor for he longed for his daughter.

Thor finally responded that he could have his daughter if he could answer questions about all of the Nine Realms. Alvis was able to answer clearly every question that Thor threw at him, asking the names of different lands, such as woods, and objects, such as ale and fire. But dwarves having the curse of turning to stone when the sun's rays find them, Thor kept him until morning answering questions. On the final question Thor commented that Alvis was very wise but now the sun's rays arrest him, and indeed the sun found him then and he was turned to stone.

A/N: Hm, good parenting. So, there is a part in Lokasenna where Loki insults Thor by saying his daughter had an affair with a dwarf in some versions of the story. I'm guessing this is the dwarf.

All right, this is the last Norse Myth (besides the Song of Rig, but...meh). I have one section for Loki and another for everything not-Loki. This is done. Everyone go home.