I am tired

Tired of the lies

Tired of the strained smiles

I just want to sleep

Sleep forever

Eternal peace

No more fighting

No more hate

I feel dead awake

And alive asleep

But I can't sleep

My eyes stay open

And I see all my regrets

Dark rings form around my eyes

The blotches screaming my truth

My insomnia keeps me up

And makes me want to burst

I am so tired

But I can't sleep

I don't feel right

No I feel a deep loathing

I know I am the cause of this

I don't deserve to be at peace

But I long for it so

To rest

To sleep

To close my eyes

And not see the horror of my life

I just want to sleep

But for some reason my body won't let me

I am so so tired

Tired of life

Tired of living

Living through an empty life


Never happy

Always tired

And I want to cry

I know I won't be able to sleep

Even though I'm so so so tired

The dark rings will become even blacker than before

My hands will shake

My ears will ring

And I'll start to fall

I'll hit the ground

Though I won't feel the impact

And as I'm rushed to the hospital

I'll thank a god I don't believe in

Because I'm finally asleep

A poem about depression and my insomnia. Hope someone likes it.