Remember Me

In the dark of the night

When all you hear is silence

Watching, waiting


I wait for the world

To rid itself of hate

I watch for any signs

Of war dropping dead


As I sit in my perch

Of calm, cool ,silence

I wonder and dream

(While watching and waiting)

Of a world filled with silence


No one to say

Who to be, who to not

No one to judge

One another


All being equal

In everyone's eye

No one tearing

Each other apart


As I wonder, watch and wait

I grow sad as I realize

That I seem to be

Watching and waiting alone


Everyone else

In such a hurry and busy

Have no time to

Dream, wait, and watch


They get caught up in time

Caught up in duties

Caught up in themselves

And the evolving world


So while watching and waiting

(And wondering too)

A crystal pearl tear

Slides down

My cheek


A tear for all

The ones who run

All around, all about

And can not stop


So as I patiently wait

I slowly fade

People all

Forgetting me


For I am patience

Love and hope

But no one seems

To remember me