Something Wrapped

Susie had always been a good girl. She had to be. Or else. Susie had never disobeyed her parents because it was wrong. It also helped that they gave her gifts. Every time she was good they gave her something nice- like the dog she wanted when she was ten. Or the set of books she had her eye on. Susie was always good. That was until she met Tuck. At age sixteen her Daddy had told her the horrors of teenage boys. The horrors they caused. She told her if she kept away she could go to any college she wanted.

It wasn't hard to stay away from boys. When she was five they teased her. At thirteen they stared. And now all they wanted to do was fuck her. At least that's what Daddy say boys wanted at this age. She agreed. After all her best friend Allie had stopped talking to her when she went out with her first boyfriend. First everything had been fine. Allie and Susie would hang out- go shopping watch movies. Then Michael came along. He was cute, charming and nice something Susie hadn't been ready for. Allie hadn't been either. Before Susie knew what happened Allie was never around. When she was around though it was like old times; walking the dog with laughter all around. Until one day Allie wasn't around. That was the day Susie knew she would never love the opposite sex.

Tuck wasn't like that though. Yes he was cute, charming nice even but he wasn't Michael. He didn't demand all her time. In fact at first they didn't have time because Susie wouldn't, couldn't, be what he wanted. Susie always obeyed her family. Their flirtation ended but their friendship grew. How could it not when Tuck was so nice, charming and cute? It was then that suddenly Allie came back- but only for Tuck. So Susie went after a somebody. She pretended he was her moon and stars. She told her friends, plus Tuck and Allie, about how even her dog liked him. Tuck being the nice person he was understood. Susie understood too- and thus they became a thing.

"You're seeing this boy?" her Daddy asked.

"Yes, but he's nice!" Susie told him.

"Nice enough to met us?" her Daddy asked.

"Yes," Susie smiled.

Two weeks later Tuck stood on her doorstep with flowers. Lilies and daisy to be exact. He wore a clean shirt and slacks with nice shoes. He shook her Daddy's hand and smiled politely at her mom. Tuck didn't talk about religion or politics. He talked about sports and school. He talked about books and movies. He even asked to take her out on a date. Her Daddy frowned for a second. She remember her promise to obey, she was a good girl. Over ice cream he said yes.

Of course Daddy had one rule for her, no sex. Sex was for marriage and promises- vows. Susie always obeyed. Tuck was nice, charming loving. Susie did fall in love with him. His smile when he talked about things he like. The mole on his arm. His laugh. Susie couldn't believe the time that went by. They went to the movies or stayed at home. They walked the dog, went out for ice-cream. Susie was happy. Susie was in love and Tuck was in love- nothing could go wrong. Susie had sex. It was a painfully awkward night. Tuck was nice, charming and cute- he held her close and told her how much he loved her. Susie replied in same holding him tight. Susie was usually a good girl, she obeyed.

"Susie sweetie, we have a gift for you," her mother smiled.

"Why?" Susie asked confused.

"Because you've been good, remember?" her daddy smiled.

Susie stared, it was a large boxes. Probably full of books she had wanted. The bow was large and purple against the box's yellow. She untied the ribbon slowly. Inside of the box was the head of her dog. She froze in her seat staring at the head. She heard her mother run from the room- she vomited in the kitchen trash.

"Why?" she asked.

"You should have listened to the rules," Daddy said.