We each play a part

Because after all

"All the world is a stage"

But I hate it

But I perpetuate it

I wear a thousand masks

A thousand dances

A thousand partners

My heart is cold

I don't feel any of it

I can't

The masks won't let me

And I hate it

I preach going against it

I smile and act strong

I poke fun at the others

Then I'm just like them

Dancing the dances

Saying the right things

Dreaming what everyone dreams

Just like everyone else

Nothing special

Nothing to look at

Nothing to aspire to be

And I hate it

I want to be those things

But all I have are pens


A laptop

The Internet is the only place the mask falls

Where the Masquerade ends

Where I'm free

I hate that too

The false freedom

It just doesn't exist for me

All that's left is the dance