16: Therapy

Dane yawned as she awoke and found herself in bed alone. Frowning, she rubbed her eyes and sat up. Where is she already? She was about to get up and go search for her wandering lover, but footsteps in the hallway kept her in place. She smiled as Nicole nudged the bedroom door open and appeared with a tray of food in her hands. Emerald eyes lit up when they caught sight of Dane.

"Oh, yes, you're awake," Nicole happily chirped.

"Yeah, I was about to panic since you weren't here," Dane said honestly.

Nicole's brow furrowed just a little bit. "Panic? You're not prone to panic when you usually wake up alone, are you?"

"Only when I expect you to still be in bed with me. Now, what's this for?" Dane inquired as Nicole put the tray down in front of the musician. Dane looked down to see golden waffles with melting butter and syrup accompanied by a bowl of fruit and scrambled eggs. Her mouth began watering at the sight and smell of the food.

"This is for our anniversary," Nicole explained.

Dane's face scrunched up. "Our anniversary?" she echoed. "Last time I checked our anniversary was not for another six months."

"Not that anniversary," Nicole chuckled.

"Then what –" Dane's question died on her tongue as she realized Nicole was wearing her skimpy robe, which tended to mean she had on hot lingerie underneath or nothing at all. The idea of either was enough to make Dane want to take her right now. "Chem, what are you wearing or not wearing under that?"

The redhead smiled coyly. "If you're a good girl, you'll find out what's going on under this robe."

Dane was sure that she was wearing quite possibly the most perverted smile that had ever graced her features. But, Nicole did not seem to mind, so she just kept on smiling. Then she remembered that she had questions about why she was getting served breakfast in bed.

"So, what anniversary is this?" the younger woman asked.

"This, baby, is in honor of the first day we met," Nicole answered with a smile.

Grey eyes blinked. "What? Oh, yeah, you did this last year, too. I'm surprised you want to remember this day considering what happened before you met me. And considering what a pain I've been …"

A soft smile remained on Nicole's face. "No more than I have. When you came into my life, everything changed for the better. Trust me on that. Yes, we've had problems, but that's life. Every couple has problems and arguments. We're both learning as we go here. I think we're doing excellent. Two years of friendship, a year and a half of dating, and we've stumbled a few times, but we always pick each other up. We'll always pick each other up, right?"

"Damn right!" Dane proclaimed with conviction.

"Then start eating and be sure to share."

The younger woman chuckled and decided to do just that. She cut into the waffles, dividing them as she liked them. Nicole made herself comfortable on the opposite side of the tray, hovering over Dane's legs, but not sitting on them. Dane took a bite of waffles while Nicole made herself busy with the fruit.

While eating, the guitarist tried to guess what Nicole was wearing under robe. She got distracted by being able to see cleavage. Her mouth watered and it had nothing to do with the fine meal anymore. She stuffed more waffles in her mouth before she did something to ruin the special breakfast.

"Here, have some waffles, too." Dane picked up a bit on the fork and guided it to Nicole's mouth.

Nicole took the piece, which dropped with syrup, into her mouth. Some of the syrup oozed out of her mouth as she savored the food. Dane felt herself throb at the sight. Nicole had the nerve to wipe the syrup away with her finger. It would not have been a serious matter if Nicole did not give her another coy, sweet look because slowly licking the syrup from her finger. Taking it even further, she proceeded to suck her finger for absolutely no reason at all. Fuck breakfast!

Dane grabbed the breakfast tray and dumped it on the nightstand, only slightly careful to not spill the half-eaten meal. Nicole had the nerve to look vaguely surprised by the action, as if she did not know what she was doing to her lover. Dane pinned her naughty, teasing girlfriend with a heated gaze. Nicole seemed frozen in place, hovering slightly above the younger woman's legs.

"You didn't finish eating," Nicole dared to say with that damned look of pure innocence.

"I haven't even started! Get up here!" Dane ordered with a growl.

For the first time that morning, Nicole looked confused. "Up there?"

"On my face, right now!" the younger woman demanded, pointing to her mouth, just in case Nicole needed a visual cue.

Dane slid down onto the pillow some and tugged Nicole by the hips to where she wanted the redhead. Nicole yelped as Dane made her straddle her face. The lawyer seemed like she wanted to protest, undoubtedly uncomfortable with Dane demanding a position that they had not used before in the middle of breakfast, but Dane really needed to just go right at Nicole's soul.

"Baby?" the lawyer whimpered.

"Just go with it. We try new things all the time now. I need to have you so badly," Dane growled.

Dane's hands groped Nicole's legs, loving how smooth and firm the limbs were. Wandering up to her ass, she discovered that her sexy girlfriend was not wearing panties. She wasted no time pulling the redhead to her, lapping at Nicole like a hungry kitten. Nicole let loose a loud moan and her head fell back while her hands pulled Dane's head closer to her.

At this angle, Dane felt like she was drowning in her angel and she loved every second of it. Sweet honey danced on her tongue as she explored her love. She moaned wantonly as Nicole rocked her hips, motion begging for more of Dane's affectionate mouth.

"So fucking good," Nicole cried as her grip tightened on Dane's head and her hips moved with even more purpose as Dane's tongue and lips loved her with fervor.

Dane could only moan while making sure to please Nicole, drinking her in, living off of Nicole. Her hands enjoyed and delighted in every inch of soft, supple flesh that they caressed. Eventually, they settled on Nicole's ass, pulling her closer to Dane's devouring mouth.

She's so fucking sweet. Better than all of the chocolate that she eats. Better than the syrup on the waffles. Better than any fucking nectar of the gods. I want her only and always!

Nicole began loudly panting. Her breaths sounded like begging, pleading, longing, and singing heavenly music all at the same time. One of her hands left Dane's head and her cries became sharper. Dane could picture her lover fondling her own breast, which made her throb again. Her tongue and lips worked harder.

Suddenly, Nicole cried out what might have been "Danny" or just a nonsense word. Her hand fisted in Dane's hair, causing the younger woman to hiss in pain and pleasure. Her hips slowed as she drenched Dane's face in her ambrosia. Dane moaned and made the attempt to clean her sweetheart off.

"Baby, don't. I'll climax again," Nicole protested in a whisper. She whimpered as Dane made another sweep of tongue.

"That's a bad thing?" the musician asked, remaining nestled between Nicole's beautiful legs.

"We have all day and I don't want to fall asleep on you just yet. So, I'm going to get off."

"Okay then!" Dane grinned and made another sweep of her tongue, which made Nicole whimper.

"Get off you! I'm going to get off of you!" Nicole squealed and quickly swung her leg of over Dane, falling to the empty side of the bed. "Now, let's finish breakfast and I'll let you see what you completely bypassed in your hunger."

Dane smiled and grabbed the tray again. She eased it in front of her and dug into the cold waffles and eggs. She fed some to Nicole, who fed Dane some fruit in exchange. Soon, breakfast was over and Dane continued to pulse. She was about to toss the tray aside, but Nicole moved swiftly and got to the tray first.

"I'll be right back," Nicole vowed.

"You better," Dane growled.

Nicole laughed. "I like you all feisty. It'll go along with what I have in mind next." with a further clue, she rushed out of the room while Dane could only whimper in anticipation.


Nicole was surprised she was able to walk to the kitchen on her still wobbly legs in order to put the breakfast tray down. She had not expected Dane to go at her so ravenously, even though she very much appreciated it. She had never considered sitting on Dane's face, but damn, it was wonderful. She shivered thinking about it. I wonder if she'll want to do that again.

She went to check on Haydn to make sure he was fine with his toys. He was and he was thankfully still gated off in the den rather than wandering the house. She was off for the next part of what was already shaping up to be a celebration of new things. Going to the bathroom, she slipped off her robe, revealing her naked and toned body. She had been surprised that Dane did not rip her robe off in her rush to have Nicole, but she could understand how that would happen in a hurry. As she put on her clothes, she tried – and failed miserably – to not think about riding Danny's face like a woman possessed.

She yelped and blushed from the memory. "Please, you can't blush from that considering what you're about to do," she scolded herself in the mirror.

Nodding, she knew that was the truth. She checked herself out in the mirror and felt her heart thump nervously. She immediately calmed herself by just telling herself how Danny would react when she laid those sexy, exquisite grey eyes on her.

Returning to the bedroom, she found the bed empty and messy as Danny did not believe in making a bed. She could hear the sink in the bathroom, so she suspected Danny was brushing her teeth. While Danny was occupied in the bathroom, Nicole did what she felt was the obvious thing for her to do – she started making the bed.

When she heard the water stop, she quickly made a pose out of fluffing a pillow. Danny strolled back into the room and gasped as she caught sight of Nicole. The redhead smirked while Danny's mouth dropped open.

"I'm sorry. There was no 'do not disturb' sign up. Did you not want the room serviced?" Nicole asked.

"Chem, you're … that's … you …" Danny's mind was officially blown. Now, just to have the rest of her join it.

"Yes, ma'am. Is there something you need? How can I be of service?" Nicole asked in low voice as she stepped closer to her dumbfounded lover. She was dressed in a sexy and very naughty French maid outfit. It had quite possibly made Danny swallow her tongue. I hope not. I like that tongue a lot.

"Uh …" Danny visibly took a deep breath. Her shoulders squared, so she clearly calmed down. "Yes, I do need your services. I've made a mess that needs to be cleaned up."

Nicole held back a squeal, delighted that her girlfriend would play along. Instead, she continued smiling and beckoned Danny to the bed with a single crocked finger. Danny was on the bed in an instant.

"So, please, madam, tell me where this mess is," Nicole requested as she leaned down, resting her hands on Danny's smooth thighs.

"In my shorts," Danny breathed.

"Let me take a look and then determine how to clean it," Nicole commented as she eased down the boxers that her lover slept in. Danny sighed as the warm air hit her while Nicole just marveled over the treasure waiting for her. "My, my. This is quite the mess. How did you make such a mess?"

Danny sighed and smile invaded her face. "My girlfriend really made it. She's so hot and just fucking superb. The little minx licked syrup off her fingers and I damn near exploded right there. Help me, please."

"My pleasure. I will clean this whole mess."

Nicole set about cleaning up "her mess." She lightly ran her fingertips down Danny's legs as she dropped to her knees, in between Danny's legs. She kissed caramel thighs and the kisses turned to long licks. When she got to the center of all that was Danny, she was touched to find a blazing river flowing from the guitarist.

"Danny, your reactions always make me feel so sexy, so desired," Nicole purred before taking Danny into her mouth and showing Danny all the love that she could.

Danny howled when Nicole's mouth covered her and her tongue tasted her. The younger woman's hands went to Nicole's auburn mane. She caressed Nicole's hair as she did her own when nervous, but she was clearly far from anxious about what was going on. The gentle stokes set the tone for Nicole's mouth.

"Fuck, angel, you feel so good," Danny whispered, as if it were a secret.

Nicole devoured her love slowly, savoring her. Her tongue played with Danny until she felt Danny's hips moving, obviously trying to be more from Nicole. The redhead eagerly obliged, tilting her head for a different angle. She lapped, kissed, and feasted on Danny, who tightened her grip on Nicole's head.

"Fuck!" Danny screamed as her leg trembled uncontrollably. She held Nicole to her a moment and in that moment Nicole could not breathe. Somehow realizing her actions through her climax, or just needing to do something else with her hands, Danny released Nicole and just enjoyed the floating sensation that she was undoubtedly experiencing, tapping the mattress with her fingers for some reason.

"All clean," Nicole remarked with a coquettish smile.

Danny blinked and focused down on Nicole. Her hand was still shaking as she caressed Nicole's wet face. She returned the smile with a lopsided grin.

"Get up here and gimme a kiss," Danny entreated, still trying to catch her breath.

Nicole could not resist the tussled look of her lover, so she merrily indulged both of them. Danny moved further back on the bed to accommodate her girlfriend. The redhead took her place on Danny's lap and wrapped her arms around Danny's neck.

"Look at the mess on your face," Danny teased. She ran a tender knuckle down her lover's cheek.

"Can you do something about the start of a new mess?" Nicole requested. The gentle stroke of Danny's finger sent shivers through her.

"I can try, but you're obviously the professional."

Nicole did not get a chance to respond as Danny cupped her cheek and leaned in to kiss Nicole on her wet lips. The kiss was slow, as if they had all the time in the world. Danny's hand continued caressing Nicole's face while her other hand was on the small of Nicole's back, bracing the redhead against her.

Danny's usual purrs echoed through the room as their tongues and lips moved tenderly against each other. Each noise made Nicole whimper and burn. She pressed herself closer, needing more and more of Danny. The lace of her costume brushed against Danny's chest, earning a roaring hiss from the musician.

Danny's hand left her face and snaked down to her neck, leaving a trail of pure electricity that went straight down her body. Danny lovingly stroked her neck briefly before continuing down until she was palming Nicole's left breast. Nicole moaned wantonly into Danny's mouth as the younger woman massaged the globe. The moans got longer and louder as Danny's thumb lazily toyed with her pebbled nipple.

Nicole was not sure how long that lasted, but it eventually became maddening. She felt like she was melting while being set ablaze. She needed more than slow and gentle now. Nicole reluctantly pulled away from Danny's deliciously gifted mouth.

"Honey, I need more. I need you deep. I need you heavy," Nicole pled.

Briefly, Danny's forehead wrinkled. "You want me to put it on?"

Nicole could only nod and make a rather pathetic noise in the back of throat. The guitarist smiled and moved to go get quite possibly her favorite toy, although she found the silk ties fun too. She grabbed their newest toy, which did not require straps because it was held secure inside Danny. Danny was actually not a fan of such wide penetration – a couple of fingers were always good enough for her – but she was even less of a fan of the harness straps rubbing against her sweaty skin.

Nicole helped ease it into Danny, earning several wonderful noises from the younger woman. Danny looked down once the toy was in place and Nicole noted that her lover looked proud, as if the toy was an extension of herself and not an item they both agreed to buy. Nicole needed to know what her girlfriend was thinking.

"Danny, what goes through your mind when you wear this or the other one?" Nicole asked.

Danny, oddly enough, began sporting her goofy, lopsided grin. "You want to know the details?" The voice did not match the expression since the voice was a sexy purr.

A shudder ran through Nicole. "Yes," she breathed.

"Lay down on the edge of the bed, let your legs hang, and I'll tell you."

Nicole wasted no time complying. Danny then made herself comfortable in between the redhead's legs, but she did not do anything beyond that. Nicole was so worked up that she was panting in anticipation.

"What goes though my mind where I don this particular piece or its friend? I imagine I can feel you. This one helps the fantasy more so them the other, but I know it's not the same. So, I pretend I can feel you, feel your moist, warm, loving body accept me with fondness, eagerness, loving me as I love you. Feel how your whole body embraces me at a single point, feel how your grip pulses and pulls me, begs me, thanks me, takes care of me. And, of course, feel you explode in all of your glory and allure that puts all other members of this creation to shame. In my head, we're connected as one being, one mind, one soul," Danny whispered reverently as she ran her calloused fingertips along Nicole's thigh.

Nicole was beyond panting now, beyond molten, beyond thought. All that was left was her need for Danny. Her lover did not disappoint, running the now empowered toy along her to prepare them for the connection ahead. All Nicole could manage was a strangled, strange noise that basically equaled "Fuck me!"

Danny had no problem doing that as soon as she felt they were ready. She eased into Nicole, who hooked her legs around Danny's waist to pull her girlfriend to her with great haste. Danny slammed into her, causing them both to cry out. Danny growled at the move.

"You don't follow instructions, dammit," the musician said.

"You don't. Need more," Nicole managed to remind her lover.

Danny nodded, pulled back some before slamming back into Nicole. The redhead screamed and squealed as Danny pounded into her. The younger woman cried out that time and kept on going. The sound of their bodies meeting and their ecstatic clamor almost shook the walls.

"Oh, god!" Nicole shouted, getting just what she wanted. It made her body even hotter than before, her girlfriend building the blaze within her.

Danny used one hand to pull Nicole even closer, hitting everything just right to make lightning shoot through the redhead. The other copper hand yanked at the front of Nicole's costume, which was thankfully strapless, so bouncing breasts were easily freed. Danny's hand quickly occupied one of the wonders of the world as far as the guitarist was concerned.

"You feel amazing, Chem. So fucking sweet," Danny growled and the words curled into Nicole's stomach, knowing that Danny was envisioning the feel of being inside of her and Danny was getting off on that.

"I'm gonna … I'm gonna …" Nicole howled and shot up off of the bed. She wrapped her arms around her lover as if to anchor her to the Earth. The world narrowed into nothing but pleasure and the love of her life giving it to her.

Danny was not done and continued moving as Nicole rode her wave of pure rapture. With Nicole closer, Danny ducked her head to suck on whatever bit of Nicole fit into her mouth. The attention kept Nicole from coming completely down from her euphoria, which was fine by her. She continued pulling Danny to her and began nipping at her lover's neck.

Danny was panting and making overwhelming adorable noises. Her body was slowing down. She was probably close and running out of energy considering how hard she was working. She reached in between them, caressing Nicole's sweet spot and pushing her into sweet oblivion once again.

"Danny!" Nicole cried. She barely registered that her lover stopped moving.

"Damn," Danny breathed into Nicole's glistening, heaving chest. She could not resist kissing the area and tastily the tantalizing salt of Nicole's sweating flesh.

"Well, at least I know you're not dead," Nicole joked in a low tone. Her throat was already starting to hurt.

Danny smiled. "I think you only have the power to kill me when you're in control." She sounded a little hoarse.

Nicole tried to laugh, but she did not have the energy to do so. She did not have the energy to move. Of course, she did not have much desire to move with her lover plastered against her.

"Sweetheart, I wanna sleep," Nicole whined cutely.

"Me too," Dane yawned.

"I don't wanna move."

"Me too."

They were all too aware that they would have to move if they wanted to sleep, but it took a while. First, Danny backed up to ease out of Nicole. The redhead could not help whimpering and moaning at each tiny motion. Once Danny was gone, Nicole groaned in disappointment, feeling as if a piece of her had been taken away. She did not have much time to lament because she had to help Danny free herself of the toy.

"Do it really quick, like a band-aid," Danny requested.

"I know how you like it," Nicole replied. Of course, if she really did it the way Danny wanted, she would hurt the younger woman. But, Danny always wanted the thing out immediately whenever they were done using it. Hard to believe she likes this as much as I know she does.

Nicole carefully removed the toy and dropped it to the floor while Danny began pulling the covers back. They eased into the bed, cuddling into each other. Danny pulled the covers over them.

"Baby, don't think the day's through yet," Nicole whispered.

Danny shivered. "I'm going to hold you to that. Don't feel right to have the whole morning in bed and only gave you three orgasms. Could do that on a regular night," she remarked with a chuckle.

"Is that how you count success, by how many orgasms you give me?" Nicole teased.

"That is one of many factors."

"Are you being serious?"


"So, what if we have a night where I just focus on you?" Nicole asked curiously.

"Then success is measured by how many times you kill me. Of course, if you kill me once, that's success enough."

"Oh, I only get once, but you set a high three orgasm or more limit for yourself? That's almost sexist."

Danny shook her head. "I don't think less of you, angel. It's actually me. You seem like you can take more than I can, so I want to give you more. I get wiped out usually after one, but especially after two. You're a sex goddess, you little vixen."

Nicole had to shift to look at her lover. "Are you serious?"

"Dead serious. For me," the younger woman paused briefly to gather her thoughts. "For me, you're the best I've ever been with. I know it's partially because I love you. Now, don't get me wrong, you're talented in the bed. But, just seeing you breathe arouses me. You know how hot you get me from just regular clothes. You damn near blew my head off my shoulders with this little French maid number. You're just amazing."

"You made me this way. No way in Hell would I wear this costume for anyone else. No way I'd do most of the things I do with you with anyone else. You make me be adventurous." Nicole yawned. "You also make me sleepy."

"Then sleep." Dane mumbled as they dropped off to sleep.


Dane awoke first this time. She put on a t-shirt before going downstairs. She put the toy in the dishwasher, as per Nicole's orders from when they first bought it. Of course, when she was first given that order, she tried to put it in the dishwasher with dishes in it. Nicole practically had kittens when she saw what Dane had planned. The only thing that kept Dane from sleeping on the couch was that she honestly did not know that Nicole would have a problem with the dishes sharing the dishwasher with a sex toy.

She then made tuna sandwiches for lunch because she did not want to have something that could get cold in case they got distracted. She checked on Haydn, who was asleep since he could not do much else. She resisted the urge to pet him, even though he looked so cute in his sleep.

Going back upstairs, she put the lunch on the nightstand before shedding her shirt and easing back into bed. She stared at Nicole's sleeping form briefly, debating if she needed more sleep or if she was ready for round two … or round four depending on how she looked at it. Her body ached a bit, but the temptation of Nicole in her disheveled maid's outfit proved to be too much.

Deciding to give Nicole a treat since she wanted things deep earlier, Dane slipped out of bed and slipped into her harness. It would do until she worked up a serious sweat and then she would hate the feel of it moving against her. She could not remember being so particular in the past, but it was probably because in the past she did not have much of a choice or she was too high to notice the harness giving her problems.

With that in place, she got back in the bed and showered Nicole with soft kisses. The redhead mewed and turned into the kisses without waking up. Dane laughed a little before going in for a passionate kiss that definitely woke Nicole and got her to return it.

"That's a nice way to wake up," Nicole sighed as the kiss broke.

"I have better things in mind if you still want me deep," Dane proposed and her lover whimpered while nodding.

Dane smiled before going in for another kiss. The show of affection was slow, but quickly began to heat up as Nicole pulled her girlfriend over her. She ran her hands up and down Dane's back tracing the muscles along her spine before moving to her breasts. Dane groaned as Nicole kneaded her breasts.

"You like that?" Nicole whispered.

"Of course," Dane replied with another groan. "Want that, too."


Dane explained by diving mouth first into Nicole's cleavage. The surprise attack caused Nicole to arch off of the bed. Dane purred because of the reaction and her mouth played with the gems at her disposal. Reaching down, she used one hand to caress Nicole to get her hotter.

"God, yes, baby," Nicole moaned, clutching Dane tightly.

"Want me?" Dane asked.

"You know I do."

"Want me deep?" The response was a whimper. "Want me hard?" There was another, longer whimper.

Dane moved back up to kiss Nicole. As their tongues danced, Dane continued stroking Nicole, building her up, earning more moans and whimpers. She was ready, so Dane got into position.

"Wait!" Nicole said.

"What? What I do?" Dane begged in a panic.

"You didn't undress me and you know how I love to feel your skin against mine."

"Oh, sorry."

They both worked quickly to get Nicole naked, which caused Dane to purr at the sight. The redhead smiled and gave Dane a kiss on her partially gaping mouth. Dane grinned and once again got into position.

"Oh, god!" Nicole cried as Dane joined them. Her arms wrapped themselves around Dane, digging into copper shoulders.

Dane's hips moved like powerful pistons, wanting to give Nicole exactly what she asked for. Nicole groaned and held onto Dane for dear life. Leaning down, Dane swallowed the noise with a sloppy kiss. Their bodies pressed together, touching breasts, which caused sparks to burn through both of them.

"So good," Dane breathed.

"Yes!" Nicole screamed, writhing against her lover as if she were a madwoman. She slammed her body against Dane's, meeting the powerful thrusts with her own movements.

Dane growled, feeling like she was not bestowing Nicole with all she desired. Moving, she dislodged herself briefly, earning a disappointed cry from her girlfriend. Taking hold of Nicole's leg, Dane placed it on her shoulder and Nicole gracefully slid her other leg onto Dane's shoulder. Dane pushed herself up on her arms and then put her all into reducing Nicole into a puddle.

Nicole clawed around the bed, trying to find something to hold onto. In the end, she grabbed onto Dane's forearms. They locked eyes and connected, peering into each other's souls and seeing into their hearts. They were looking at the only person that existed in the universe for the moment, which was all Dane needed.

It took all of her willpower to not beak her stride as her world narrowed. Her focus centered on Nicole, who moved her hands to knead Dane's breast. For some reason, the wonderful attention made Dane more with even more purpose, giving Nicole all that she wanted and more. The redhead screamed at the top of her lungs and bucked in a manner that would have put a mustang to shame. Dane was not sure what happened after that because everything went black.

When Dane came to, she felt gentle fingers stroking her back and soft kisses on her neck. She could not help smiling. She realized that she was pressed against the warm, precious body of her love, which caused her to purr.

"You awake now?" Nicole inquired.

"Very much so. I'm not crushing you, am I?"

"No, I've been reveling in our closeness, my dear. Congratulations, too."

"On what?"

"You killed us both this time."

Dane laughed. "That explains a few things. God, that was freaking amazing. You're amazing, Chem." She then blinked, realizing something. "I'm still strapped in? I'm gonna move, okay?"

Nicole nodded and Danny kept her movement to a minimum. She eased out of her lover and dumped her attachment on the floor. Once she settled back down, Nicole climbed on top of her and used her as a mattress. They both smiled.

"You know, you might be onto something celebrating this anniversary. It marks a new life for me, almost like a birthday. You made me come back to life, feel again, and feel new things. You brought music back to me. When I say you're an angel, I mean it," Dane said.

"I know. Just like when I introduce you as my soul mate, I mean that. I feel whole and complete with you. I've never felt like this for anybody and I don't intend to ever let you go. I'm spending the rest of my life with you, so you better get use to me," Nicole declared with a tired smile.

Dane smiled. "I welcome you in my life because you gave it to me. Now, let's eat the lunch I made, take another short nap, and continue this wonderful day."

Nicole nodded. "Before we do that, I just want you to know that I love you and I do want to spend the rest if my life with you. You are my soul mate." She then placed the sweetest kiss to Dane's lips.

"Love you, too. I want the same because you make me a better person and I want to share everything with you. You made my life worth living and I want to live it showing you how much you matter to me."

They exchanged one last kiss while gazing into each other's eyes. They saw the past, present, and future. Their past, present, and future. Their forever, together.


The end.

I hope you enjoyed the story, but I must now return to my padded cell. Until next time, folks.

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