NICOLE THOUGHT ABOUT HER date night with Dane and the passionate ending. She was quite happy they'd changed their routine, even slightly. During the talk they had in the middle of the night, Danny had given her permission to explore a side of herself she had never felt comfortable with—the desire to bite a lover during sex. It wasn't something that came up often, but every now and then she did get the urge, especially with Danny.

Nicole always thought the urge was weird, sometimes even wrong. Danny didn't make her feel that way, though. So, she'd like to explore it a little bit. She'd also like to let Danny give in to her urges.

The idea made her blush. Danny jokingly called her naughty, and that's how she felt with her inappropriate actions and thoughts. She wanted to be a little naughty, but she wasn't too interested in doing it at home. For some reason, the house didn't seem like the right place to try new things. She wasn't sure why, but she felt like they needed to get out for her to explore this new adventure.

That thought actually worked to her advantage. She wanted to get away for a little while. She was still interested in showing Danny things she had never had the chance to experience. She wanted to take Danny on a short trip for her to get a feel for vacations. If Danny had a good time, they'd be able to go on longer trips.

Nicole sat at her desk, supposedly working, as she surfed the Internet and planned a little jaunt for them. She wasn't sure what Danny would want to do on a trip, beyond visit a club with good music. She made sure to keep that in mind, as she also searched for things she'd like to see and do. She found several choices and noted what they'd do on a three-day vacation.

"Hey, Nicole, ready for lunch?" Mina stepped in, narrowing her gaze immediately. Mina's chocolate colored eyes practically pulled Nicole from her computer.

"Gimme a second, Mina." Nicole held her hand up momentarily.

"What? No, I'm not letting you work through lunch." Mina huffed and moved closer. She unabashedly looked at Nicole's computer screen. "Oh, not working. Are you planning a trip? You really think Danny will go for all of this?"

"She will. She likes the outdoors. In fact, if I call her right now, she's probably in the park with Haydn. It'll be fun and it'll be new. I doubt she's been out of the city before. At least not to some place like this."

Mina nodded. "Is it going to set you back some?"

"No, it's not really expensive. I've gone on more expensive weekend trips with partners in the past."

Mina chuckled. "Yeah, but you weren't footing the bill then."

"Which is why this is no great expense to me. I've saved a lot of money from not having to pay for those vacations."

Mina laughed again. Nicole finished up and they left for lunch. She couldn't wait to tell Danny about their mini-vacation.


Dane put the finishing touches on dinner with Haydn bouncing around her legs, looking for attention and scraps. She let him have a couple of bits of chicken, but nothing more than that. He whined when the pieces of chicken cutlets stop coming.

"No, your food's over there." Dane pointed to his food dish in the corner. Haydn whined more. "No, I wasn't supposed to give you those cutlets in the first place. You have premier food that I'm sure any other dog would be more than happy to eat, so stop bugging me. Hell, I might've even eaten your food back when eating was a luxury for me."

Haydn wasn't impressed and whined more while standing up on his hind legs. He was learning that doing cute tricks got him treats. She resisted the urge to reward him, but he got to try Nicole as she wandered into the kitchen. Nicole had just finished showering after coming in from work. Haydn jumped at her, and she bent down to pet him. He whined and moved against her, almost frantically.

"What does he want?" Nicole sighed.

"Chicken. Isn't he transparent?" Dane shook her head.

"Extremely. We're spoiling him, aren't we?"

"Probably. Tell him no. Already gave him some."

Nicole directed Haydn to his dish. She put up with a lot of whining from him, but eventually he got the hint and slinked over to his dinner. She washed her hands and sat down to dinner with Danny.

"Oh, chicken parmesan. What possessed you to make this?"

Danny pointed to Haydn. "He barked at everything that looked like a bird today, so I figured we should have chicken tonight."

Nicole smiled. "Good choice. So, what did you do today?"

"Had a few lessons and took the little man to the park for a while. Everything okay with you?"

"Yeah, it was a nice, quiet day. I booked us a little trip."

Dane's eyes widened. "Trip? Where? When? Why?"

Nicole chuckled. "You got all of your questions out of the way?"

"I don't have to ask who. So, what trip?"

"Just a little trip upstate. We can see the leaves change color and do a little canoeing if you want. I thought that might interest you. There's horseback riding, a few night spots with live music, some hiking if your leg is up to it, and an odd art festival during the weekend I want to go, which is next weekend."

Dane nodded. "But, why?"

"I want us to go on a trip together, and I want us to use this trip to…be a little naughty, I guess," Nicole confessed with a blush.

A shiver raced down Dane's spine and she had to fight down the heat spreading through her. She took a moment, wanting to make sure her voice didn't sound different when she could finally speak. "Naughty can be fun. How much will it cost?"

Emerald eyes blinked and Nicole's forehead creased a little. "You don't have to worry about cost."

"I can pay, Nick. We can use some of the money Christine gave me."

An auburn eyebrow arched. "Christine gave you money? You mean from when your father tried to get you to pay him back for being alive?"

Dane shook her head. "No. Different money. Since she's decided to prove she doesn't hate me and she wants to be part of my life, she gave me a trust, like her other kids. It doesn't have as much money as those trusts, but it's money. Don't know what to do with it."

Nicole's face scrunched up. "Danny, when did she do this?"

Dane shrugged and scratched her forehead. "Yesterday, I think. Not really sure. I found out yesterday, anyway. I was gonna tell you after I talked to her about it and found out what the hell she's up to, but she hasn't called in a couple of days."

Nicole laughed. "The phone works both ways, sweetheart."

Dane threw her head to the side a little as she scoffed. "Ain't calling her."

"Of course, you're not. How did you even find out about the account?"

"Statement in the mail, along with an ATM card. You think she's trying to buy my affection? I kept thinking that yesterday."

Nicole sighed and thought about if for a moment. "I'm not sure I would say that, but I'm not sure what it could be. She might be trying to make amends, but if she was doing that then she'd give you the full trust. I don't understand your mother, and I've given up on trying."

"That makes two of us. But, you know, the money's there and I know she won't take it back, so I might as well use it to show you a good time. Hell, I used it to buy Haydn a new toy today. Don't wanna use it on me, but I'll definitely use it on you."

Nicole smiled. "I can tell you've thought this out, so I won't fight you on it. We can go half on the trip."

Nodding, Dane gave her girlfriend a smile. "Gotta get you a card for the account, too."

Nicole held up a hand. "Danny, you don't have to."

"I know I don't have to, but I want to. I have access to your accounts, so now you can have access to mine."

"Yes, you have access, but you don't have a card," Nicole pointed out.

Danny nodded because it was true. Typically, if she really needed to get money, she'd ask Nicole for her card and then return it as soon as possible. She sensed a compromise coming on.

"I take a card and you take a card?"

A smirk worked its way onto Nicole's face. "Now, you're learning, baby."

Dane laughed, even though she was fully aware she was completely and totally whipped. Not that she minded in the slightest. Honestly, she wished her mother would stay out of her life and leave her alone. She didn't want money, even if it wasn't a large amount. She could take care of her family on her own, but the money was there. She figured she could put it to some use.

After dinner, the couple planned out their trip. They decided to go by train because Dane had never taken a real train trip; the closest she had come was taking the subway. They chose the activities they'd do, provided they made it out of bed; the trip was about being a little naughty. They also agreed not to tell each other how they'd be naughty, but they were limited to one surprise each. They needed to be able to walk, after all.


"This is so cool." Dane stared out of the window of the train. She wished she had taken a train ride through the state sooner.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it." Nicole patted her lover's knee.

"Wish we could've brought Haydn with us. But, I'm glad Mina could watch him again."

"She loves the little guy. I'm surprised she hasn't gotten a dog, yet. Her husband doesn't seem to mind."

"Who could mind the little guy? Haydn's great!"

Nicole chuckled and nodded. "I don't understand why he was the last pup in the box. I don't get why he wasn't interacting with any of the people that wanted to adopt them."

"Don't wonder about it. We got an awesome dog out of it."

Nicole smiled and nodded, as Dane focused out the window, watching the country go by. She had left the city a few times, but only to go to other cities, and she always went by plane. She had never seen so much forest, or farmland, or cows.

"Chem, check out the cows," Dane accidentally shouted.

Nicole laughed. Dane realized how childish she must've sounded and appeared, so she dialed her excitement back. Silently, she noted she wasn't acting like a grown woman on vacation with her sexy girlfriend. But, when Nicole smiled at her and those green eyes shined with delight, Dane knew it was all right to be awed by these things.

"First time seeing cows in real life?"

Dane nodded. "I'm a serious city gal. No cows roaming the parks or bridges I haunted. I've seen horses before."

"Good, since we'll be riding one. You sure your leg is going to be okay?"

"If not, I'll tell you. I want to do it. I rode a few times, when I was really little. I told you about the Briarmoors, right?"

There was a nod from Nicole. "The neighbors who practically raised you for the first few years of your life. I'm glad they did a few things with you."

"Me, too."

"You never get upset that they, well…I suppose…didn't keep you?"

Dane had thought about the couple often throughout her life. "Sometimes, I used to get pissed, but I've always understood why they didn't. I'm sure my life would be very different if they had kept me. But, since I can't be sure I'd have met you, I'm glad they didn't keep me. I'm all about you, love."

The words got the expected flattered smile and blush. Nicole gave Dane a kiss for the statement and snuggled into her.


They rented a car and Nicole drove for the short trip from the train station. The hotel was just as nice in reality as it was online. It was next to a golf course that was somewhat popular, so the place wanted to be extraordinary to attract out of town people. It wasn't far from the lake that also made the town a popular tourist spot.

Dane got the bags, but only to pass them to a bellhop. Nicole checked them in and ignored the disapproving look from the woman behind the counter when she saw Dane and Nicole had a single room. The couple went to their room without saying a word to anyone.

"I wonder if that chick knows her face is bad for business," Dane said.

Nicole laughed. "I doubt it, but we don't have to look at her anymore and we'll ignore anyone who looks like her. We don't have to give them the time of day. We're on vacation."

"That we are. What should we do first?" Dane asked, while scoping out the room. It was cozy with a great view and even a terrace that looked out on the sparkling lake. "Glad the room doesn't look out on the golf course." Since neither of them played, golf didn't hold much appeal, and even Dane had to admit looking out onto the lake was romantic.

Nicole stepped over to her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around Dane. Dane kissed the top of her head and allowed her fingers to knead the small of Nicole's back.

"It's early enough for us to get in a short hike around the lake before dinner," Nicole said.

"Sounds good," Dane agreed.

"But, you have to wear pants and a jacket," Nicole said, putting her index finger up.

For a moment, a frown marred Dane's face, but Nicole kissed it away. Another kiss got Dane out of her shorts and into some cargo pants that Nicole had packed for her. Nicole held out a black bomber jacket.

Dane's face scrunched up. "Since when do I have a jacket like this?"

"I just bought it. The weather is colder up here, and your usual jacket isn't going to cut it. Besides, you can use this in the winter. It's large enough that you can put your other jacket under it, so you can layer."

Dane would've liked to be angry. She still wasn't comfortable with Nicole buying her clothes and such. She still had to get used to being loved and taken care of, as Nicole did for her. Much of the time, she felt like Nicole was babying her, but for once, she just felt the sweetness of the gesture.

"Baby, you okay?"

Dane blinked, realizing she had zoned out. "I'm fine. Just, I think I'm starting to get it."

Nicole's brow furrowed. "Get it?"

Dane shook her head. She didn't get it enough to explain it yet. She smiled and grabbed her lover into a tight embrace. She sighed when she felt Nicole's weight against her.

"Love you so much, Nick."

"I love you too, Big Dog," Nicole replied.

"Now, let's go make a little hiking," Dane remarked.

Nicole chuckled. "Was that a super obscure Monty Python reference?"

"The fact that you got it means it's not super obscure."

Nicole didn't argue that. When they were both ready to go, they marched down to the shore. They walked around the area, watching the people on the lake. There were plenty of boats, including canoes. Dane definitely wanted to give that a try.

"Canoeing looks fun," Dane noted.

"Yeah, there's supposed to be a stream or river that leads into the lake. So, we can start there and then end up in the lake. It should be fun," Nicole replied.

Dane nodded in agreement. After walking around the lake, they found a hiking trail into some nearby woods. They held hands as they slowly walked through the area, taking in the sight of the orange and yellow leaves. They paused a few times, whenever they came to rest areas or rocks large enough to sit on.

"This is pretty. Never really stopped to look at just the leaves before," Dane said, before taking a swig of water from the bottle that she was in charge of. She passed it to Nicole for a drink.

"I used to watch the leaves change with my mother. Sometimes, my father would take me camping during this time, too, and I'd look at the leaves. I like seeing the change." Nicole sighed contently.

"That's cool. It's great that your parents did so much stuff with you. The most I can remember doing in the fall is going trick-or-treating once."

"The Briarmoors?"

Dane nodded. "Yup. Lynn took me when I was six. She dressed me as Mozart. She thought it was hilarious."

"I would've loved to have seen that. Are you still in touch with them?"

"No, not really, but Christine said they still live in that same house. I can't really remember if they took pictures, but we can try to see if you want." Of course, she'd rather not. She hadn't seen the Briarmoors since she was a child. She'd rather forget them. It was easier, but now they proved harder to forget than earlier in her life. She wasn't sure why.

A bright smile lit up Nicole's face. "And you can show them how you turned out. I'm sure they wonder about you."

"You and your rosy outlook. We can go one day, though. I'd at least like to thank them for being so cool to me when I was younger. Owe them that much, I guess." Maybe that was true.

Nicole handed Dane a bag of trail mix to snack on. They walked until the sun started to set, making sure to take it easy and not tire out or harm Dane's leg. They made it back to the lake in time to watch the sun spark the water with brilliant orange, before it disappeared behind the tree line.

"Breathtaking," Nicole whispered.

"Second most beautiful thing I've seen today." Dane put her arm around Nicole's waist.

"You are such a sweet talker."

"Gotta play to my strengths."

Nicole chuckled, but didn't argue. They went out for an early dinner, and even went to a small club, if only to put up a front for each other that they weren't eager to get back to their room and bone each other's brains out. They managed to keep up the illusion for an hour, before Dane took Nicole by the hand and led her back to the car. Nicole wasted no time driving them back to where they wanted to be.


They had barely gotten into the hotel room when their mouths collided. Danny pinned Nicole against the door, seemingly forgetting about the fact that they each got one surprise during the trip. Danny obviously just wanted to get right to the event.

"Baby," Nicole hissed as Danny's lips moved to her neck. Danny didn't stop until Nicole pushed her away. Danny made a whimpering sound in protest.

"Wha?" Danny said in a daze.

Nicole shook her finger at Danny. "We're being a little naughty, remember?"

"Pretty sure fucking you against the door for all in the hall to hear is naughty." Dane realized what she said, shook her head and frowned. "Wait, hell, no. We're not giving people in the hall a show, even if it's just an audio show."

Nicole chuckled. "Besides, we agreed that tonight would be my naughty night."

Danny sighed. "Okay, you're right."

"I know I am. Now, go take a quick shower and when you come out, sit on the foot of the bed while I get ready."

Danny nodded and did exactly as commanded. She took quite possibly the fastest shower in history and when she came out, she sat on the edge of the bed. Nicole was surprised she wore pajamas, just a tank top and shorts, but was pleased with that.

Nicole disappeared into the bathroom with a small bag. She took a shower, too, hoping to relax herself to be able to go through with her surprise. She was a little nervous as she went into her bag of tricks. Dressing was easy after she reminded herself that Danny would never judge her, and Danny would definitely enjoy what she had on. Walking through the door and into the room proved much harder. She had her somewhat shaking hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath.

"It's Danny. She'll like this. I want to do this and she'll like this. I've always wanted to dress sexy and not feel like it's an obligation," Nicole told herself.

In the past, she wore lingerie because her lover had expected it. Danny really didn't expect anything of her in regards to intimacy. The musician happily took whatever she offered without any demands, to the point that they had practically been making love the same way for almost a year.

"No more of that," Nicole told herself, as she turned the doorknob.

Stepping into the bedroom, Nicole saw that Danny still patiently sat on the bed, listening to R & B playing low on the radio. Smoke-colored eyes grew wide as they landed on Nicole. The openly awestruck, appreciative, and admiring gaze from Danny gave Nicole confidence, making her feel like she was the sexiest woman in the world. The expression also caused a warm tremor in her belly.

"I love that dress on you," Danny whispered.

Nicole smirked. She wore a white dress that clung to her torso, flared out at the waist, and fell just below her knees. She often wondered why Danny liked her in the simple dress, but she didn't question it. As long as Danny continued to look at her like that, she'd continue to wear the dress.

"You always love this dress off of me," Nicole smirked.

"It does look damn nice on the floor. May I take it off?" Danny entreated, voice still low.

"Well, since you asked so nicely."

Nicole sauntered over to her lover and Danny took a moment to just look at her. There was reverence in her gaze and Nicole doubted anyone had made her feel as beautiful as Danny did without even saying a word. Once the staring was done, Danny worshipped her with her hands, lightly touching Nicole's arms from her wrists to her shoulders. Her fingers gently caressed Nicole's neck, chin, and cheeks before going back down to her neck. The trail went to her cleavage, where Nicole let out a small moan as Danny palmed both breasts and seemed to enjoy the weight of them in her hand.

"Danny…" Nicole breathed out the name as her hands went to Danny's shoulders to keep her upright. "You'll ruin the surprise."

"You mean, you standing here in this hot dress and those sling-back heels isn't the surprise?" Danny asked in disbelief.

"Of course not. I dress like this too often for this to be the surprise."

"Then maybe I should get you out of this and we get to the surprise." Danny's hands drifted to Nicole's stomach and paused there for a second before moving to free her girlfriend from the garment.

As the dress fell from Nicole's shoulders, Danny got a glimpse of what was hidden beneath. Danny gasped as she saw the silken edge of the pearl white corset. Once the dress was at Nicole's waist, Danny's mouth was gaping. She pulled the dress down more and made a strange, strangled noise when the dress hit the floor.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Those are…and these aren't…" Danny couldn't speak. Her eyes were glued on Nicole's legs.

"You like my stockings and garters?" Nicole asked with a smirk. She knew her lover would assume she had on panty hose, which was what she typically wore.

Danny looked up at Nicole with wide eyes and her mouth stuck open. Her expression definitely answered the question. Nicole leaned down and kissed the corner of her girlfriend's mouth.

"I like this surprise," Danny said in a low voice.

"It gets better," Nicole promised, hoping her heart would stop hammering against her ribs. She was about to suggest something that boyfriends had asked of her, but she refused because it seemed sleazy to her. But, she was curious why her boyfriends had wanted to do it.

"Better?" Danny echoed in a breath. "Might not survive better." Her voice trembled. She was such a visual person, which Nicole thought was a little strange for a musician.

"I'm sure you've seen much more exciting things."

Ebony locks swayed, as Danny shook her head. "Nothing's more exciting than you. You're it for me, angel. Maybe it's because I love you so much, but you could read me the dictionary in a turtleneck and I'd be turned on."

"Baby, there you go again with sweet talk." Nicole leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. She didn't pull away. "I'll keep the heels on."

Danny gasped. "No kidding?"

"No kidding. You like that?" This was something else that had been requested of her by past lovers. Nicole didn't get the fascination, but this was the perfect time to explore it.

"Uh-huh." Danny swallowed.

"Anything else you want me to keep on?" she whispered.

"The corset can stay. Can I…?" Danny reached out, hands exploring her lover's torso.

"Yes, this is the end of my surprise."

"I fucking love surprises," Danny murmured before shooting up off the bed and capturing Nicole's mouth with her own eager lips. Nicole moaned as Danny pulled her as close as possible while continuing the passionate kiss.

Nicole could barely fathom the fire burning inside of her. It helped her understand why Danny reacted to her lingerie, even though she was certain Danny had seen sexier sights in her short life. None of Nicole's past lovers had ignited the raw, carnal, erupting, yearning ardor like Danny did. She craved and ached for her partner for the first time in her life.

Nicole could barely control herself as she reached down to Danny's shorts and yanked them off of her hips. Danny wiggled out of them and kicked the shorts away. She moved her hands from Nicole long enough to get out of her tank top. Danny was now naked and Nicole backed her up to the bed, so they could get comfortable.

"On your side, okay?" Nicole said in between kisses.

Danny nodded and allowed her lover to ease her down onto her left side. Nicole followed her, making sure to keep the kisses going. Once they were down and facing each other, Nicole's hands leisurely roamed her girlfriend's body. Danny purred as Nicole's fingers kneaded her breast.

"Uh, that's so good, angel." Danny moaned loudly.

"You like that? Hmm…" Nicole focused on the flesh at her fingertips. "What would happen if I pull it?" She didn't wait for an answer and gently tugged on the chocolate brown peak. She didn't usually do anything beyond massage Danny's breasts because, in the past, she had her own nipples tugged and it mostly just hurt.

It certainly didn't hurt Danny if her loud moaning meant anything. Emboldened by the sounds, she twisted the gem between her fingers and moaned herself when Danny arched into her. She placed a soft kiss to Danny's mouth that turned into a serious, passionate embrace.

"You feel so good," Nicole whispered as they broke for air.

"You too." Danny's hands caressed Nicole's toned belly and thighs. "I wanna…" Her fingers traced Nicole's waist.

"Go ahead."

Nicole's eyes fluttered shut as Danny's fingers crept into her panties and touched her soul. Determined to pleasure Danny, too, her fingers found the source of Danny's fire and stoked the flames higher. They were quickly moving in tandem, loud moans filling the room with the smells of their love. The noises increased in volume, and Danny lifted her leg to give Nicole better access as she crested.

As Danny came down from her wave of bliss, Nicole threw her leg over Danny's hip as she got closer. The musician knew what was happening and pushed into Nicole with more passion. Nicole screamed as she peaked, while Danny placed gentle kisses to her cheeks, chin, and neck.

"You okay?" Danny asked in a quiet tone. Nicole could only nod. Danny smiled and peppered a few more tender kisses to her lover's face. "No more?"

Nicole made a noise, which Danny understood. Long, graceful fingers eased out of Nicole, causing her to whimper. She then gently removed her fingers from Danny. She kicked off her shoes, as Danny covered them with the blankets.

"Help me take the corset off," Nicole said in a low voice.

"Don't gotta ask me twice." Danny did as requested. She also happily helped her girlfriend out of her garters and stockings.

Once Nicole was naked, they cuddled close. Danny kissed the top of Nicole's head while she caressed Danny's sides. She tilted her head for Danny to kiss her lips and after that, they settled down.

This is wonderful. Nicole doubted she could ever do this with anyone else she had ever dated. Danny is so special to me. Not only that, but Danny made her feel special and secure. For once, she was comfortable with exploring herself beyond the idea that she liked both sexes.

"Hey, Chem."


"This is just a break, right?"

Nicole laughed. "Yes. Round two in a few minutes." It was a promise she kept.


The couple didn't rise until noon, but they were able to get breakfast at a nearby waffle place. They could hardly believe how famished they were. They ate waffles, pancakes, sausage, fruit, and a half dozen scrambled eggs between the pair of them.

"Do you think we'll be able to do that again?" Nicole asked.

"Oh, yeah. We got a good sleep, good food in us, and it's not like we're about to jump back into bed. Should we go canoeing or to the art festival?" Dane shoved some waffles into her mouth. Syrup oozed out of the corner of her lips.

Nicole reached across the table and wiped her mouth. "You can be so messy. How about we save the art festival for tomorrow? It'll give us something to talk about on the train ride in the morning."

Dane chuckled. "My sweet angel, if I've done things right, an art festival will be the last thing on your mind."

"Still, baby, we have to do something with our Sunday. We're not going to be in bed all day. We could've done that at home."

Dane smirked. "You're the one that felt like we were defiling the house with our naughty behavior."

Nicole laughed, but didn't argue. They finished their massive breakfast and then walked it off around the lake. Once they no longer felt like they weighed twice as much as normal, they rented a canoe. They ended up going right out on the lake because Dane definitely wouldn't have been able to carry a canoe to get to the inlet.

"This is cool," Dane said, as soon as they were on the water. She sat in the front of the boat. "Thanks for suggesting this, Chem."

"Well, I know how into the outdoors you are. I used to do this with my dad all the time, when I was little. We haven't done it for a few years now, though, because we're both always busy. I should talk to him about going camping again. If only for a few days. You'd like it."

"No heat, no running water, no real bathroom, and sleeping on the ground exposed to the elements? Pretty sure I did that before I met you."

"I'm sure camping is a completely different experience than sleeping in a park."

"You're probably right. One day we can test your theory." Dane glanced back to see her girlfriend smiling. She wondered what camping would be like, but she was sure she'd enjoy it just because Nicole would be there.

They were quiet for a while, taking in the grand scene before them. The lake water was sparking as the sunlight hit it, and it seemed like magic. Dane reached behind her, wanting a connection to her lover. Nicole wasted no time taking her hand and squeezed. They slowly moved toward each other after securing their oars.

"This is so peaceful," Dane said, as Nicole rested her head against Dane's shoulder.

"Maybe we should've gone horseback riding first."

"Nah. We'd have thrown up that huge breakfast."

Nicole laughed. "Yeah, we would've. Horseback riding should help us work up an appetite for dinner, anyway."

They drifted on the lake, curled up together. They didn't say anything, even as they started back to the boat rental place. They walked away, holding hands.

"Nick, this trip was a great idea," Danny declared with a grin. They took their time walking back to the rental car.


"We're both more relaxed and we're closer. You feel it?"

Nicole smiled and nodded. "That's why I was able to do what I did last night. I've had lovers ask me for a lot of things that made me feel uncomfortable or dirty. Sometimes I even wondered if they saw me as some kind of whore. But, I never feel that way with you, and even though you don't ask for a bunch of sexual things from me, I want to give them to you."

Dane was touched and leaned down to place a kiss to her girlfriend's crown. "That is a special gift, angel. I'll never abuse that trust," she vowed.

Nicole offered her a small smile. "I know you won't."

"And tell me if I ever do anything, in bed or otherwise, that makes you uncomfortable." Of course, she had purposely held off on plenty of things to make sure not to offend her girlfriend. But, sometimes, she felt like she'd failed.

"I will."

An ebony eyebrow arched. "Will you?"

Nicole's brow furrowed. "What do you mean?"

"Talk about it later when we're not out in the open like this."

Nicole nodded, definitely not wanting to discuss their sex life outside. So, they went about their day.


"You look really comfortable on that horse," Nicole said to Danny. They were out on a trail, slightly ahead of the group of other riders.

"This is something I've done before. My knee isn't really comfortable, but it isn't throbbing either." Danny leaned forward a bit to pet her horse. "He's a good horse, too."

"I'm glad he's taking care of you. I haven't done much horseback riding. I prefer to do my own running in sports."

Danny laughed. "I need to see you play something."

"You name it and we'll play, if your leg can handle it."

Danny scoffed. "So you can beat my ass? You know I don't play anything beyond instruments." She smirked. "And you," she added in a whisper.

Nicole blushed and looked around to make sure no one else heard. Everyone else had their attention focused elsewhere. Danny chuckled at Nicole's paranoia, and Nicole reacted childishly by sticking her tongue out at the musician.

"Is that an invitation?"

Nicole yelped and put her tongue back where it belonged. She blushed deeper and her lover laughed again. To punish Danny, Nicole didn't talk to her for about five minutes. That only tickled Danny more if the smile on her face meant anything.

"We should take more trips together." Nicole reached over to pat her lover's arm.

Danny chuckled. "The silent treatment might be more effective if you could last longer than Bach's Little Fugue."

"Keep it up and I'll keep being mad at you," Nicole threatened, even though it was clear she couldn't uphold that. "But, seriously, we should go on more trips. I'm really enjoying this time with you, doing these types of activities."

"That just means we should go on more dates before anything else, but this is fun and I'd like to do it more often. I've been able to realize a lot about being with you already. I want this to last forever. I want to love you forever; I want you to love me forever; and I want to let you love me forever."

Nicole was speechless. While she was used to Danny saying sweet words from the heart, these words were different for some reason. They were more than emotions shared. They seemed to be deep thoughts and beyond. This was an epiphany that Danny shared with her.

"Baby…before this…did you think we wouldn't make it?" Nicole quavered. She almost didn't recognize her own voice.

"What? No, of course not!" Danny grabbed for her lover's hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze. "I never thought that. But, there's always been this part of me that's pulled away from you because I'm wary of you wanting to take care of me. I dunno, I felt like you were babying me or something." She shrugged.

Nicole's brow furrowed. "I'm not trying to baby you. I just want to make you happy in any way that I can."

Danny smiled a little. "I know. And I know you do it out of love, and now I feel like I can accept it openly, without any second thoughts or underlying emotions. This vacation helped me realize that, and I think I'm more open and ready to accept this from you."

"I'm glad," Nicole whispered with a small smile.

Danny smiled back. They were able to ride holding hands for a few more minutes. Nicole definitely felt closer to her lover now. They definitely needed to go out more, be it for trips or just dates.


The couple returned to their room after enjoying dinner and hitting a couple of clubs. They were more under control, but still quite amorous. Dane's hands leisurely wandered all over Nicole, her mouth on Nicole's in a slow kiss, and she slightly ground against Nicole's backside while the redhead opened the door. They stepped in and let the door shut.

"Sweetheart," Nicole breathed out the term of endearment. She broke the kiss, so Dane kissed her neck.

"Yes?" Dane whispered in her love's ear.

"I know it's your surprise tonight, but can we go slow? I want slow tonight."

"I will go as slow as you like, my dear."

"And showers first?"

"Of course. You go first."

Nicole went to wash off the grime of the day while Dane checked on her surprise. She felt more comfortable with the idea, now, after admitting to Nicole that she was going to let her in more. She wanted them to be able to share everything with each other.

"Slow should fit this perfectly," Dane told herself while securing her surprise.

Nicole exited the bathroom smelling like lavender; Dane loved it. Nicole wore a robe, so Dane suspected her girlfriend had a minor surprise for her, even though it was supposed to be her night. That idea didn't bother Dane at all, and she went to take her own shower. When she returned, she wore long, baggy, mesh shorts and a tank top.

"Uh…Danny, are we just going to sleep?" Nicole asked, her eyebrows drawn in close.

Dane couldn't really focus on the words her lover said, because Nicole was posed on the bed in a silk, champagne-colored teddy, with her back bowed so that her breasts were on display. Dane practically leaped on the bed, vigorously attacking Nicole with her hands and mouth. Nicole moaned and clutched Dane's shoulders tightly, holding her in place.

"You feel so good, angel. Smell good, taste good," Dane muttered as she rained wet, butterfly kisses on Nicole's neck and bare shoulders.

"I love your mouth on me, baby. I love my fingers in your hair. So soft, so beautiful." Nicole sighed as she combed through thick, ebony locks.

Dane didn't say anything, filling her mouth with her girlfriend's delicious skin. She also occupied her hands with Nicole's wonderful cleavage, gently kneading and twisting each lovely globe. Nicole moaned again and pulled Dane closer.

Nicole jumped.

"Baby?" Nicole's hands left the sanctity of Dane's hair and meandered down her body. She moved to explore the curious item that had nudged her thigh.

Dane tried her best not to squirm. She wanted to give her lover a chance to discover the new terrain. Nicole's hands were slow, but steady, as they traversed her body. Dane gasped and arched into the curious hands that lingered on her breasts. Leaning over, she nipped and kissed whatever she could reach of Nicole without moving much.

"Sweetheart, is that…?" Nicole's hand drifted to the inside of Dane's thigh.

"Uh-huh," Dane replied with what she hoped was a sexy grin but suspected was a slightly dopey smile. Underneath the haze, she was glad Nicole thought her rare goofiness was adorable.

"Oh, God!" Nicole sounded quite surprised, as she discovered their new toy. A tiny whimper escaped her.

"I guess it's safe to assume you like my surprise," Dane whispered before nipping Nicole's earlobe.

Nicole shivered. "Yeah." She licked her lips. "Forget slow."

A lump formed in Dane's throat. She could see so much trust in those deep, green orbs. She wanted to give Nicole everything she possibly could: all her worldly possessions; all of her love, devotion, and talent, and pleasure that no one else could.

Swallowing to drive down the lump, Dane was surprised by how strong and assuring her voice came out. "Okay. I need you to not hold back then." She wanted to give Nicole everything, but she wanted everything in return. She wanted Nicole to let loose, show her true self, and give in to everything she had inside of her.

Nicole nodded her vow and the mood in the room shifted. Things were suddenly more intense, and Dane felt like she engulfed Nicole, as if they merged into one. Nicole seemed to feel the same and had to hold onto Dane after Dane practically tore their clothes off.

Dane gave Nicole a hard, fervent kiss. It was different from their usual kisses, but the emotions underneath were more than familiar. Clutching on to Dane tighter, Nicole massaged the musician's back, as Dane led Nicole to the head of the bed. By then, Dane was fully on top of Nicole, propping herself on one elbow while her hand rubbed up and down Nicole, getting lower with every pass.

"Danny, please," Nicole hissed, breaking their kiss. She arched, causing the toy to press against her. Dane hissed as the toy pushed back against her.

"You want me?" Dane asked, as if she didn't know. Her right hand eased down between Nicole's legs, and she hissed again when she felt just how much her lover wanted her. "Dear lord, Nick." Her fingers couldn't stop caressing Nicole.

"Baby, please. I need you so badly. I want you so badly." Nicole sat up slightly to pepper Dane's body with wet kisses. Each touch of her lips was like a touch of heaven.

"You sure?" Dane wanted to melt into Nicole, be one with Nicole, and never separate again.

"Come on, Big Dog. You know you want to. You have me begging." Nicole ran her tongue along Dane's collarbone, causing the musician to quiver.

"Oh, God, Nick. I need you, too. I need to make you feel good. I need to have you," Dane growled.

"I'm all yours. Every single inch, every part, anything that makes me who I am is yours. Do with me what you will." Nicole tried to pull Dane close to her. Any closer and they would've been one being, which would've been totally fine by Dane.

Dane gazed into emerald eyes, seeing deep into Nicole's soul. Taking a breath, she pushed, linking them together. Nicole moaned, and her nails bit into Dane's copper-toned, tattooed back. Dane hissed and pushed more, touching deeper, making her lover moan more. Emerald eyes closed in surrender, giving herself to the loving pleasure of Dane.

"Nick, angel, look at me, please. Look at me and keep us connected."

Nicole nodded. "Just don't stop."

"Can't. Won't. Love you."

Green eyes locked on Dane again. She smiled and placed a gentle kiss to Nicole's lips, as she started with a tender motion. With each moan from Nicole, Dane dug a little deeper. She wanted to touch all of Nicole, to return all that Nicole had offered to her.

Soon, looking at each other was impossible, but it didn't matter. Dane could hear Nicole's spirit in the sounds that grew more licentious with each stroke. She could feel Nicole's love and desire in the bite of her nails, as they clutched her back and tried desperately to pull her closer.

Nicole began kissing Dane's shoulders, neck, ears, and anywhere else that her mouth could reach. Dane roared in response and drove her hips just a little harder.

"God, Danny, yes," Nicole screamed, arching off the bed to meet each thrust that was a little more powerful than the last.

"You going to heaven, angel?" Dane panted. She knew. The toy pressed against her enough, but the thing really getting to Dane was Nicole's reaction to the experience.

"Take me there, baby. Take me there," Nicole panted.

Dane had no choice but to obey. Her mind was enthralled by the smell of Nicole's arousal, her soul delighted by the feel of her lover's hands, and her own body possessed by the sounds Nicole made. Even though Nicole had been the one to offer herself to Dane, it was Nicole who was in complete control.

Dane adjusted their bodies to allow Nicole to experience more. She pushed herself up on both arms, and Nicole locked her legs around Dane's waist. Using her legs, Nicole pulled Dane closer, and the musician growled as she fulfilled Nicole's silent demand. Faster and deeper called forth more moans and scratches.

"Oh, God, Danny," Nicole screamed so loud Dane was certain the entire hotel heard. They certainly heard when Nicole bit down on Dane's shoulder.

"Fuck!" Dane shuddered and collapsed on her girlfriend.

The next few seconds were a complete blur. Dane lost herself in her lover, totally unaware of anything beyond the pleasure of taking Nicole to the edge and then falling off herself. The sensation of fingers gently rubbing her back and tender kisses to her sweat-covered neck brought Dane back to herself.

Dane sighed. "Chem, love, that's never happened to me before. You're a-fucking-mazing."

Nicole giggled. "Does that mean I'm amazing to fuck?"

A tired grin conquered Dane's face. "Damn right. Even though, this definitely didn't feel like fucking."

Smiling, Nicole gave her another soft kiss to the neck. "No, we made love here. I think we always make love, baby, no matter how we do it."

Dane couldn't disagree with that. "Yeah, that was one of the reasons why I wanted to try it like this, just to see if using a toy with you would be different and special like always, which it was. Speaking of like this, I can't possibly go again after you literally knocked me out."

"Don't worry. You're not the only one that can't go again. I'm probably going to be a little sore since I haven't…well, your fingers are great and all, but they're not this big."

Dane laughed when she noticed her girlfriend was blushing. "No, they're not."

Dane moved enough to lift off of Nicole and slid out of her lover, earning moans from the redhead. Dane rolled over onto her back, and Nicole wasted no time cuddling into her side. Dane made as few movements as possible to get rid of her toy. She tossed it on the floor.

"So, what other reasons went into you picking this surprise?"

"Well, I figured since you've dated both men and women, you'd appreciate the change. I know you like penetration, too. Won't lie. I also wanted to show you my skills with a strap-on." She liked to think she was damn good.

Nicole chuckled. "You're very skilled. I'm guessing you've used it before."

"Not gonna be stupid and tell you how many possible times, but I've had chicks that only wanted me with the dildo. I've had chicks that wanted some crazy things from me, which is why I always try to tell you that you can do whatever you want with me. First off, everything about you turns me on, and it'd be a pleasure to do just about anything with you."

Nicole nodded. "I think I bit you pretty good." She massaged the area she'd sunk her teeth into.

"Good. Bite me all you want. The bite was what did it for me, that and knowing I made you let go. Shit, that was probably what knocked me out. It was mind blowing to know I could make you feel so good that you let loose and bit me."

"It felt so good." Nicole shuddered in remembrance. "So, nothing in bed squeaks you?"

"Now, I didn't say that. I'm willing to do anything with you, but there have been things that squeaked me. Every now and then, I'd run into a woman who'd want to call me Daddy in bed." Dane groaned at the thought.

"Daddy?" Nicole echoed in disbelief. "I can't even imagine that. Did you let them?"

"Yeah. Worse than that were the women who wanted me to call them Daddy. With my father issues, they really didn't know what they were asking of me," Dane sighed, shaking her head.

Nicole had to sit up a little to look her lover in the face. "You called them Daddy?"

Dane shrugged. "They had the beds and the food. After I left home, I'd do anything for food and shelter. Calling some woman Daddy was better, by far, than being beaten by my actual father. Being numb had helped."

"That's true," the lawyer conceded and settled back down.

"Does anything in bed squeak you?" Dane had noticed that, during sex, whenever her hands drifted toward Nicole's ass, her girlfriend tensed. She hoped to learn why.

"Several things," Nicole admitted in a small voice.

Dane put her arm around her lover's shoulders and pressed her closer. "You don't have to tell me all of them. I only gave one, so that's all you need to do. It's something we can take time to discover about each other."

Nicole nodded. "Is there something you want to know about?"

"Uh…why do you get scared if I touch your butt when we make love?"

Nicole's brow furrowed, and her eyes looked downward for a moment, focused on the crumpled linen. "Oh. I didn't realize. But, that is a valid question. Back in college I had a jerk boyfriend, which shouldn't be a surprise."

"What did he do?" Dane caressed her lover to help keep them both calm. She doubted this would be a pleasant story for either of them.

"He always wanted to…well, let's just say he was fascinated with my ass and wanted to do things to it. I didn't want that and told him so, but still, it was a frequent conversation with him. One night, while were in bed and I was on top, he grabbed my ass, which was fine, but then, the next thing I know, he's trying to stick his big, fat finger some place it wasn't wanted. I practically flew off of him."

Dane bit back a frown and nodded. She supposed that made sense. She could understand why Nicole tended to want the bottom whenever they were in the missionary position. Yes, Nicole might like the feel of Dane on top of her, but she was literally protecting her ass, too.

"What an asshole! No pun intended," Dane said.

"He was. We broke up that moment," Nicole replied.

"You should've broken his goddamn dick and fingers! Stupid prick."

Nicole smiled. "Thanks for the righteous indignation. I appreciate it. I've actually never told anyone that before. It felt good to tell you."

Dane's fingers danced across Nicole's skin. "Glad you shared and you felt safe enough to share. I want us to be able to share stuff like that."

"I want that, too. I want us to be confidants and to trust each other not just to tell each other stories of the past, but also to share thoughts, dreams, and everything."

Dane smiled. "Definitely want that. So, first things first, trust that I will never, ever, ever stick my fingers anywhere without your permission, especially somewhere like your ass. I mean, who the hell does that?" She rolled her eyes and snorted.

Nicole chuckled and kissed her lover's shoulder. "Thank you for that. And, just for the record, you have permission to touch me all you want, everywhere, because I know you'd never do anything to make me uncomfortable like that. If I ever told you no, I know you'd stop."

"Damn right." Dane pulled Nicole closer. "And just so you know, you can touch me anywhere you want, ass included. I thankfully have never had anybody try to go there by surprise."

"They were too busy calling you Daddy," Nicole said, earning a laugh. "And just so you know, I'm never going to call you Daddy."

"Thank you, sweetheart!" Dane kissed the top of her head. "I'll never call you Daddy either."

Nicole laughed and then yawned. They were both fading, so they kissed each other goodnight and fell asleep. Hopefully, tomorrow would be just as great.


The next morning, Nicole blushed and Dane laughed when they left their room at the same time as the couple next door to them, who inquired which one of them was Danny. Dane admitted it and earned a high five from the guy. Nicole almost passed out from embarrassment. Somehow, she recovered enough to carry on with their day.


"This is an art festival? Guess I now understand the saying 'I don't know art, but I know what I like.' I don't like this," Danny remarked, as she and Nicole walked around the park. They held hands, ignoring occasional looks from others attending the flea-market disguised as an art fair.

Nicole smiled. "You're so judgmental about art. You're the same with movies and music, too. Are you like this with books?"

"I'm not judgmental. I know about music, like you know law or chemistry. So, I know when music is a piece of someone or some bullshit produced to make a quick buck. That's how I feel about movies sometimes, and other times I can enjoy commercial junk just like anybody else. This is amateur art, probably full of heart and soul, but still not that great."

Nicole laughed, but nodded. The art was subpar, but she didn't expect much from a small-town art festival. There might be a couple of diamonds in the rough, but they were buried deep in a vast desert of mediocrity. Still, they walked around for a couple of hours.

"That was damn near painful," Danny said, as they finally left the art festival.

Nicole laughed. "It was pretty bad. I honestly thought it would be better since it's an annual event."

"Maybe some years are better than others." Danny offered a supportive smile.

"Thanks for that. Let's go get some food."

"Sounds good to me."

They had an early dinner and retreated to their hotel room. They didn't bother pretending they wanted to spend their last night hanging around outside. They wanted to be together, alone.

"What should we do?" Danny whispered before placing several caring pecks to Nicole's wanting lips.

"Combine our surprises?" The very idea made Nicole quiver. I really like exploring things with Danny.

"You have the best ideas," Danny purred.

Nicole attacked Danny's tongue with her own. Dane moaned, and their hands groped wildly, almost as if they were trying to tear each other apart. They frantically removed each other's clothes, moving around the room with no direction in mind. Danny ended up against the wall, hissing against Nicole's lips. She grabbed Nicole by the back of the head, and kept her close until their lungs demanded otherwise.

"What do you want, baby? The whole outfit? Pieces?" Nicole was panting.

"Whole thing. Wanna peel you out of that corset." Danny shuddered.

"What else do you want to do?"

Grey eyes searched Nicole's face, trying to figure out what she meant. "To you?"

"Yes, baby. What do you want to do to me? What can I expect?" Nicole kissed Danny sweetly on the mouth.

Danny groaned. "Wanna do crazy things."

"Like what?" Nicole was certain they had different ideas of crazy; her sex life had been much more vanilla than Danny's. But, she wanted to know and she wanted to try.

"Taste you," Danny breathed.

"Nothing crazy about that. I want to taste you, too." Nicole placed wet kisses on Danny's neck and chest. "What else?" She peppered her lover's cleavage with tender nips. Danny moaned loudly.

"Take you on your knees."

Nicole's knees shook at that confession. They had never done it in that position before. They hadn't made love in very many different positions, at all, which she knew was her fault. She always wanted Danny on top; the weight, the skin contact, the everything drove her wild. The feel of Danny was the ultimate aphrodisiac for Nicole.

"What else, sweetheart? Tell me more." Nicole's mouth continued to drift across Danny's breasts.

"Make you ride me," Danny panted.

"You've thought this out. Let's work on your plan."

Danny nodded and managed to break away. Nicole hurried to her bag while Danny went to her own. Nicole knew whoever was ready first was going to have control, but she also knew she had zero chance at being first. She had more to put on.

She knew she was beat when strong arms wrapped around her middle and pulled her close. She hadn't even put her dress on. She felt Danny's new piece against the small of her back and groaned at the thought of what Danny wanted to do with it. She practically melted into her lover's front.

"Put on your shoes, baby," Danny whispered. Her tongue traced the shell of Nicole's ear.

Nicole felt like her breathing was louder than a thousand drums. She wasn't sure if she would be able to slip her feet into her shoes, because her legs were like wet noodles. But, she felt Danny, holding her up, supporting her, so she was able to complete her ensemble for the most part. The dress remained in the bag.

"So fucking sexy." Danny moved long hair to one side, exposing Nicole's neck to her kisses. Her hands caressed all over Nicole's corset-covered torso.

"I thought you wanted the whole outfit," Nicole panted, wanting more of everything her girlfriend had to offer.

"This is more than fine," Danny practically growled in her ear. Nicole would never be able to wear her panties again.

Danny led Nicole over to the bed and sat her down. Nicole's heart sped up, and she bit her lip in a moan, anticipating Danny's tongue on her. Danny loves the way I taste. The reverse was also true. Their sexual compatibility was wonderful, just a small piece of why Nicole was certain they were soul mates.

Danny settled in between Nicole's legs and kneeled before her. Light kisses tickled the inside of Nicole's thighs, while fingers stroked her stocking-covered legs. Nicole panted as ecstasy raced through her.

Nicole licked her lips. "Baby…."

"Yes, angel? You need something?" Danny looked up, and Nicole, gasping, locked on to her grey eyes. Whenever they gazed at each other like this, it was like their spirits intertwined. Nicole had never felt like this with anyone. She was certain her life was richer, graced by Danny.

"You. Only you. Forever." She ran her fingers through Danny's hair.

Danny gave her a lopsided, amorous grin. "You have me. I'm wrapped around your little finger, my queen. Let me serve you, worship you, and be all you ever need."

Nicole could only let out a long breath. Dammit, Danny! You're so good with words. Danny was very talented with her mouth, and Nicole longed for that talent. She got what she wanted, as Danny removed the barrier between them. Nicole felt…everything.

Danny moved one of Nicole's legs onto her shoulder, groaning as the stockings slid across her flushed, dark-caramel flesh. Nicole threw her head back as soon as she felt the deep reverence of her lover's blessed mouth. Nicole moaned so loudly it would've made her blush if she was of sound mind.

"Yes, my beautiful, sweet, generous love," Nicole breathed, tangling her hands in Danny's lovely hair.

Danny simply drank in more of her, tongue gliding against Nicole. Nicole moaned again and tightened her grip on Danny's ebony locks, pulling her closer. The musician murmured contentedly, as she adjusted her mouth, touching Nicole in different spots—all the spots she liked. A whine, long and heavy, escaped Nicole.

The noise seemed to echo through Danny, and she moved with more purpose. Nicole cried out; it felt like her girlfriend's mouth, tongue, and hands were everywhere. Soon, Nicole had no control over her hips, and she ground against Danny's face as though the movement would take her to heaven. In the end, Danny's skillful tongue made her soar, sliding inside and moving just right.

"Danny!" Her hands crushed Danny's head to her. A brilliant, white light flooded her vision, and she lost track of herself as well as time.

"You okay up there, angel?" Dane whispered, as if she was scared she might shatter Nicole.

Nicole mewed and stroked Danny's scalp. "Perfect."

"Not perfect yet. Up," Danny ordered as she climbed to her feet.

Nicole wasn't completely recovered, so she wasn't entirely sure what Danny meant. Danny didn't bother to explain. She took hold of Nicole's hips and moved her further back onto the bed. Nicole allowed her lover to manipulate her body, turning her over and pulling her up onto her knees.

"Is this all right?" Danny murmured. Her hips were rocking already, her addition caressing Nicole intimately. Nicole bit her lip, whimpering, and nodded her head. Danny had to swallow around a lump her throat. "I need you to tell me yes."

"Yes, it's fine," Nicole answered in a breath, pressing herself back against Danny.

"Good. Angel, you look so fucking gorgeous like this. My queen, dressed all in white. So pure, pristine, like the perfect snowflake as it drifts from heaven." Danny seemed to recite the words like a prayer. Her hands lightly traversed Nicole's legs and back. Her fingertips made Nicole whimper, and she pressed back into her girlfriend again.

Danny threw her head back when she felt Nicole rub against her, and she let loose a deep, low bellow. Even that odd sound sent shivers through Nicole, and she pushed into Danny more. Danny's hands wandered, as though she needed to feel as much of Nicole as humanly possible. Nicole whined with desire.

"Baby, please. I'm ready. So ready." Nicole glanced back at the musician.

Danny nodded, even though her lover could not see. Glancing between them, she saw the accessory was coated in Nicole's essence. Her new pick was ready to play her greatest, most beloved instrument. Danny's chest heaved, as one hand steadied Nicole and the other caressed her torso.

"Danny!" Nicole cried out, and Danny gave them what they both wanted. Nicole moaned, as Danny eased gently into her.

"Just tell me when you want more," Danny said, even though she always seemed to know when Nicole wanted more.

Nicole only moaned more, wondering how Danny could zap her of all her thoughts and make her body feel as if it was made of pure bliss. Danny licked her lips, eyes half closed, bent into Nicole's every sound.

"You like this. Those loving screams and begging purrs. Best music ever. Gotta play more," Danny panted, thrusts getting a little more powerful with every move.

Nicole couldn't formulate a response and only wantonly pushed her hips back. Their sweat-drenched bodies slid and slapped together. Danny growled. She looked down between them, witnessing their combined movement, seeing their connection. It was quite a sight as Danny moved with even more purpose.

Danny wrapped her arm around Nicole's waist and eased her fingers to the space that'd really make Nicole sing. Ecstasy flooded Nicole's system and she shouted her lover's name to the heavens for all the stars to hear. Danny called her lover's name to the sky as well. Euphoria enveloped them, as they collapsed into the mattress, Danny stretched over the lawyer's back.

They lay there quietly for what seemed like an eternity. Nicole thought that might've been the end of things, but then she felt long digits undoing the laces of her corset. She whimpered as soon as the piece of lingerie was gone. Nicole's chest heaved, as Danny's hands began to knead her aching beasts. Suddenly, those lecherous hands were gone and so was the pressure against her back. Nicole panicked, scared, frightened Danny had left her, vanished.

Nicole twisted around to see Danny making herself comfortable against their pillows. Their eyes met, and Danny smiled at Nicole in invitation. For a moment, Nicole was lost, and then she remembered what Danny wanted from her. Nicole didn't move.

"You okay with this?"

Nicole flashed her lover a confident smile. "More than okay."

"Then get on. Let's see what you've got," Danny teased her.

Nicole gave her a glare as she turned around. The glare didn't last long, as she took in her lover's long, lean body along with her accessory. She groaned at the sight and thoughts of Danny's proficiency with that attachment.

"You think highly of yourself, huh, baby?" Nicole crawled over to her girlfriend.

"Oh, you don't wanna know what I'd be endowed with if I had one of these, but we can definitely pick out some we'd both like." Danny looked like she was about to say something else.

Nicole quickly pressed a finger to her girlfriend's lips. "Your mouth isn't doing what it should be."

Danny nodded in agreement. Nicole was right on top of her and there were so many things she could've been kissing. Hardened nipples dangled right in front of her face. Wasting no time, she popped a gem into her mouth, moaning at the taste.

Nicole almost fell over when she felt those warm, tender lips engulf her. Maintaining her balance, she moved to lower herself onto the musician. Danny had to sit up more to follow her treat. She groaned as she felt Nicole's weight on her.

"Fuck." Danny's hands automatically went to tempting hips. "Shit, move, baby, move," Danny begged.

Nicole didn't need to be told twice, especially since that was what she desired and required. Her hips rolled and they moaned together. Danny tried to sit up a little, to press closer. Nicole was moving on her, in front of her. Danny seemed to forget how to get up. Her hands roamed over Nicole, her eyes fixed on bouncing breasts.

"God, baby, so good," Nicole moaned.

Danny only grunted, eyes straying to the high heels on her lover's feet. Nicole was riding her while wearing high heels. There were no coherent words. Nicole certainly didn't help when she increased her speed.

Bronze hands clutched Nicole's waist, urging her on. Nicole moved faster than Danny would've thought to thrust. She pushed her hips to meet Nicole's downward strokes, almost keeping up. Danny's body was about to burst.

Nicole let out a boisterous groan as strong, wanting hands pressed her down. She did not need the encouragement. Danny's hands moved on to Nicole's ass. As soon as her fingers gripped appealing flesh, Danny seemed to realize her mistake. She pulled her hands away and totally lost the rhythm of their soulful dance.

"Dammit, Danny, don't you dare stop." Nicole grabbed Danny's hands and placed them squarely back on her ass.

"Fuck." Danny groaned and wasted no time meeting her lover's movements, squeezing Nicole's ass.

The level of trust that Nicole just showed her seemed to be exactly what Danny needed. Nicole watched as Danny's eyes actually rolled up in the back of her head right before her body exploded. She collapsed onto Danny.

"Baby, you okay?" Nicole's voice was low and rough.

"No…you killed me, but it's cool. Keep moving."

"Sweetheart, I couldn't move if I wanted to. I died right after you did." Nicole chuckled.

"Oh, cool." Danny wrapped her arms around her lover. "Stay here."

"I have to. I can't move." The confession got a laugh out of Danny.


In the middle of the night, Dane woke up for no reason. She looked down at Nicole, who was pressed against her, sound asleep. As she drifted back into oblivion, she thought about the differences between fucking around, like she used to, and making love with Nicole. Both involved pleasure, ecstasy really, but only Nicole touched her physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. I'll never give this up.


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