Hours spent alone on the edge of the jetty,

Gathering just enough courage to step in.

She had watched the people diving off the cliff face,

To them she was seemed so small,

and insignificant,

but it wasn't that easy.

She had moved away from mooring ships

Tying themselves for the night,

they didn't know the storm was coming,

Brewed in the sky and plunged into the waves.

She watched the rain take the air,

as the season changed.

And the fishes alongside her tired feet,

Glided in the rippling waves

As she sat waiting.

Courage whipped up with the storm,

Eyes clammed shut, and air in her lungs

she stepped in.

Enveloped by the sea like a long lost friend,

And for the moment she was invisible to the world.

While on the horizon the ship came into view,

No-one saw the sailor aboard salute the jetty,

and look for his lover,

but he would never know,

that she was hidden in the waves.