That was the tallest building I have ever seen in my entire life, it even felt weird to step in front of it. Looking at it seemed horrible but funny at the same time. The Ritz- Carlton was the name of this Hotel, the one I was going to live in after my parents decided I had to "marry." And it is not that the word scare me at all, but I've always thought I was going to marry someone I truly love, you know, like those stories you see on television, or the ones you can read on books, they always have a happy ending with million kids and a handsome husband.

But this wasn't my case at all. I have been engaged involuntarily since the day I was born, by this guy who's name is John Dison. Rich man whose parents are best friends of mine. All I know about Mr. Dison is that he is an instrument designer and that he is really good with it. But else, I don't even know how he looks or even how he thinks about life. It feels odd to know you are getting married with a complete stranger, but after all I will be Misses Dison in one week.

The Ritz- Carlton in Seoul South Korea, for living, was my parent's idea. But I love this place so it doesn't bother me at all. It is so big and beautiful that you feel intimidated by looking at it. But whatever, now this was my home.

The entrance was beautiful, the floor had a gorgeous gold color, and the walls were white. Furniture was stunning; it looked so expensive that I wanted to sit on each of them to feel the money on my butt, -weird thought of mine- the receptionists were well dressed on traditional Korean dresses. It was all a dream. Spoiled by marriage…

"Hello" Said the receptionist, a tall woman with black hair and white skin –somehow reminded me of snow white.-

"Hi, my name is Chin-Sun Hang" I said to the receptionist, looking at how beautiful she was. She seemed a lot older than me. Not that she had wrinkles.

"Miss Hang, we have been waiting for you" she said smiling.

My family has always been recognized internationally, my father is the owner of many music studios in Korea and Japan, and my mother is the owner of many hotels, including this one, she bought it one month ago, when she told me I was going to get married. "Just for you" she had said to me.

"I'm really late right?" I said to her barely smiling, I was so nervous that I couldn't stand anymore. And I was so damn late too, I had to be here at seven, and now is midnight.

"He won't notice, I know he won't care at all, after all you are getting married with him" She said like if she knew all the story, and maybe she did, since I know about my marriage, there has been a lot of news about us, going around, but, do they know that we don't even know each other?

"Maybe you are right" I said as she smiled and searched my name on the computer. Then she turned her face to me and said.

"Room 79, have a good night Misses Dison"