A girl sits alone in an alley. Tears drip from her cheeks and she rocks back and forth, arms clasped around her knees. From her neck a sign hangs. The word on it forever reminds her of what she thinks she is. Lost.

A man is sitting in his office; suddenly he turns and pounds his desk in frustration. Sobs rack his bulky frame. A piece of paper is crumpled up next to his right hand. The word on it is so true for him right now. Unforgivable.

A woman wearing a black dress and sweater kneels by a coffin. Her face is streaked with tears and her eyes are red from crying. Smoke-gray letters are barely visible against her dark sweater. Truly Alone.

A boy stares blankly at a wall. His hands tremble in a fierce mixture of anger and sorrow. He shakes his head from side to side in a despondent gesture. One hand grips a letter, mangled and torn. In bright blue ink it says one word. Unworthy.

A little girl and boy huddle close together. Their arms and legs are bruised and their eyes are wide with fear. The girl picks up a stick and scrawls something into the sand. Unloved. The boy bends down to write a word underneath it. When he stands again you can see a word that confirms the fear in their eyes. Broken.

The girl in the alley hears someone speak in a clear, rich voice. "Come to me my daughter." She looks up to see the Lord in front of her extending a hand. "Come to me my child, don't be afraid," he smiles as he utters the words. The girl leaps up, discarding the sign around her neck, she takes Jesus hand and smiles back, replying, "I will follow." On the cast-off sign, written in blood, Found covers the word Lost.

In his office the man hears a trumpet and a vision overtakes him. He sees a cross, the cross, as Christ was being crucified. He witnesses the Savior's blood being poured out for him and hears him say, "It is finished." The trumpet sounds again and he is back in his office. When the man looks at the crumpled piece of paper he sees, instead of Unforgivable, it now reads in perfect script: You are Redeemed.

The woman kneeling at the coffin cries quietly. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder. A voice accompanies it, whispering, "Shed your coat, for you are never alone" The woman shakily obeys and the voice speaks again, but now she recognized the voice, it was the voice of her Savior. "Child you have always been in God's family."

As a hand gently takes the letter from his own, the boy turns away from the wall. He watches in amazement while Jesus writes over the treacherous word on the paper. When the Redeemer gives it back he smiles. The blue ink had been written over in crimson blood – his savior's blood. In place of the word that caused him so much pain, there it was written: To die for.

The little boy and girl draw closer together as a man approaches. They look on in terror because they learned that men cause nothing but pain. But this man was different, he was smiling and he had all the glory of Heaven about him. When the glorious figure sees the words scratched into the sand he is saddened. Crouching low, the man uses his hand to cover the words with earth, and pats it down so they cannot be seen. He whispers in the girl's ear softly "I have always loved you, for you are a child of God." Turning to the other he lays his hand on the boy's bruised arm and the girl's. In a moment the marks fade until they were no more. The boy shouts to the sky. "Lord Jesus you heal!"