This is really rough. Still continually revising. I hope you like it.


I gaze into the sunset,

As it gazes into me.

And what does it see,

As I see in it?

It's beauty is unsurpassable, unreplicable, and everlasting.

And as it was, and ever shall be, we are always contrasting.

Alas, I am only that common dendelion -

Below the sunsets beauty and notice -

Irrelevent to her eye.

My leaves are a tanglement of thorns -

Torn and mended only by time.

My petals are only tiny things -

Disheveled and amiss.

Alas! I as well have nothing on the gracefulness -

Of the clouds that frolick with the sunset!

Thou fair movements put others ashame -

As they dance across the span of sky,

Leaving me to sigh -

While my boughs are gangly, my movement awkward as the zephyr passes.

As well as the bird -

That grazes cheek to cheek with the sunset!

It's delicacy is a marvel -

It's feathers glossy, soft and smooth.

Whereas, my leaves are rough and weathered.

But, if my beauty was that of the sunset,

My gracefulness that of the clouds,

And my delicacy that of the birds -

Would you have loved me then?

I gaze into you,

As you gaze into me.

And what do you see,

As I see in you?

copyright (c) Tazz D'jecti Bonaparte