I know you're hurting and I wish I could be there to make all the pain go away. I know I'm little and I know you're big, but that doesn't mean we're any different, sissy. I remember you telling me that this would come and I'm so scared, Riah. I wanna come home and live with you again where I feel safe. They hurt me, sissy. You told me they would and you were right. They hurt me and I wanna come home. I saw the scars, Riah. The scars on your body. Why are they there? What did they come from? They're everywhere, sissy. They're everywhere. Did they do that to you? Did Kayla and Matt do that to you? Because I don't wanna look like that. They look painful. And scary.

I still pray, Riah. I pray for you and for mommy and daddy and everyone, because everyone deserves to be prayed for. I pray to God and I ask Him to make you better and happy again. I liked you a lot better when you were happy. I still like you now, but you're... always sleepy, or sick. Were, anyways. Cuz I can't see you now. But it's okay, sissy. I know you love me. And I still have your picture and I take it with me everywhere I go. I think your picture has magical powers or something, cuz whenever I have it, I feel safer. I cry sometimes. Sometimes I just have to cry, like when they're hurting me, or yelling at me. Cuz I can't do anything right, I guess. Mariah, please. Come get me and take me home with you. Please.

I pray to God, sissy. I pray for you, mostly. Cuz I want your scars to go away. I want them to heal. Get better. Cuz you shouldn't have scars. I remember once, you told me that they were your... battle wounds? Is that what you said? I can barely remember. But it must have been one scary battle, Riah. Cuz those scars... they're scary lookin. I miss you, sissy. And at night time, I imagine that you're right next to me, holding me and loving me like you used to. Those times were nice. I miss those times. I hope you're okay. And I hope this gets to you. Cuz they won't let me send you anything... they think you're bad. But sissy, I know better. You're not bad, you're perfect. Man. Spelling right is hard. But I think I'm doing good. I hope so anyways.

Your birthday is soon, I think. Monday? I think so. So happy birthday, Riah. I hope it's good. I hope you get everything you want, cuz you deserve it. I miss you soooooooooo super duper much, sissy. And I hope you come and get me soon, cuz I don't like it here. So... yup. Happy birthday. I love you.

- Amber, aka Baby. :)