They'll always shout hate
It's time to show them why they'll always be irritate
Score unbelievable
Form perfected
Yet they'll never be impressed
They make chaste remarks
How untamed
How ungraceful
Flushed with embarrassment
You leave with your head held high
Ignorance is bliss to these filthy dogs
Spin once
Spin twice
You return home
Alcohol roaming your halls
You hold your tongue
Keep walking
You're almost there
Serenity at Last
You look in the mirror
Dressed like a princess
Your make up so well done
It looks natural
You look so gorgeous
Spin once
Spin twice
Your long hair unevenly sits upon your head
You snatch it off
Spin once
Spin twice
It's time to see
The real prince charming
Make up gone
Hair receded
One can only dream of being
Daddy's little girl

Basically a highly advance figure skater who dresses as a girl because his alcoholic father is " embarrassed" by his son's "women only" sport he took up.