Love for a Brother Would Always Be Lost

From Brianna Gray

In the streets of Albano. It can get really crazy. Every single cholo and chola is ready to get down to receive whatever whenever. They will always be on a mission to get money and try to be down with their turf, just to let them know it is about businesses. Being in these streets for a short period of time taught me that no matter what situation you are in, you must always have your family's back. Even if you hate that person very much. And you wish you could kill them. Just by living in this house for a long time, sometimes at home, for me, went completely opposite.

"Sometimes I would forget I was your brother." Chris would always say whenever he would pick me up from school. Sometimes I would feel that he did forget I was his brother just by how he would treat me and how he would look at me whenever I would go to sleep. As if I was some stranger trying to spread a curse over the whole family. But I got used to his abuse and thought of it as a way that he loved me.

"Jason get your ass over here and make yourself useful," Chris scolded.

He pulled out his Ak 47 and samara sword in case of complications. I watched him as he cleaned the blood off his knife carefully. It was like he knew what he was doing. As if he was a musician and the knife was the instrument.

"Why? I thought that we took care of the snitches already."

Chris looked away as if he didn't want me to see his eyes. He pretended to put stuff away as if the police came.

"Well some of our people put us on the spot so we have to go kill them."

I could understand that Chris needs to take care of business because there are some shady ass people in the world but something in here isn't right. How many people can know what we just did if he killed all the snitches before they could even step outside to tell anyone. The night of the murder was late and they didn't know about it until they were called because that's how they do in Albano. You get called when they need you because it is better if they don't know them plans so others won't know the event. But I could tell something else was the cause of this but I couldn't put my finger on it. As soon as Chris looked at the ground nervously and shook of the feeling. This all started when he always talked about mom and dad. The sound of them made him mad. Even when they were alive Chris always had a mental problem because of them. But I don't know why but I could feel the tension. Chris and I put on a black hoody with brown timberlands. We put on our black mask on and headed on out through the back of the house as if it was a perfect dance routine.

As soon as we got in front of the house near the bushes, Chris quietly went to a random car and broke in it. We headed straight in and drove off all the way to Public Avenue were we stopped at this familiar ice cream shop. I could picture my dad and me running to get ice cream and jumping around as if it was a rock concert. We stop to find the suspect until this guy with a blue sweater taking out a big bright red bicycle. It looked very familiar too with the same shape and everything.

"That bicycle looks familiar and so does this place," I said in disbelieve.

He looked away and turned to face the window.

"No, not to me. Now let's get busy before it gets too late. Stay in the car until I call you over."

Chris jumps out the car and goes behind the ice cream truck. He moves closer to the man in the blue sweater and attacks him as if it was a special delivery. He checks in his pockets to see if he had anything and looked straight at the car, he nodded his head at me and I got out of the car and carried my gun in case of surprises. As soon as I got there I pulled the body over to the back of the building and watched to see if the police were coming. My brother shot that man so many times his head looked like a pin cushion. When my brother was done he pushed the body to the ground and ran straight to the car. I tried to follow him but the man grabbed my leg. He looked into my eyes and said.

"Someday you will know the truth."

He went out of breathe and opened his mouth.


He tried to talk after that but he just dropped dead. I tried to help him put it was too late. I looked down at his sweater and saw his name tag. It said his name was David Gregory. The name sound familiar but I still couldn't figure it out.

"COME ON!" said Christopher while getting very upset.

So I just left him in the hole and ran as fast as I can. While we was heading straight home I couldn't shack the feeling of knowing that man from somewhere and that bike being the connection from my parents. I faced to Chris.

"How come we had to kill him?"

Chris looked very intense and tried to answer the question.

"Because he was bad and had to be taken away."

I tried to get sense out of it but it didn't match up.

"Is it because of our parents? Did he have something to do with it?"

Chris stopped the car and looked at the sky as if he was just insulted. He tried to avoid it but it was too late.

"Look there is some things you don't know about our parents. Sometimes they can be normal but no matter how hard you try, you never see what's wrong with them or you."

He stopped himself from talking and stormed his way out the car. I tried to put my finger on it but it didn't match. So I went straight to the house and looked for the family album. I flip through the pages and saw an old photo of me, Chris, mom and dad. I smile at the old picture until I look closer and saw a strange man with high top boots and a small sweater. I scan him vigorously until I realized it was the man near the ice cream truck. I flipped inside it a little more and found a note.

"Dear john,

I just wanted to say that I will come home late and drop by your house tomorrow. Please contact me if you need anything.



As soon as I was done I checked the date and realized it was the same time and day when my parents died.

"Oh my god. If he didn't kill our parents then who did."

I tried to figure it out until I turned around and saw Chris with a gun in his hand.

I cried because how can he do such a selfish thing.

"Why would you do this!" I said

"Because you had everything."

I looked to the floor sadly.

"I thought we were brothers."

"We are not brothers, you are a foster child."

He pulled the trigger and shot at my head. Putting me in a world filled with paradise and seeing my parents again.