My Sun

She is like the sun in the world,
Her eyes glitter like sunlight on water,
Her laughter is like sweet warmth,
Her smile more beautiful than the heavens

She is the glow of the world,
Illuminating hidden joy,
And when it rains
Around her, it rains light

Her beauty makes everything seem better,
Her radiance passes on to everyone
And they start to feel the magic within
The effect she has, she'll never know

No words, in any language,
Could come close to describing it
The way her happiness makes everything light up
Is a miracle beyond words, phrases, poems

The world is her earth and she is its sun,
Her smile brings light out of dark,
She could make the angels sing
But her loveliness comes not from outside

It comes from within her, from her soul
A glow deep inside, a small ball of light
It floats out to embrace the world
And her radiance shines dazzlingly

She's honestly the most brilliant person I know
She is the sun, the moon, the stars at night
Her heart is made of the purest gold
And she knows she has true beauty

I hope the heavens always favour her
I hope she always emits her radiance
I hope she is happy for years to come
And I hope I can make her proud

The effect she has, she'll never know
Perhaps it's better that way,
Knowing the immensity of her beauty
Might make her vain!