I didn't know

These words did hurt me

Who said words could not hurt you?

Cause if you said this before

You're so wrong

Cause the words you see on the title

Made a big cut in my heart

That I just can't get rid of

Anytime some says these words

In side I feel like crying

Or tearing up

But I don't

Because I act like I don't care went I know

That inside I am hurting

But yet I keep going on with my life

But it was my first real love

But know it just my first broken heart

I can get over it

What my best friend did to me

Well always leaf that cut in my heart

Why what the word did I did to you

To make me go thru all this pain?

But you made me go thru more pain

Because your excuse was I DIDN'T KNOW

When you were like the 3rd person I told

That I had feelings for him

One thing is going out with the guy like but

Another is lying in my face saying the most

Stupidest excuse that you did not know

Cause of you I am in pain

But yet knowing that I went thru this

We act like we don't care

I don't know about you

But I sill care even if I act

Like I don't care

Cause to you don't really mined

But just know that you left

A big cut in my heart

That will always be there