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Chapter 5

Weinwyr didn't know exactly where he was, but he assumed he was at the Duriân military base. He was lying on a nice bunk, or nice in military standards. His wounds had been wrapped and all of his belongings were put away neatly in his bag by his bunk. Did… the Duriâns find me? Am I at the base? Is… is Cywar really… He groaned as he sat up. Someone was sleeping in a small chair at the end of the bunk. He had short blonde hair and thick eyebrows. His armor looked Duriân; four plates of steel bonded together by leather. The collar of his sleeveless shirt had three metal rings on each side. He didn't have very fancy boots or pants; the boots were leather and the pants were cotton cut-offs. Weinwyr gulped and asked, "Um… hello?"

The Duriân snorted and looked at Weinwyr sleepily. "Oh… you're awake! I'm glad to see that~" he said happily, leaping out of the chair. He grabbed the other teen's hand and exclaimed, "When we found you, I thought you were gonna die for sure!" He laughed. "Sorry. My friends call me blunt sometimes. My name is Tyiâ. What's yours?"

"Weinwyr. That's my name," Weinwyr replied blankly. "Tyiâ, where am I? Is this a military outpost?"

"Yep! This is a military base. It's about a day's journey from the town of Eirbach, and maybe a day and a half from Ocio. But you're safe here, so don't worry, yeah?" Tyiâ answered. He looked at the entrance to the tent as it opened. An important looking military general walked in. He was clad in Duriân armor similar to what Tyiâ was wearing, but there was more metal. He had a long sword at his side and a helmet under his arm. The tall Duriân had pale blonde hair with streaks of white just beginning to appear. His eyes were a light brown. "Ah, Captain Oerwe. To what do we owe this pleasure?" Tyiâ asked seriously.

"Good day, my prince. How is our guest?" Oerwe replied, shifting the helmet under his arm. He turned to Weinwyr and said, "I am Oerwe, head general of the Duriân army. It's an honor to meet you."

"A pleasure to meet you, sir. My name's Weinwyr," said the teen. "Um... the cidyn that was with me..."

Oerwe nodded solemnly. "I'm afraid our best healers couldn't save him. I'm very sorry."

"Right..." Weinwyr laid back onto the bunk heavily. He... really is dead, then. Why couldn't I have used that power earlier? I could've saved him! He felt tears well up in his eyes, but he quickly blinked them away before Tyiâ saw.

"My prince. I need to speak with you outside, please," Oerwe said, lifting the tent flap so Tyiâ could exit.

"Very well. Wait here, Weinwyr. I guess you won't be leaving anyway," said the blonde, and left the tent with General Oerwe following him.

Urg. I should've asked the general about that bandit... Golldrus... I think that's what he said his name was... I hope the Duriâns captured him. I hope they kill him! I want him to pay for what he did! He deserves to die! Weinwyr growled softly and gritted his teeth. Then, he sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose. What am I saying? When have I ever wanted someone to die? This isn't like me at all...

The tent flap opened again and Tyiâ and Oerwe walked back in. The young blonde's brows were furrowed. "That is a problem, Oerwe. Take a squad and go deal with it."

"Yes, my prince. It shall be done." Oerwe saluted and left the tent. Weinwyr heard some shouting and the rapid clinking of armor. There were some horse hoofbeats, and then the camp was silent.

"What's going on?" Weinwyr asked.

"The rest of the Red Dragons gang - the one's that attacked you, Weinwyr - fled the camp shortly after we rescued you and captered them. Golldrus, the leader, is being held captive until we take him to Rhefryn to be judged in the High Court. But, it's nothing to worry about. Oerwe and his party will recapture them," Tyiâ replied. He sat in the chair at the end of Weinwyr's bunk. "Do you mind if I ask you some questions?"

"If you really insist," Weinwyr said heavily.

"What are you doing in Duriâ?" When he saw Weinwyr's suspicious look, he laughed and said, "Don't worry! I'm not going to turn you in or anything; I'm just curious."

The silver haired teen said, "Alright, if you say so... I'm in Duriâ to stop this pointless war."

"Ah. I see." Tyiâ smiled and chuckled, "So I'm not the only one."


The blonde scratched the back of his head and said, "You noticed that Oerwe called me prince, right?"


"That's cos I'm the heir to the throne. The shining prince of Duriâ," Tyiâ joked. Weinwyr felt like his jaw dropped to his lap.

"R-really?! B-b-but... why are you out here? At some remote outpost? Shouldn't you be in the capital, livin' it up in a fancy palace or something?" Weinwyr blurted out. He was baffled. He was sitting in the same tent with the prince of Duriâ.

Tyiâ snorted with laughter. "'Living it up in a palace?' Pfft. That's probably what my poor father would want instead of trying to stop the war." He ruffled his hair and continued agitatedly, "Yet, all I can do is stay in this camp and chase after bandits. One hundred years of war... and I'm the only one of the royal family that wants to end it."

"Then... you have a plan?"

"Not really. I wanted to try to appeal to the Ywar empire and their leader, but I've never met the man nor do I know where the Ywar empire is." He laughed again and said, "I thought I was the one asking the questions!"

"Er... yeah. Sorry," said the silver haired teen.

"Anyway, if you're gonna try to stop this war, then why come to Duriâ? Shouldn't you be trying to get to the Ywar empire?" Tyiâ asked.

"Yeah, but it's not written on any map. So, I figured that Cywar and I... er... the cidyn I was travelling with... would get help from the rulers of Duriâ, Cleddtân, and the others, too. Maybe they could tell me where the Ywar empire is," Weinwyr explained, shifting in his bed.

"Duriâ's ruler, Suriâ, my father... he won't be so willing to give you information. I don't know about the others, though."

"What about the ruler of Cleddtân?"

Tyiâ looked deep in thought for a minute, his blue eyes narrowed. He finally said after about a minute, "Artân is their ruler. I've only met him once, but I think he'd be pretty unwilling to give up that information, too. He'd probably cut you in half with his halberd before he'd answer you."

Weinwyr gulped. "Wh-who else could I ask, then? The leaders of Lafnŵr? Gwasmellt?"

"I've never met them, so I wouldn't know." Tyiâ stood from the chair and grinned. "You'll find a way, though! I'm sure of it. Although my father won't give any of that sort of info to me, he admires people to have the gall to ask him anything about the Ywar. He won't always give you information, but he'll at least hear you out."

"Thanks, Tyiâ. I guess I should get going," Weinwyr said, swinging his legs over the bed and stood up slowly.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up!" The blonde Duriân practically shoved Weinwyr back onto the bed. "You're still injured, y'know. You should just rest here for a couple days before leaving for Rhefryn, the capital. I won't tell Oerwe what you're up to; I'll just tell him that you're a travelling merchant on his way to Ocio or something." He winked. "He'll believe me."

"I... I guess resting here would be a good idea," Weinwyr`reasoned. "Alright, I'll stay. Oh, by the way, Tyiâ."


"Do you know about a soldier named... uh... Dweir?"

"Yep. I'm pretty sure Dwei (Dwei?!) went out with the party to get those blasted bandits. He'll be back soon though, I bet. You know him?" Tyiâ asked.

"A friend of a friend," answered Weinwyr. "I don't personally know him, but... you know..."

"When he comes back, I'll ask him to come see you," Tyiâ said happily. He lifted the flap to exit when he said suddenly with a more solemn tone, "Right. Wei, this isn't very happy, but we buried your cidyn friend outside of the camp. If you want to go there to pay your respects, just ask me, okay?"

"Okay. Thank you agian, Tyiâ," the silver haired teen mumbled. The Duriân left the tent. Weinwyr flopped back onto the bed and closed his eyes, trying to get some sleep.