Cor aut Mors

(Heart or Death?)


The story takes place in the year 3000. Well after our kind who had been lucky enough to be spared of such a life. The lands were divided as was the human race. Some fell to the darkness and found the warmth that the sun had once provided was now hazardous to their health. Other fell onto their fours, taking to the woods and starting life anew. Both sides believed they were the survivors. Both sides believed the others to be contaminated and so there was blood shed. After coming so far all of civilization had once again failed to stand. War broke out and war continued for ages till the reason was lost amongst time. And the story of their forefathers once being mortal, was nothing more the but a story.

Fire brought her comfort. Even this close to her skin, Carmen found she could handle it. It always amazed her and soothed her but the savage beasts bellowing, ruined the picture.

Then again…didn't they always?

Her head lifted slightly but no fear lay in her eyes. The smell of burning flesh may have churned other stomachs but she on the other had noted she was hungry. No, thirsty was more like it. She doubted this sudden thirst was from the fire that lay before her. The howls of the men were what brought her back to earth. Men, no she wouldn't even call them that. Half breeds, Métis…Yes, that was more like it. They drank and ate to their fill due to the celebration but a celebration it was not. They had been ambushed and out numbered so she'd hardly call it a victory. It was just like them to cheat.

She hadn't expected them to be civil from the start and the fact some were half-naked as they danced around in the bare mood light told her just how sane they really were. She assumed they were waiting for the pack leader or the 'Alpha'. She found it ridiculous that there was even such a rule. Mutts were to be slaughter and killed on sight but they brought their captives back? She didn't mind she had been underestimated. Had she been male then she was certain that she too would've been killed on sight. But it was fine by her since she could use it to her advantage.

It was her fault and she was fine to take the blame. Had she not reasoned with her sisters then all would be well. Now it was them that paid the price as she watched their bodies burn. She gritted her teeth and tugged at the chains that held her when she recognized a patch of black hair. It was odd that she had shown no care for the other females but the sight of this one had her on her toes. She begged for it not to be whom she thought it was but as the high pitched scream pierced the night her suspicion were confirmed. She swallowed thickly as her cousin's was tied down but no sound left her lips. She refused to take part in this sick game of theirs. She refused to speak.

Was that why she was being kept safe?…Because she was different? A low hiss left her lips as she watched the death happen before her eyes. The others that died were now forgotten. Every death had been meaningless up till this point. It was now she felt…Now, it was personal. They began to whisper as the drums beat increased slowly. She could feel herself creeping closer to the edge unwillingly and closed her eyes in attempts of taming her inner beast. She was there. She was eager to bit her fangs into the half-breeds and claw away at them till nothing but bone remained. This time as her eyes shot open, the calm amber-gold had turned to a bloodthirsty red. She was quick to blink this sudden anger and thirst away at the sight of him. She could tell by first glance that he was the one they were waiting for. She could tell by from his posture, to the way he carried himself and most of all his structure.

If any one here were to challenge him then she'd instantly call them brave or insane. Though they were still a certain distance off she could still see fine. He had a lean but sturdy build and his shirt revealed more then necessary. His arms were well toned while bruises and battle scars ran up them. Though he wore them proudly she couldn't help but smirk at the Vampire that did all that damage. They were old marks judging by the way the were faded and not fresh. She'd be able to smell the blood from here if they were fresh.

Her eyes slowly made there way to his and she realized she too was being watched. His facial expression was impassive and so she mimicked his. She knew that he had caught her staring but for the life of her couldn't care. This man was whom she'd destroy and she'd watch in pleasure as the pack fell apart.

That was the difference between the two species. One was dependent on others and that was their weakness whereas they were sole warriors. They were proud hunters and not dogs that howled at the moon. Stories told that the war between the two kinds had been going on for ages, generations even. The reasons why it all began had been lost through time but the hate for each other remained. Her hatred in particular was natural as her father used to be one of the nine elders. Used to be because he was no more…

The memories that she had of her father were vague but still there. The pain on the day she lost him on the other hand, that was clear as day. She remembered her fifteen-year-old self, standing in the mist of chaos and trying to support her clan. She remembered seeing her father and watching it awe as he took on 3 wolves. She then remembered the forth, sneaking up on his backside, and watching him fall.

The memory was threatening to resurface now but she refused to allow it. It had been thousands of years since her father's death. She had thousands of years to cry and mourn but she hadn't. She didn't need it but despite her mask, one person managed to see through her facade. She wasn't certain how the girl was able to but she had. The constant attempts of comfort would be missed but she'd have time to grieve over family later. Right now she was forced to hold up her head, look the mutt in the eye and put on her flawless mask.

"What exactly are you doing out in these parts, Nightcrawler?" His tone was sharp and slightly intimidating. The only reason for that was because the members decided it was time to cut the music as well, plunging the forest into a dead silence.

'What? Can't play and stare at the same time?' She thought sarcastically, rolling her eyes when the majority shifted their gaze towards her. She bit back a sigh and watched as he made his way across the small clearing. His hair fell in front of his face but she kept her eyes on his and raised an eyebrow before scoffing.

The territories were one of the many things the two sides fought over and as far as she was concerned the Cliffs were on their side of the land. It was her idea in the first place to head over there. The Cliffs was a sanctuary to them both species but ownership over that part of the forest had never truly been 'settled'. Since the river acted as a boarder and the Cliffs were insinuated near the end it was too hard to decide whom it belonged to.

She was certain that the wolves had marked their territory one way or another at the bottom of the Cliffs. Though her area was closer to the top she could always make out a few markings on the trees. However, nothing had been signed and so the girl refused to back down.