Tired, but can't sleep

Hungry, but can't eat.

Weak, but can't fall.

Predetermined to fail.


What should you do,

When the darkness plunders back in?

How can something so broken,

Ever be expected to fix anything?


Heartbeat wavers.

Breathing hitches.

Stomach lurches.

Is such a norm possible?


Who will come to save you,

When everyone only sees the mirror?

Where can you go,

When responsibility and authority block the exit?


Doubt descends.

Hope flees.

Safety withers.

Emptiness pervades.


Why bother running,

When it will all just keep happening?

When the final drums sound

Will you be ready to embrace the end?


We're all just mirrors around the sun,

Dreaming of misbegotten lies and causalities.

Ready your grave,

Que the fallout.