Well, I didn't think I'd be seeing Dylan until next Sunday, but guess what? It turns out he goes to my school as well, now. Won't that be fun? He seems to have joined the mechanics club already, which is surprising. Most people don't realise we have a mechanics club, even after being here three years. I was aware though, because I am a member of said club. I hadn't seen Dylan all day, so imagine my surprise when he walked in at 4:30.

He seemed to be surprised to see me too, I guess since he didn't know I went to this school. Or maybe it was the mechanics? I'm not sure. I gave him a half-hearted wave and grin, but decided not to go over to him since he'd already seemed to have fallen in with a group.

At the moment, in mechanics, we're building a car. Mr Dave was donated a few cars due for the scrap yard, from which we're salvaging workable parts. Our plan is to make the car go 90 miles an hour but – I'm not so sure that's going to happen.

Anyway, I walked home with Dylan because he didn't know the way (his dad had dropped him off). He seems quite cool, in an average sort of way. I (almost) snapped at him, though, because I opened a door for me. If there's anything I hate more than being called "Rowanna" it's people treating me like I can't do anything. Just because I have boobs doesn't mean I have the incapability of opening doors! Anything like that really makes me angry. Fortunately, though, this time I managed to restrain myself and made him go through the door he'd just opened for me.

Luckily for him, he's quite an amusing guy, so I forgave him fairly quickly. Don't ask what he was talking about – I think he went from rabbits to space ships in the span of thirty seconds. Still, it was pretty funny.

Andy and Ollie tagged along behind with this girl called Grace. It kind of looked like they were contesting for her attention. Haha, the funniness of teenage boys in love. She was pretty, even I have to admit, but I do wish girls wouldn't dye their hair an obviously fake platinum blonde. It really doesn't look that great! For my part, I think I'll keep my (natural) blondish hair. Or maybe not . . .

I'm back! I think I've just decided to do the craziest thing I've ever decided to do. Wow, really? Am I that unadventurous.? Anyway, I asked mon frèreshow much money they think I could raise (for charity) for shaving my head. They have each decided to give me £15 if I do it. I wonder how many people will sponsor me?

Okay, maybe you're wondering why the heck I just volunteered to shave my head. Well, thing is, mum would never have let me before . . . so why shouldn't one good thing come out of her death? Wow, that came out wrong . . . yeah, I'm not sure how to explain, but oh well! The shaving my head option idea came to me when I remembered Andy saying something about . . . I'm not sure what it was. I think the sun was too hot and Grace didn't have any sun cream, and somehow they got onto cancer, and how it would be a pity if her lovely hair fell out . . . something along those lines, anyway.

I'm so excited!