"Don't go." Cade said, obviously drunk again.

His hand curled around my wrist, pulling me back to his side. I looked at him; his face ragged from getting drunk. I lowered myself to a chair next to his bed and felt his curled hand slipping back to his side. I watched as he tried to get some sleep. My hand as if on cue reached to his face and I found myself leaning forward so that my face is in front of his. I felt his breath on my face, tickling me. He looked so serene in this situation, his vulnerability beckoning for me. So, without any hesitation, I kissed his forehead lightly; my heart skipping a silent beat.

I've waited for so long to kiss him, now I finally found a way to do it. I leaned away and saw his eyes fluttering open. He looked at me with a confused look; his blue-gray eyes widened like plates, brows furrowed into a perfect arch at the corner. I blinked, realizing what I have done.

"What was that all about?" he sprung up on his bed, looking at me with a puzzled look. "Aidan? Why did you kiss me?" he looked alarmed.

I looked at his face, trying to find the right words to respond. But I just blinked in reply. What have I done?

I had just kissed Cade Hargreaves.

REVIEW! I know some of you are having many questions running in your head right now. Like for example: Is this is a boy to boy type of genre romance story? Who is this Aidan and why did he kissed this Cade guy? Okay, guys. This is just a prologue, not the first chapter. Intrigued? So why read on to the next chapter to find out. Take note: Your assumptions may change.

Why Lego House? This story is about mending a broken relationship, unsure if it's going to be back to normal once it's mended. Inspired by Ed Sheeran's song 'Lego House'.