Chapter 2: Satan's Angels

"Of all the places in town, why a stripper house?" I let out a soft growl. Satan's angels. I read the name of the stripper house in bright red neon lights flickering on and off as if trying to lure victims to it. Cade is already walking to the door. I thought the bouncer at the front would interrogate him, but he just let him inside without turning a side glance at him.

I blinked my eyes. Does that mean, he has been to this god forsaken place for a long time now?

"Hey Cade!" I shouted, my voice thick from the low temperature outside. I began to follow him inside. He didn't even turn around to look at me. I was almost at the door when the bouncer blocked my way to the door. I stopped, almost colliding at the bouncer's wide chest.

The bouncer was a big guy with biceps the size of my palms. He wore thick sunglasses and eyebrow piercings. He crossed his arm on his chest and looked down on me like a predator intimidating his prey. I backed away, feeling the tension between us. I looked at the door and saw Cade looking at me with a pathetic smirk on his face. I glared at him and turned back to the bouncer. "Cade! Tell your friend here you need me inside." I said, never looking away from the bouncer's sunglasses.

Bring it tough guy! This is a stare off! I thought.

Cade snorted. "Now you're willing to protect me. What's the difference between an underground bar from a stripper house, Aidan?" Cade asked, raising an amused brow.

I gave him a sharp look before I turned back to the bouncer, still unwavering on his ground. I let out a sigh of frustration. "All right! I'll stop pretending that I am not your bodyguard!" I turned to Cade, who looked triumphant with my words. "Satisfied?"

Cade shrugged his shoulders and tapped the huge bouncer on his shoulder. "It's all right, Alfred. Let him in." Cade said with a sly smile on his face before he turned his back on me, disappearing into the thick smoke inside. I panicked when I lost sight of him.

Seems like I have no other choice than to go inside this god forbidden place and face what or who lies inside.

The place reeks of alcohol, puke and cigarette smoke. There was loud music booming in my ears like drums pounding next to my eardrums. Blue and red lights flickered around, white smoke emanating from air tubes on the ceiling. Then I found myself looking at a peculiar looking stage with silver colored poles. There were girls dancing on the stage, three girls swinging on poles and strip dancing over men at their tables. I wanted to turn around, but I need to do my responsibility and guard this annoying musician slash idiot.

"Cade!" I shouted when I found him sitting on a velvet couch, watching a girl dance on her pole in front of him. I looked at the girl with a disgusted look but then looked away when she winked at me. It sent shivers down my spine. "What the hell are you thinking?" I exclaimed, blocking his view from the stripper girl now dancing behind me. I shuddered when the girl touched my neck with her cold fingers. I jerked and jumped next to Cade, rubbing my goosefleshed neck. "The hell!" I hissed.

"Relax, Aidan! Have fun!" Cade grabbed my wrist and he pulled me down to a velvet couch next to him. I looked at him annoyingly and saw how occupied he was to the girl dancing before him. I shook my head disapprovingly and stood up.

Cade looked back to me.

"Guess I have to call your dad." I said, pulling out my phone from my coat's pocket.

I saw Cade's expression changed into annoyance but I dialed his dad's number anyway. I saw him at the corner of my eyes jumped up from his chair, reaching to grab my phone from my grasp. I backed away and raised my phone in the air. He looked at my phone like it's some kind of threat or bomb. I smirked and shook my head.

Obviously, Cade's weakness is his father.

"Don't you moron!" he tried reaching out for my phone but I immediately cut off the call and placed it back to my coat's pocket. "Damn it Aidan! Piss off!" he gave me dagger glares.

"You're calling me a moron?" I asked, a hint of hurt in my voice. "Me? The one who only thinks of your safety? Me? A moron? I repeated the words like a broken recording device.

Cade nodded his head. "Who else am I talking to? God, you're such an idiot! Fine! We're going home!" he exclaimed back, pushing his shoulder hard on mine. I staggered on my balance a little and turned to find him paying at the counter. He conversed with the bartender, pointing a finger on me. The bartender laughed and turned to look at me in the eyes then he nodded at Cade, who now walked off to the exit door.

I began to follow him out, but before I could reach the outside, a stripper girl blocked my way from the door. She looked at me with a crooked smile on her face. She has long jet-black hair with red highlights on her bangs. She had the most venomous green eyes with lip piercings and heavy eye make-up. She crossed her arms on her chest and walked closer to me. Bells attached to her two-piece costume ringing in my ears.

I backed away but her hand abruptly reached for my collar and she pulled me closer to her. I struggled but then found her face leaning over to whisper in my ear. "You're new here, right? Geez, you're quite tense!" she leaned away, touching my chin with her finger. "I liked guys like you." she winked at me, pursing her red glossed lips. "Come visit me sometime, handsome." And then she reached for my collar again and kissed me right on my cheek.

I shuddered. God, these kissings have to stop right now. I am a girl and I don't like being kissed by the same sex. It gives me the gooseflesh. I blame Cade for this!

The girl walked off, twisting her hips with the song. I closed my eyes and barred my teeth. When I opened my eyes, I saw Cade looking at me with a disapproving look.


Cade shook his head. "Quite the charmer, eh?" he grinned.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Oh shut up!" I exclaimed, walking towards him. When I reached his side, he pulled me by my left wrist and I turned to face him. "What now?" I asked.

Cade pointed to my cheek. "Wipe that lip mark from your cheek, lover boy!"

I immediately touched my cheek and began to wipe the lip mark off. Cade watched me as I erased the girl's lip mark on my cheek but I failed.

"You're impossible!" Cade let out a frustrated sigh and reached his hand to touch my cheek. He rubbed his fingers on my cheek and I felt myself flushing from his touch. It felt like a sudden jolt of electricity rushed into my veins. My heart was pulsating wildly in my chest.

I slapped his hand away. "I'll do it!" I rubbed my cheek furiously and walked off to the car.

Cade followed me, laughing at my back. I turned to face him, fortunate that my blush couldn't be seen from the darkness around us. I clenched my teeth. "Just get in the car!" I shouted.

Cade raised his arms. "All right! You don't need to shout. Geez!" he rolled his eyes and walked off to the passenger's seat. I closed the door for him and hopped right inside the driver's seat. I woke up the engine, feeling its hard rhythm pulsating like heart beat into my system. I looked at the rear view mirror and saw Cade's solemn face as he looked outside from the window, his palm on his chin.

I turned to look down on the wheel and stirred out of the parking lot, the stripper house biding us farewell. I shook my head.

I am never returning to that place ever again.

I looked at Cade for the last time at the rear view mirror. God forbid it, I'll kill this idiot if he takes me back to that place again!