Another short story! This was an actual dream I had. It was pretty weird that I remembered it so clearly. But anyway...Enjoy!



Lo didn't know Blair was gay.

He hid it well while they were together. They were happy, and she saw the relationship lasting for a while. To her, he was great. Of course Blair had his flaws, but she was able to look past them.

Nigel had been able to as well.

Lo sighed as she threw away another picture from her locker.

Lo and Blair had met Nigel when school started. The two helped him when he got lost on his way to class.

Lo should've paid attention to the way Nigel looked at Blair that day.

It wasn't long before the three became inseperable. Blair and Lo looked out for Nigel; not too many people were fond of the gay freshman.

She still hadn't worried when Blair and Nigel started hanging out more. She figured Blair was the brother NIgel never had.

Then their relationship changed. Blair was more secretive, and they didn't hang out as much. Kisses and hugs were pretty much strained.

And then there was the day she caught them in the middle of a kiss.

Lo tore a birthday card in two.

"Hey Blair? Are you in here?"

Lo stepped into the music room and stopped.

Blair had Nigel up against the piano, kissing him the way he had when they first got together: nervous and unsure, but enjoying himself.

She gasped, and the two broke apart. Blair's eyes widend when he turned around. "Lo! Wait-"

She ran. She heard Blair and Nigel calling her but she didn't stop. She couldn't.

Lo had avoided them for almost three weeks after that. Her mother asked about the two, but Lo refused to tell her what was going on. There had been many missed calls and unread texts. She thought about responding, but couldn't bring herself to do it. She didn't know what to say without completely losing it.

Even though Nigel was a new friend and younger than them, he was someone Lo could talk to. She had a lot of insecurities that Nigel could understand. The two could talk for hours. Then she couldn't think of him as nothing but a backstabber.

And Blair...She forced herself not to think about him. The boy she knew, well thought she did, wouldn't go around kissing other people. Especially not other boys. She believed Blair was different. Her past relationships, which there weren't many of, hadn't ended well at all. Her self-confidence took a toll every time. When she and Blair had gotten togther, she was surprised.

First off, Blair was cute. Not that she had dated anymore she thought was "creative looking," but Blair was that type of cute that she convinced herself that she would never get with. And he wanted her. He liked her.

But now he was into boys. Specifically one boy. Lo was sure the change wasn't sudden; it was probably a gradual thing. People can't change the genders they liked in a day.

Now that she was thinking about it, she wondered if Blair was bisexual.

Lo shook her head and sighed. She needed to get that thought out of her head. There was no chance for her.

She picked up a flower Nigel had given her the day her puppy died and sniffed it. That was a funny day. Everyone was sure Nigel had switched teams.

She threw the flower away and wondered if she had done the right thing by letting Blair go. He and Nigel were finally able to corner her on her way home earlier this week. They practically kidnapped her and brought her to a secluded place in the park. Nigel bought her a hot dog, which was more of an apologetic gesture then trying to help ease her grumbling stomach. Lo didn't eat it right away; she felt that it would make him seem forgiven much too soon.

She giggled a little, remembering how she yelled her ass off at the two of them. She made some good points, but eventually it turned into pure venting and she was crying. Blair did his best to explain himself though it was pointless. She could see the way they looked at each other. Blair used to look at her that way. She realized then that she lost him for good, and nothing he said could convince her otherwise.

The way Blair's face crumbled when she told him it was over almost made her start crying again. Almost. She was able to walk away with a watery smile and some of her pride. For the last couple of days, she had been getting rid of pictures and other things that reminded her of the relationship. Now she was at her locker, throwing out the rest of the stuff.

Lo looked at the locker one last time and pulled off a final picture from the top of the door. It was of her, Nigel, and Blair. She was on the left of Blair, Nigel on the right. Blair had his arms around both their shoulders. They'd been at Nigel's family barbeque when the picture was taken.

"How do you fail a test two times in a row?"

"It's possible. See?"

Lo slammed the locker the shut and started to speed walk down the hall. She didn't want to see Nigel and Blair, not right now. It was still hard to look at them without getting upset.

Of course, she couldn't get away fast enough, "Lo! Hold on a minute!"

She sped up, but Blair was faster. He caught her by the arm in no time. "Lo, could you stop for a second? I have something to tell you."

Lo was about to tell him to bug off, but Nigel came up behind him, glaring at her. "C'mon Lo. We've been worried about you all day. The least you can do it listen."

She sighed and relaxed. Blair took this as a sign that he could speak. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

Lo rolled her eyes. She really didn't want his pity. "Blair, I've got to go."

He held fast. "No. It's Thursday. You don't do anything on Thursdays. Now listen." He sighed. "I know I hurt you, and lied, and I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to. Things just happened."

Lo didn't respond. She heard all this before. What Blair said next surprised her though.

"I still think about you, you know? Even though I'm with Nigel, you're still on my mind. I tried to tell myself that it was just guilt about what happened. That's part of the reason, but before I even met Nigel, I was starting to realize that I was more than just in like with you. And being with you made me happy. You just don't know. You were the first girl I met that actually appreciated me."

Lo shook her head. "So why leave me? What about Nigel is so special that I'm not good enough?" She knew Nigel was standing nearby, but she didn't care. She needed to know.

"How could you think you're not good enough?" She gave him a look. "Okay, the situation doesn't help. But Lo, you're amazing and it's a shame you don't see it. Nigel is great, but you are too. You're funny, smart, beautiful, all those things. I'm just not the one to appreciate it. Being with Nigel makes me feel complete in a way. There's just something about him, something you didn't make me feel."

Don't think he can replace you. He can't. And I know that it'll be a while before you'll even think about accepting my apology, but know that you're still my best friend, and I won't stop caring about you. If you ever need someone, I'm still here."

Blair pulled her into a hug, but Lo was so suprised that she just stood there for a minute. Blair's little speech was something she did not expect. He still thought of her as a best friend. She wasn't forgotten like she thought she was.

Lo finally hugged Blair back and noticed the last picture was still in her hand. She decided to not throw that one away. He was right when he said it would be a while before she accepted the apology and was able to move on. But when she did, she'd be his friend again, and maybe Nigel's, though it wouldn't be the same. She could forgive, but never forget.


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