Leave Me

By: Lilac Swan Riddle

'Leave. Get away from me. Before I hurt you. I will. I know I will.'

Those are the words I can't say,

I know I should but I can't force myself to say the words,

I'm going to hurt you eventually,

Just like I always do,

And then there'll be nothing else to fight for,

But I can't bring myself to say the words that will make you see the truth,

You need to leave,

No matter how much it hurts me to see you go you have to leave me,

I don't want to hurt you,

It would kill me to see you hurt because of me,

You're so much better than me,

I've always known that,

But now I know I have to make you leave,

If I don't you'll get hurt and I can't let that happen,

Not to you,

I could never let anything happen to you,

You're going to argue,

You won't want to leave me but I'm going to make you,

I'm going to make my heart as cold as death,

I won't let you see how much it's killing me to do this to you,

But it will,

It's going to kill me to watch you leave,

My heart will break and I won't be able to stop it,

I'll make you hate me because I have to,

But I promise you I won't hate you,

I could never hate you,

I love you too much for that to ever happen.