Two escaped convicts crept through the underbrush, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. They had just killed someone. In fact, the murder was still going on, in a way.

It was almost twilight, the late afternoon sun was just peeking through the trees as they walked along the creek. They were almost at their destination, though it seemed like there was still a long way to go. This was because they had to cross an open field to get where they were going. And of course, they were being searched for.

One was a tall female, the other a short male. They had known the woods they were navigating now for most of their lives, after all, their house was less than a mile away now. It was quiet in the woods despite the mayhem outside; no one ever thought to look for them there.

They reached the landmark rock, in which they always stopped on to think about their victim. In fact, it seemed like the same victim every time.

Once they reached the house, their comrade would join them. Then they would , all three of them together, viciously murder the victim over and over again. It was, after all, their idea of fun.

They had now reached the field. Luckily, a barrier of trees enclosed them from the authorities. They wedged themselves between the trees and a fence on their other side.

They made slow progress, making as little noise as possible. But their scents attracted the attention of a dog in another yard.

The dog ran up to them, panting and barking.

"Shh, Calvin, we're convicts, can't you tell? You can't let *anyone* see us," the short one said, suddenly antsy.

The dog, recognizing him, returned to its placid sniffing around the yard.

At last reaching their house, the escapees ran across the backyard, no longer caring about being seen. Stumbling inside, they laughed together.

"When's Maya getting here?" the short one asked his sister.

"5:00," the female grunted, grabbing two lemonades from the fridge. "Want one?"

The younger boy nodded energetically. His sister tossed him one.

"She staying the night?"

"Yup," the tall one responded. "When she gets here, we'll kill our victim again!"

The boy, of course, had just been going along with this act the whole day.

"Are we done playing convicts now?" he asked.

"Yeah. Wanna play zoo next?"

"Ok," said the boy. "But I don't get it. Who were we supposed to be killing?"

The older girl smiled at her brother's innocence. "Time."

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