Author's Note: This story contains sexual content. Its my first time ever writing anything to do with sex but I'm trying. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1: Mark and I

My hands gripped the sheet as waves of pleasure hit my body. I shut my eyes tight as I felt his hot mouth smash back on mine.

I kissed back just as forceful as him. He nibbled on my lip and shoved his tongue in my mouth.

His hand roughly played with my boob and I moaned into his mouth.

"Like that baby," He huskily said before latching his mouth on my other nipple. My hands left the sheet and latched into his hair. Knowing he loved the way I tugged at it when he was giving me the most pleasure.

Then like lightening he stopped and shoved himself into me making me arch my back towards him. This time he was rough and hard. He pounded into me and my hips met his thrusts.

Moans spilled out of my mouth as he grunted above me. Our sweat covered bodies slapped against each other and my nails dug in his back marking him with red lines.

"Mark," I moaned out right before I came.

He pounded harder before releasing into me. His body went slack against mine and he put all of his weight on me.

I ran my hand through his soft brown hair.

"Fallon," Mark mumbled sleepily. "You feel so amazing."

A small smile appeared on my face I knew what he meant. I understood him and he understood me.

"You feel amazing too." I told him.

He picked himself up off me, gave a smile before giving me a kiss. He wrapped his arm around me and I buried my face in his chest before passing out.

"Fallon!" Mark yelled as soon as I entered the apartment. "Did you find a job?"

Today had been hell in heels. Literally. I had been dressed in a cute black pencil skirt that reached a little bit above my knee, a white blouse, and a pair of black pumps. I put on light make up and curled my hair.

Except most of the interviews wanted a kid just out of college with a bachelor or masters degree, not some eighteen year old that just barely passed high school and had no money for college.

I was denied all the good jobs but finally I found one place that wanted me to be a secretary. When the woman gave me the job I almost started jumping with excitement. No matter what, I knew I could do this. I had to do this.

Except the only reason I got the job was because this man had an issue with all his secretaries and fired them all with in an hour of knowing them.

"Yeah," I said when I was in the kitchen. I put the keys on the hook then went to the living room where Mark sat drinking a beer and watching a judge show.

"I'm working as a secretary for some lawyer company."

He nodded never taking his eyes from the TV even when it turned from the show to a commercial.

"Good." He grunted.

I sighed knowing he was having a bad day. I walked behind him and started rubbing his shoulders. His muscles were all tense under my fingers and I knew one of those men he worked with went too far.

Hopefully he didn't get fired.

"Why don't we order some take out, take a nice warm bath, and then I'll give you a back massage. Does that sound good?"

He nodded, "Order some pizza."

I walked from him an order one medium sized pizza with green peppers in it. The man with a thick foreign accent told me the pizza would be here in forty-five minutes.

Our apartment wasn't big, it was a two bedroom house with two baths. The kitchen was connected to the living room with a bar connecting the two.

In the bedroom I undressed and put on my nice pink silk robe. I grabbed some knew clothes for tomorrow trying best to remember what the lady recommended to wear. Apparently the old man was picky on what people wore.

He just wanted a respectable woman that and I quote, "Wouldn't just sleep with him or his sons for their money."

Can you say gross. An old man and sleeping with his wrinkled body. A shudder ran through me. No thank you.

I put out a grey pencil skirt with a cute short sleeved deep purple blouse and a suit jacket to match.

I headed to the bathroom and turned on the hot water. The hot water in this place takes fifteen minutes to heat up. Its such a pain thus why I take showers at night.

There was some pounding at the door, I grabbed a twenty from my purse and opened the door to see a young teen male.

"Hello, your total his 15.32."

I said a quick hello and handed him the money. He handed me the pizza at the same time and the tried to give me change.

"No change."

He nodded and said a polite 'bye' and I shut the door with a click, locking it.

I went to the living room and set the pizza down. I quickly grabbed two beers, opened them, two plates and napkins.

"Babe, foods here." I said shaking him lightly. He opened his unemotional blue eyes. I nodded to the food and he grabbed a slice and a beer.

We ate in silence with the TV buzzing in the background. Finishing my food I got up and through my trash away. I went to the bathroom and filled the tub.

I took a sip of my beer before setting it next to the tub.

As I was about to leave to get Mark I bumped into him. His blue eyes sparkled a little as he watched me undress and sink into the tub. I grabbed my beer sipping some but set it to the side when Mark sat in front of me.

His head rested on me and my hands went to rubbing his body soothingly. Its was probably an awkward sight with us squeezing into this tub. The tub wasn't small just normal size but Mark was a big guy. He stood at 6'3 and muscles from his construction work.

"Do you want to tell me what's wrong?"

He was quiet and so was I. There was really nothing to say. He just wanted someone there for him and I was. Would be for my whole life.

"Some newbie prick was just aggravating me. I was stuck training him and you know how I hate to train newbies. Always thinking they know shit when they can't tell the difference in directions and tools. Stupid fools."

He ranted to me until the water turned cold with me giving him advice and some good praise to him. We had washed before and I felt good.

He dried himself off before throwing some boxers on and laying on the bed. I through one of his shirts on before brushing my hair quickly.

I went to the bed and straddled his lower back sitting on his ass. My hands started to message his tense back working out the muscles. After about twenty minutes he was mumbling words of happiness from his back hurting less.

"Better?" I asked while getting off of him to set the alarm clock. We both would be getting up at five to get ready for work.


He was practically a sleep, I turned the lights of and pulled the blankets around us.

His arm wrapped around me and we fell into a peaceful sleep.