Wait, where you going? I'm leaving you, no, you ain't
Come back, we're running right back, here we go againIt's so insane, 'cause when it's going good, it's going great
I'm Superman with the wind at his back
She's Lois Lane but when it's bad, it's awful, I feel so ashamed
I snap, "Who's that dude?", I don't even know his nameI laid hands on her, I never stoop so low again
I guess I don't know my own strength
~Love The Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rihanna

"People generally didn't cheat in good relationships." ~Emily Griffi

Chapter 3: Just The Start

"Ms. Magnoli I need my papers. Now. They should of been done an hour ago." I glared at the computer as Mr. Santoro yelled at me for papers that were on his desk an hour ago.

"They're on your desk," I hissed out. I watched as his angered expression changed to guilty then back to angry again.

Mr. Santoro was irritating me to no point. His problems fell on me naturally and I had no clue if this happens to every secretary or if I'm just that lucky. Mr. Santoro gave me a look that told me not to disrespect him or else but that was just hard at the moment. I snapped my gaze from him and glared at the screen computer.

I continued typing and doing my job not even realizing that it was after the usual lunch hour. I walked back to my desk to see if I brought any lunch but I just can't remember. I looked and nothing. No lunch for me today.

"Ms. Magnoli?" A timid voice said. I looked up and nodded for him to continue, "Your boyfriends here by the main desk. He has been here for a while. I thought you should know."

"Thanks." I smiled and headed down to where he was.

Standing here in the elevator waiting for it to reach the first floor felt like eternity. The longer it took the more I had a bad feeling. When the elevator dinged and the doors slowly opened I spotted him standing there flirting with some red-headed woman who looked to be in her mid-forties. He handed her a piece of paper which I'm assuming is his number. It's not exactly the first or even second time I've caught him doing this.

"Mark!" I said with anger clear in my voice. His head snapped over to me and he stared. I walked over to him and grabbed his hand.

"Come on, baby, let's go talk."

He followed me as I walked out the door of the building. I turned to him immediately and glared fiercely.

"How could you flirt with her and give her your number!?"

"It's not what it looks like."

Did he really just say that stupid line. What is he going to say 'It's not you it's me' next?

"It's exactly what I think it is. If you want to date a woman who is older go a head. I've given you all the opportunities to leave me any time that you don't want me. You have an out so why not just take it?"

He stared at me with his perfected blank face and I sighed. He wouldn't talk or say anything here in public.

"Whatever. If you want get your shit and get out."

I walked back up to my desk where Mr. Santoro stood.

"Where were you?"

"I was out talking to my boyfriend." My head was pounding as the hurt from him trying to hook up with someone else set in. I tried to hold back the tears while I got yelled at by my boss.

"In my office now!"

Putting on a blank expression I headed to his office and sat down in the chair across from his desk chair.

"Now tell me what happened." He seemed so genuine in wanting to know.

"I was talking to my boyfriend."


"I don't think it concerns you."

"It does when it interrupts my secretary from work!" He snapped.

I looked away and sighed, "I know and I'm sorry. Someone told me he was here and I went to go see him only to see him flirting with some old woman downstairs. I stepped in."

I felt pathetic telling my boss this. It really didn't concern him but he asked.

"Okay," He paused before continuing, "Just go finish your job and don't let this happen again."

I nodded, "Thank you." Then disappeared quickly.

The day continued and I did my job which seemed shorter than the other days. It was like all the work I needed to do disappeared in the last three hours. I had nothing left to do but go home. I slowly packed up and headed for my car. Nothing was stopping me and that's what sucked the most.

As I was slowly walking down the hallway someone grabbed my elbow and pulled me into the closet. They shoved me up against the door and kissed me fiercely and I returned it. I knew it was a girl from the way she kissed, her perfume, and the fact her boobs were against mine.

We broke apart and tried to catch our breath.

"Who are you?"

"Daisy Dixon."

I smirked, "Well, Ms. Dixon you're a great kisser."

"I know, but you're an amazing kisser."

"I know," I mimicked her.

She let out a laugh and turned the light on. Her long red hair was curled to perfection and she wore a tight black straples dress that actually fit her. The dress showed off all of her curves and made her boobs all perky.

"Whats your name?"

I looked at her for a bit before answering, "Fallon."

"Fallon," she tested before smiling, "I like it. Now when I have a wet dream about you I can call you Fallon."

My eyes widened at her very truthful statement, "You have wet dreams about me?"

Her face turned a bright red color as she nodded. Truthfully I was more turned on than anything. She didn't even really know me but she wanted me. I moved closer to her and wrapped my arms around her neck.

"That is the hottest thing I've heard in a while." I breathed out. She made a move to kiss me again but I shook my head. I was still in a relationship until I got home. I wasn't going to let this go any further.

"This can't happen now. I'm in a relationship and-" I cut myself off there was nothing left to say. Why she stood there I grabbed my bag and headed out the door to my car. Once in the car I let out a breath and left to go home.

I didn't know how to feel or what I should do in this situation. It has happened before but we just talked it through. Now though I feel its going to be different. It has to be different. I'm tired of all the sneaking around he's trying to do. If I'm not good enough for him that's fine because I am sure damn good enough for someone else. Maybe not some amazing famous superstar or the sexiest man alive but someone out there is made for me.

Mark had to make a change or we wouldn't be in this relationship any longer.

"That was a short drive," I muttered to myself slowly putting the car off. I sat there for a couple minutes before just facing my life head on.

This was it we could make our relationship stronger or break it. There was no stalling anymore and no turning around.

"Fallon?" Mark called out the minute the door shut behind me.


I walked into the living room to where Mark sat with the TV on mute and a few beer cans on the table. I went and sat on the other side of the sofa. We sat in an awkward silence just in deep thought.

"Why did you give that woman your number?"

He turned to me, "You weren't giving me any."

"I wasn't giving you any?" I let out a humorless laugh. "I fucked you the other night! We do it more than anyone I know."

He shrugged and moved closer to me. He set his hand on the exposed skin of my thigh.

"Don't think your getting any tonight. You try to hook up with some older woman than get with me I don't think so."

I shoved his hand off and stood up. He glared and stood up to. We stood there glaring at each other for who knew how long before he talked.

"I'm a thirty-two year old man I can do as I please."

"I'm a nineteen year old woman that can find another man in a heartbeat."

After that statement my head was turned facing the wall and a stinging sensation was left. My eyes were blurred with tears as I slowly turned my head to face Mark. My hand went to my cheek and I winced when I lightly touched it.

Mark stood there in shock his hand still in the air.

"H-how could you h-hit me?"

His blue eyes were wide in shock before his face turned into its emotional mask.

"Don't talk back to me, little girl. I wear the pants in this relationship so you do as told." He smirked his eyes dilated and I knew he was on some drug. "Strip."

I glared, "I'm not doing anything you say! You don't control me!"

Before I could blink his hand was wrapped around my throat choking me. "Listen well, sweetheart, you do as your told and everything will run smoothly. Understood?"

I nodded gasping for air. Spots dotted my vision and he dropped me. I fell like a potato sack inhaling air.

"Get me a beer then strip."

I slowly got up and walked to the refrigerator. I grabbed him a beer and walked back after opening it. He stared at me waiting for me to strip. I slowly started to unbutton my blouse. He watched all of my movements and then the smooth fabric slid from my arms to pile around my feet. I stepped out of my heels before taking off my skirt leaving me in a matching lacy undergarments.

As I unhooked my bra someone knocked on the door which had Mark smirking before he let whoever in. Two guys walked in the room and sat on the couch giving me appreciative glances.

The one guy pulled out cocaine and some other drugs, getting it set up. My eyes widen while Mark handed them some beers.

"Whose the chica?" The one guy asked. He looked mixed with big blue eyes and tan skin. He had black hair that was messy and looking like he just rolled out of bed. He wore a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The other guy was Latino with dark hair and skin. He had the coldest deep dark brown eyes I had ever seen. He wore a black t-shirt and jeans.

"That's my girl," Mark stated watching the guy get the drugs out.

"Mind if I have some fun with her?" He asked his Spanish accent speaking through.

Mark looked at me with an evil glint in his eyes that I had never seen before, "Sure."

The guys blue eyes brightened and he got up looking as if I was his prey.

"Come here," the guy said going down the hallway. I was frozen in place freaking out mentally and half naked.

"M-mark," I whispered/stuttered.

He turned towards me and glared, "Go!"

I jumped and walked down the hallway. My heart was pounding in fear as I entered the room. He sat on the bed pants pulled down and him stroking himself.

"Get over here."

I numbly walked till I was in front of him. He let go of himself and grabbed my boobs hard making me gasp out in pain. He really wan't much into foreplay because once he squeezed them a couple times, he pulled me down to my knees.

He pushed my head down on his warm shaft. His head poking my lips.

Roughly grabbing my hair he pulled my head up and I gasped, "Suck my cock, whore."

He shoved me back down I let my tongue slide out and lick the tip before slowly sucking him in. I got a rhythm bobbing my head back and fourth as he had a fistful of my hair making me go faster.

He panted and as he got closer to the edge he let out a groan. His hot cum fell in my mouth some of it falling out. I didn't swallow and the minute he pulled his shaft out of my mouth I ran to the bathroom and spitted it out. I didn't know if he had a disease and I wasn't risking it with his nasty tasting cum. I rinsed my mouth out and went back to the room.

He smirked and opened his mouth to say something but the other guy came in the room.

"Get the fuck out Daniel."

Daniel pulled up his pants, "Eh, fine Cruz but I'm not done with her."

He then left me with Cruz. I could tell he was on something just not what that something was. He was just all over the board jittery then angry and then he was talkative. He mumbled a lot to himself and I was freaking out.

What the hell was he going to do?

"Fallon," he moaned and walked up to me. He wrapped his arms around me having his hands rested on my lower back. I stood still too nervous to really do anything. He trailed kisses down my neck then pushed me on the bed. I bounced a bit as he ripped all of his clothes off. He climbed on top of me and that's when I stared at the roof. I ignored all of his touches and how my body was reacting.

This was horrid I was getting raped, again, and no one cared.