The Water-Nymph

Sweet water-nymph,
trapped forever in perfect smooth stone.
You smile at me when I pass you in the park,
but your eyes are sad.

You seem to yearn for movement,
to come away and be free
to walk anywhere you please
and so you sadly gaze at me as I pass.

Wanting the freedom of the birds, people and seasons
in constant change and movement around you.
You long to break free from the bondage and cursed existence
and be able to speak, say something, anything.

Your gaze seems to become more hopeless
each time I pass by
and I notice a locket in your hand.

It is open and an almost unrecognizable figure
is etched into the pale grey stone.
I clear away the wet leaves and dirt
that have deposited themselves in a thick layer on it.

I stand shocked for a moment at what I see.
It is a stone imprint,
carved in utmost detail,
and I see what looks like a picture of me.

Confused and dazed I look down
to the engraving at the nymph's feet.

Written there are only two lines:
"I will wait for you until the end of time"
and it is signed to a David Jameson
from Laurie Jane Thompson, 1895.

He was my ancestor.
The water-nymph's eyes no longer were unhappy
but seemed at peace.
She had been finally reunited with her family.

Realization dawned upon me
and I smiled at the statue.

I smile as I pass it now
for I know that a part of her
will always be with me
and I will never be alone.

A/N: Newly recut poem ;D (from a short story).

©DisplacedPenLover :)