Grey Rabbit

A short story

I was made by a sewing machine that was used by a woman in a factory. She was old, and smelled like tobacco. They gave me a white belly, and covered the rest of me in grey fur. My eyes were two little brown beads, my nose was a triangular pink bead, and my mouth is a piece of black thread that was sewn into a permanent smile. My feet are useless humps of carpet filled with stuffing. My arms are just little cylinders half the size of a sausage. The only thing appealing about me is the little yellow ribbon around my neck. My foot was slightly lopsided because the tobacco-lady didn't really care how I was made. Just before she had to put me in a box filled with other stuffed rabbits that looked just like me, she took a needle and thread and sewed something on the left side of my butt; a tag that read 'Made in China'.

The box I was in was dark and everything was noisy, people chattering around in Chinese as the box was tossed around from one person to another. I remember hearing the sounds of a truck as we were tossed in the back of it, then we were put on a boat that sailed for weeks. Then, when the boat finally came to a stop, the box was lifted up and out and put onto another truck. I was in that box for days and days before we finally came to a permanent stop and the box was opened. The person who opened it was a miserable looking teenager with a lot of acne on his nerdy face.

He stuck some of the others on a shelf near a cashier stand at a grocery store. I was the last one pulled out and sat alone on a shelf above a conveyer belt. I saw the store displaying a big flag with fifty white stars in a blue box next to a bunch of red and white stripes. A few hours later, the store opened, and some people came in. I watched as all kinds of different variety of people went by me and didn't care for my existence as they bought their food.

I stayed on that shelf, alone, for a few more days. Nobody bought me, nobody who saw me even cared about me. I saw one little blonde girl who saw the unicorn toy next to me and begged her mother to buy it. When she refused, she threw a fit and her mother had to spank her to get her to be quiet.

Another family came along, a dark-haired pregnant woman with her little girl sitting in the front of the cart. She couldn't have been any older than two. She turned her head and saw me. She gasped happily, a huge smile on her face, and began to reach for me. Her mother noticed and smiled, picked me up off the shelf and onto the conveyer belt and bought me. She handed me to her daughter once she had paid for everything and I was in a tight hug. She fiddled with me all through the car ride home, a happy smile on her face as she kept rubbing my ribbon between her tiny fingers. When she got home, she kept a hold on my arm and wouldn't let me go the whole day, not even at dinner. She would suck her thumb when she was focused on something, and she would hold me tight.

As she grew older, her incoherent babbles became basic English, and no matter how big she got, she still played with me. She had another bunny toy, as well. It was a little white rabbit that was much skinnier with longer arms and legs that can move with a little blue and white polka dotted ribbon around its neck. She called it 'White Rabbit' and I was known as 'Grey Rabbit'. She would have tea parties with me and some other toys. Over time, I began to understand basic English. By the time my Girl was six, I was fluent. She would take me everywhere, to the park, the backyard, the front yard, her bedroom, her little brother's bedroom, her parent's bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, but she had to put me away when she ate in the dining room.

She would cuddle me in her sleep, and when we were alone, she would confide in me and her other toys. She played pretend with me sometimes, pretending I was a friendly bunny for one of her dolls, or a monster that destroyed paper buildings she made with her dad. On her first day of pre-school, she stuck me in her backpack and took me with her. She showed me off to one of the girls there, and wouldn't let her play with me. I was her favorite bunny, apparently. Even though my grey fur had greened with age, I was still her favorite bunny, I felt so loved.

Once, when her family went on a road trip, she put me out the window and pretended I was flying. I saw her happy face as she played with me, but I could hear her mother in the front saying she was going to drop me. She didn't believe her and she kept playing. She dropped me out the window, and I thought I was going to lay on the side of the road forever, abandoned by my Girl. But I saw their car come back, and the mother stepped out. She picked me up, all covered in dirt and dust, and handed me back to my girl. She took me and hugged me close, I could see her cheeks had been stained with streaks of tears. She had cried for me. My Girl had cried because she lost me, and that made me feel so wanted.

As she grew older, she began to play with me less and less. When the family moved, though, she made sure I was packed up with the rest of her toys. Soon, she stopped playing in general. No tea parties, no dress up, not even a pretend conversation. At least, until she was nine, then her parents announced they were getting divorced. She started seeking comfort in me again, telling me all her secrets. When she switched houses, she brought me to her mother's apartment in a cardboard box. The box was opened two weeks after she had moved in and she put me on display in an empty bookshelf. A few months later, her mother decided to get a real house, so they moved again. I didn't come out of the box this time. I was moved from space to space over the years, remaining in a little brown cardboard box. I was eventually moved to another space, and the final one.

Now, here I am, still in the box, truly abandoned by my Girl. It must've been at least eight years since I saw her last. She must be seventeen by now; she's too old for toys. She doesn't need me anymore, but still… I miss the tea parties, I miss her hugs and listening to her secrets, I miss the way she played with my ribbon and the way she carried me everywhere. I miss my Girl, but she doesn't miss me.

The door to the attic opens, and I hear footsteps. I hear two grown up voices, both of them women. They walk around the cluttered attic, looking for something. One of them calls to the other, saying a flashlight would be useful. There was only the one light bulb in the attic, so seeing things in the dark was rather difficult. One of the women was tiny enough to get past the boxes of Christmas decorations without breaking anything, and I saw the light go over the toys. I barely saw it because I was at the bottom in the corner. The light passed over me, and I felt disheartened, whoever it was, be it the mom or one of her friends, my Girl wasn't there to see me. I saw the light pass over me again, and stay there. A hand reached in and pulled me out past the old baby dolls and horse heads on sticks. When I was pulled out, I looked into the face of someone I could never forget.

My Girl.

She was all grown up now, with a little haircut and make-up to cover up some of her pimples. She gasped happily when she saw it was me, just like she did when she first saw me. I felt my cotton insides warm from being held in her hands, my Girl had found me, and she was happy. She turned around and I saw her mother, she was older than I remembered. She told her she found me, and her mother smiled happily at me. If I had tear ducts, I would cry with joy. My Girl was looking for me, not one of her dolls, or some old blanket, me. She walked through the clutter of the attic and out the door. She brought me down to her room, which had been painted black and blue, with a big bed, and many other bunny rabbits sitting on top of her dresser and on her desk. If I could frown, I would, she collected bunny toys, and she just wanted to add me to her collection. She brought me closer to the group on the dresser, and I thought she was going to put me with them, but instead, she put me up high, on a bookshelf, near a weird-looking lion doll with a white button on its stomach.

"There." She said once she placed me up there, "You get the place of honor with my foreign stuff." I looked to my left, and saw she had collected other things as well. A God's eye from Mexico, a bamboo cup from Japan, a snow globe from New York, a tiny stuffed bear dressed like a guard from England, and so many other things. I was touched, my Girl had put me in the place of honor with her collection of souvenirs from around the world. She picked me back up and hugged me tight, kissing my rabbit head, and put me back up. I looked dingy and dull compared to everything else on the shelf, but that didn't matter. My Girl wanted me again, and she thought I deserved to be up here, so I thought so, too.

That night, after she had set her alarm, brushed her teeth, and got into her pajama's, she looked out the door to make sure no one was there, and she came over to the shelf. She picked me up and cradled me in her arms as she walked back over to her bed and climbed in with me in her arms.

"Guess what, Gray Rabbit?" She whispered in the darkness, "I'm going to college soon, and I'm taking you with me." I felt my cotton heart soar, she was taking me with her to college! For the first time in a long time, I felt happy and wanted as my Girl slept with me in her arms.


This is my first original one-shot thingy. I hope it's good enough for you guys. I made this about a year ago, so it's not as good as it could be, but I'm still proud of it.