We enter the world screaming and crying

But we are quiet as we are dying

But the legacy we leave behind

Is what people strive to find

So we need to stand up now

Perform your play, take a bow.

Use your voice, scream your name

Make a noise, live in your fame.

The story is yours by your hand

Be who you are, this is your land.

The power of you

Make something new.

Be remembered

Don't surrender.

Your voice rings out

Just stand up and shout.

Do not be afraid, have your say

And with your mind blow everyone away.

Be courageous.

Be spontaneous.

Live your life, be your dreams.

Make your story burst at the seams.

When you're gone,

Let yourself live on.

Command your life as you want it to be

Open everyone's eyes and make them see

The stage is yours, the pages waiting to be filled

The ups and downs, everything, your life is fulfilled

Tears can dry, broken bones can mend

And when it is time, gladly write The End.