"Turn to page 165 in your text books please class and read the chapter on our continent's history silently." Said the happy orange-haired teacher known as Miss. Park. Though everyone in Koneko's ninth grade class has read the birth of their continent, it was law to read it again and again, year after year. Miss. Park had made them read it at least every month, all the students said she had to be the happiest history teachers when it came to this stuff, but hopefully she wouldn't make them read it even more since the last month of school was almost over. The president of Bramhil, President Kirei Starm, and all the presidents before him, had teens and children read the creation of the continent they lived on. Mostly to scare the little kids, prevent rebellions from teens, and also to prevent another war from sparking up, against the cruel rule of their iron footed presidents.

How do they expect us to be scared of this? Only a bibliophobe could be terrified of this, but I guess they're happy with this little 'technique'." Koneko grumbled in her mind, as she opened her large text book that was titled The Eras in Earth's Changes, to page 165. She stared at the little map in the right corner that showed how the Earth looked some 1,016 years ago when it had only seven continents. She used to wonder how the world would have been like all those years ago, but after reading the same chapter over and over again each year, especially this year, she got tired of it. Sometimes she wished the dumb history would just change. Koneko's ears twitched from underneath her hat in irritation. Grumbling again, but aloud this time, while cursing their bone headed presidents for thinking kids her age and younger would really start a rebellion, Koneko started to read the short chapter-yet again:

Bramhil is a technologically advanced continent founded in the 3010s. This was the newest continent that was created after the Perseid Shower, and then founded by Kimball Starm after World War III. Kimball soon after became the president of his new founded continent. Even thought Kimball took control of an entire continent, due to his strong military skills, not all new leaders were very lucky. Many had to split the new continents into sections or rustics. Only two other leaders, Katuscha Borovsky and Kwan Lee, had control of an entire continent like Kimball did.

In many historical science books, the Perseid Shower was recorded as the largest, deadliest, and most unlikely phenomenon in the 2999s. The Perseid Shower shifted and broke the seven original continents, which had been around longer than even man its self, into twelve different ones. The continents had always shifted due to the Continental Drift, thought no one could feel it, but because of the Perseid Shower forced the continents to move faster than normal, to the point where people could feel the ground moving beneath them, many people died. Mainly it was the lack of food, tsunamis caused by the moving continents and other natural disasters, severe shock in kids and elder people due to the feeling of the ground moving beneath them, or fighting over the lack resources that killed most people, instead of the continents alone causing death by moving and breaking apart.

From all the aggravation and starvation of her people, the president of a country called the United States, whose name was Eris Skier, declared war on the nearby country of Canada. (Back in the days when there were only seven continents, today's rustics were called countries.) Unlike the other two World Wars, there were no alliances, only all the countries fighting against each other for resources as their world turned into chaos.

The official start of World War III was in 3000s, after Palau, the last country to join the war declared war on smaller islands that surrounded it. Many countries couldn't defend themselves, this mainly included very small island countries, countries with a small population, or countries with a weak military.

The war raged on for ten long devastating years until many military leaders and their followers started making peace treaties with one another and dividing the new continents into rustics. But four military leaders, Kimball, Katuscha, Anya and Kwan, weren't satisfied with just having part of a continent, so they fought on for another year and a half. Kwan and Kimball both used the strategy of taking over smaller rustics one by one, that had already formed on new found continents, until they eventually took control of two separate continents.

Sadly, it was far different for Katuscha and Anya, who were sisters. They had both gone after a new continent called New Europe. Neither sister wanted to share the continent. So their forces fought each other bitterly for months and months on end. Until at a long brutal battle, which was later named the Battle of the Blood, in which Katuscha's main general captured Anya and brought her to Katuscha in Mosco, which would later be the continent's capital. Instead of sentencing her sister to death, Katuscha killed her sister herself in public to show what would happen if anyone dared to question her right to rule. Katuscha then changed New Europe's name to
Anya, after her sister showing, that she still had respect for her as a strong military leader.

The bell rang loudly, signaling the end of sixth period and also the end of the day. Students rushed out of the classroom and into the hallway, hooting loudly. Koneko jumped up and ran as fast as she could back to her dorm. Nearly knocking over younger student as they also walked back to their dorms.

After Koneko fiddled in her pocket for her keys and unlocked the door. She ran into her bedroom, her long light blue hair flowing behind her as she ran. She threw down her back pack on her black and white comforter. Happy to be relieved of the heavy back pack and of school for the weekend, she practically skipped over to her bureau which had a mirror hanging over it. She tossed off her hat, letting her dark grey cat ears stretch.

"I can tell this weekend is going to be fun" she whispered to herself smiling at her now unhidden ears and running her hand through her soft hair. After a few more moments she walked back over to her bed. She unzipped her back pack and grabbed her phone. Planning to call her best friends Rune and Kogata to ask them what they were all going to do this weekend.