Thoughts For Your Penny

It's a little cold here,

I wonder where he went.

I'm getting quite tired

of the air from this vent.

I saw this lady walk by.

She was screaming at her son.

He looked at me, crying as

he sobbed at his cookie crumbs.

It's been quite awhile now.

I haven't given up just yet.

I wonder if I'll ever see my twin.

I do have some regrets.

I myself have grown quite cold,

I long to feel a sensation of heat.

The crumbs are cold as well,

But the crumbs and I don't speak.

It's been a long journey.

I lost my hope it seems.

A playful child is looking at me.

I feel warm from her gleam.

She crouches and picks me up.

She says this is my lucky side.

The boy never picked me up.

He just stared at me and cried.