Sequel to my poem: Now I Know.


They told me

It was going to be all right.

I got their phone numbers;

I held them tight.

I knew the time had come,

But I still cried.

I didn't want to see a new home,

And inside I died.

That day,

That night,

I caught my breath,

And it gave me a fright.

I couldn't do this,

I knew I couldn't.

I couldn't give up happiness,

I couldn't give up hope.

We were a family,


And here.

But now we're traveling,

And not even near.

It is these times

Where moving becomes real.

When the first bell rings,

I have the first meal.

That first day

Of a new school.

Now I pay

For my insecurities.

I should be used to this,

So why am I not?

I fought

And I fought

To not have to go back.

So why am I back?

I didn't want to go back.

The pain was real.

This is something I lack,

Something I need.

I will do this again,

So now you can read

Of the sorrows of my past,

Of the pain I have had.

I moved half way across the country

8 times

And counting.

If you think that's bad,

Then just ask another army kid.

Isn't that sad?

Now I can't speak.

Now I can't say

What's on my mind

Any day.

The pain is real,

I feel it now.

All I've lost

Is here

Right now.

I've found it

Within myself.

Without a doubt

Without a sound.

The memories are here,

But not for long.

They fade,


And far.

I texted my friend,

I found her again.

Half a country away,

And every day I send

Those messages so far

So I can feel

That spark of friendship

I missed.