SORRY, if this story kinda sucks. I wrote this at three in the morning and decided to post it :) maybe i'll fix it up later. maybe not, who knows? READ ON!


She was the girl every person in school wanted, and I was no exception. She was tall and slim, her body moving with grace only granted by angels. Her hair was a shiny chestnut brown and straight as a line, and I remember longing to touch her hair, to feel its texture, to see if it was a soft as it looked. She always came to school with her make up done so it seemed she was a "natural" beauty, and she was a natural beauty, but she'd never be caught dead without make up on her face.

The guys at the school hit on her constantly, so sure of themselves, and so did the bisexual or the lesbians. It always pleased me when she would turn them down with that sweet smile of hers. Thats what I like about her, she's always sweet. An insult would never turn her day around for the worst.

I've loved her every since the 8th grade. We were friends then, best friends, never left each others sides. When we would have our sleep overs I remember wanting to climb into bed with her and be close to her warmth. At first I just thought I was confused; only person I was allowed to crush on were boys, but the more I got to know her, the more I realized that I wasnt confused, I really did like girls. And I really liked Cassie.

The years passed as we all grew up and Cassie and I grew apart. Now, in the twelvth grade, we talk shortly to each other if we have the same class, but we dont talk outside the room. Some times I swear I catch her watching me, staring, but it must be my imagination. Why would she watch me? The thought that she was attracted to me makes me smile, and my heart aches for the chance to be near her again.

Graduation came and we stood in line together, our last names both begining with the letter H. She wore her cap tilted on her head, her brown hair curled. She looked like perfection, and my heart raced every time she gave me a bright smile. They began calling people up on stage, the long line slowly moving, and the anxiety of finally graduating filled me to the point of being giddy. But I became suddenly aware of her breath near my ear and I shivered. She toyed with the end of my long hair and said, "I like you Lizzy."

My eyes widened and I looked back at her, only to find she winked. "Y- you do?" I stuttered, sounding like an absolute fool.

She nodded, "Maybe later we can have another sleep over, you know, to celebrate our graduation?"

Her tone was suggestive and all I could muster was a nod. After so many years of waiting and wanting, Cassie was mine. Maybe later I can finally find out how soft her hair was. And maybe those lips.