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She had never been anyone to begin with. Just a ghost, forever hiding behind other people's shadows, never being able to show her face without being jeered at. Nobody paid attention to her, that perpetually frowning girl with mediocre grades. She'd never been able to do well enough for her parents, her teachers...nobody accepted her for who she was.

Looking to the sky, she begged God, asked him why he had created her just to suffer through the Hell that life really was. Asked him why he let her rot and fester if he really loved her. She had been brought up on stories of heaven and hell, baptized at the age of five without knowing what exactly she had just done.

Her parents had given up on her, didn't want her any longer. They already had her older sister, one who topped her class in every subject, went to a prestigious school and studied hard all the time, so why would they need her? Burying her face in her hands, she felt hot liquid spill down her face, broken sobs racking her body. She had never been good enough for anyone.

She had hated the world

But in the end, she realized that the one she hated...

...was herself.


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