"Forty-thousand years ago, a baby boy be born t' an ordinary couple. They named th' lad's Zoi on accoun' o' he be full o' life. He be born in a time o' chaos. Th' earth, they sky, th' sea, everythin' be ou' o' control an' nay one had th' power t' control 't. Davy Jones' locker would come t' them nay ready an' life would rarely pay a hopeful couple a visit. Wars would rage one tide an' nay be thar th' next. At th' same time, a baby girl named Polemos be born. Named fer th' lass' violent nature. One tide, each o' them discovered extraordinary powers. They be th' powers t' rule. One tookst charge o' life th' other o' war. At this time, a boy named Thanatos be born t' another ordinary couple. He had th' power t' rule Davy Jones' locker, an' so he did. These gods continued t' be born until everythin' but th' sea be tamed. After that fer Thousands o' years, nay god be wild enough t' tame th' sea until one tide, a baby girl be born t' Zoi an' Polemos. She be as unpredictable an' wild as th' sea. They named th' lass' Thalasa an' she became goddess o' th' sea. Fer five-thousand years, she learned from th' lass' father o' how t' control herself, th' lass' powers, an' th' lass' subjects. Now, each o' these gods lives on the'r own isles, arrr. Zoi, th' god o' life lives on Zoun isle, arrr. Th' goddess o' war, Polemos, lives on Matchitis isle, arrr e'en tho she be married t' Zoi. Thalasa, live in th' sea. She married a god named Kairos who lives on Kataigita Isle, arrr. He be th' god o' weather." An old man smiled as he talked. He was on a ship. A frigate. The crew shook their heads. "`Tis true! I`ve seen Thalasa patrollin' th' sea wi' me own one good eye!"

The men of the crew walked away. The old man walked to the edge of the ship. "I hear ye show yersef t' th' non-believers, Now would be a good time." Just then, a bunch of water began to swirl and go to the deck of the ship. "`Tis th' lass'!" The old man yelled. The crew turned towards him to see the whirl pool. The water splashed onto the deck to reveal a teenage girl who seemed to be glowing. She was wet. She had a starfish bra and a seaweed skirt. Her hair was light blue and so were her eyes.

"I hear dar be some yellow-bellied non-believers on dis ship." She said in a strange accent. "Just to let you know, we are real." She walked across the deck to the edge on the other side and was then swallowed into the sea. Everyone ran to the edge. She could be seen in the sea. She then quickly took off and was out of sight.

"What`s goin' on ou' here?" A man walked out of the captains cabin.

"Thalasa came."

"The goddess o' th' sea?" The captain asked.

"Aye Captain Brewer." The old man said

"Men" Captain Brewer walked down the ship. "Have ye erethought about how powerful we would be if we trapped a god in a body an' held 't prisoner?"