A/N: Since I can't whine to people I know when something bad happens (because, they were there alllll along, I just don't see or hear them; because they are there for me, just not when I need a good time or comfort; because they always talk to me, one time a month to whine about their school), the pressure within one self grows and shapes into something. It's usually a story (like my one-shots), but this time it was a song of sorts. I've been reading to much of Edgar Alan Poe recently, I think. XD

I was confronted by one of my friends I rarely see when I posted this on dA, hopefully they won't track me down so easily here. It's a song, people! It's not a suicidal note (god knows it would be a novel, knowing me)! Yes, I was sad. Yes, I was crushed. Yes, maybe I still am. But inspiration came and shaped something for me and I'm finished with hiding something I wrote down since 2010. Stuff should be shown, and don't search yourself in it, because yes, when you're down, you feel angry towards everyone, no matter if they're the reason or not.

SUMMARY: The suffering we cause ourselves.


Keep to my sanity.
Why? do I ask.
For your friends.
Those who I love? Those to whom I don't matter?
The one and the same.
Whatever I do, whatever I give, it's never enough,
From the forgotten paper, to the soul in my heart.
It's never enough.

They do it right, they do it great,
What do they give, I do not know.
I tried everything.
Never enough.

They matter, I don't.
Lies, lies, they feed me lies!
Fatten me up, greater joy from slaughter.
But never enough.

Be alive for them who feed you lies.
Why? I ask.
Because you love, it answers.
But they only feed me lies.
Wouldn't it be better just to die?
Why? it asks.
Because it's never enough.

The sanity is slipping and I feel pity,
For this world that feeds me lies.
Not the original, but a bad copy of mine,
Twisted and rotten from the inside.
Bonds severed and forgotten,
Mine trying to reach wide.
Why? do I ask.
Because for you it's never enough.

A/N: Hope any of you find yourself in this if you need it. If you don't, so much the better ^^

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