How people are judged is whack.

Treated like dirt because you're black.

Because your skin is yellow,

You're a less than average fellow.

Your skin is white,

Guess you get to shine in the light.

Something I loathe,

Is how we are judged by our clothes.

Because my clothes are dark,

It seems to ignite a spark.

I become someone to hate.

I become ignored by fate.

To them, my emotions are fake.

So for my sake,

Just let me be.

I all I want is for them to see.

Let them see the cage,

The cage that was formed by their rage.

Let them see my pain,

That is driving me insane.

Because I dress so informal,

I'm labeled abnormal.

Is it fair?

Does anyone care?

I won't follow their flow,

I won't be slowed.

Since they view me as a whelp,

No one will help.

I have paid life's tolls,

I will take control.

Let them flaunt,

Let them do what they want.

I'll do this on my own,

I'm not a little kid, I've grown.

Society may reject me,

But I won't let it affect me.

I'll ignore those who want nothing but fame,

And I'll suggest you do the same.