She stumbled across the platform.

These shoes are so uncomfortable.

The train flew by and blew the hair out of her face, sending her straw hat flying away, her white sundress fluttering behind her for a second.

She gripped on tightly to the old worn leather wrapped around her body, hard enough to leave a print on it, unwilling to let anything occupy her mind. The summer sun blazed down on her hair now that the hat was gone. She didn't really care about the hat. She could pick it up if she wanted, but it was very itchy to wear anyway.

She'll get a new one once she's there.

In the pouch around her laid her life. Her past, her present, her future. The only piece of hope. She's going to make it. It's still early.

An image of a grey cat with bright green eyes flashed into her head. She tried very hard to push it away. Before more images came-

No, not now. They can come after she has boarded the train.

There must be sacrifices. Bitter, but the sweet aftertaste will come soon.


For the first time, she really looked up. All the time she has kept her head down, but now she looked up all of a sudden. It's like her body's disobeying her.

No, it's too early to see anything that can change her mind.

In the opposite platform, a little white form caught her eyes. She squinted her eyes, her curiosity getting the better of her.

The shock came first. The utter disbelief. Because on the opposite platform was a girl wearing a white sundress and black buckle shoes with a messenger bag made of worn leather, the strap of which she clutches in her hand tightly.

Their eyes meet for one short moment. Words that could never be said. Her eyes gripped hungrily to the girl's.

Then a train flew pass the station, blowing the straw hat on her head off, soaring in to the air.