"'My mind, blank as a pillow's head,

Has wandered to the Land of Dead.

I searched and searched and found instead

Miles and miles of land ahead.

I looked in the mountains, under the snow,

And discovered a war of thoughts arow. -I invented that word, FYI.

I found my mind, but yet, alas,

For there I slumbered in the grass.

When I returned to the Land of Wake,

I found a thought in a nearby lake.

I swam and caught it carefully

In my mind,' I quoted with intense sarcasm,

Noticing the fact that the last bit did not rhyme,

And that irritated me quite a bit,

It irritated me so much that I decided to stop writing this poem.

But that, sometimes, is inevitable.

Some people don't know what that means,

But some people do.

Those people would probably know one more word

Than other people. Just like this poem, children,

Just like this poem."