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"Come here, sweet thing."

The burglar's hands grabbed her waist in such a manner that Audrey knew he didn't care for her safety. His fingertips dug into her skin, and her hands covered her mouth to keep from screaming. His body was pressed against hers, and there was not an ounce of softness to be found.

"Empty out the register, old man, or she gets it."

The barrel of a gun slammed against her temple, and she kept her eyes on her idiot boss, Mr. Constantine. The man was notorious for trying to argue his way out of everything, and Audrey prayed that just this once, he'd keep his fat mouth shut and hand over the money. She realized that the metal pressed against her skin was cold- odd since it was ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit outside. She mentally calculated how many degrees in Celsius the temperature was to keep her mind busy and not contemplating her current predicament. Thirty degrees Celsius? No, that didn't seem right.

"Any day now!" the man shouted. Audrey heard a clicking sound, and realized that the revolver was cocked. Urine trickled down her inner thighs as hot tears streamed down her face.

"Any last words you want to tell your boss?" the man whispered in her ear.

She didn't have any particular words for her underpaying, pain in the ass boss. What did come to mind, however, was Mike and the sudden, acute regret over never telling him how she really felt. Tomorrow she would be lying in a coroner's office, and he'd be left to believe that they were just good friends.

The only upside to this whole situation was at least she was wearing a matching black lace bra and panty set. She had always feared that when she died, she'd be caught wearing granny panties. She also wondered if the coroner would be so kind as to omit from the autopsy reports that she had wet herself like a six-year-old child. That was just too embarrassing to have on permanent record anywhere.

Audrey closed her eyes and prepared to die. I love you, Mike.