Sup dudes, it's Tonniwott with a random plot bunny story. It won't be very long, I think. Only a few chapters. The pacing's all over the place.

It's a spin-off of D8, but you don't have to have read that beforehand. However, it will help clear up a few terms and set the world more. It's set many, many years before the events of D8, though.

Of course, since this is in the D8 universe, everyone is a lesbian and all the main relationships are gay as fuck. Enjoy.

«No, no, absolutely not!»

The documents were thrown to the wall and scattered, falling through the air like oversized feathers and settling on the thick carpet. The white-clad woman who had thrown them searched for more, but found none, and ended up throwing her hat at the wall instead. The metal plate on it hit the wall with a small clang before the hat joined the papers on the floor.

«Madam, please, calm down.»

«Calm down? Calm – Trianna, I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation.»

The maid bowed her head and remained silent. Her hands were folded on her back respectfully, and her white uniform was crease-free and perfect. Pristine. She hadn't done any proper servant work in months. Years. After a few moments, Trianna moved, walking over to the wall and kneeling down to gather the documents. She knew exactly which order they should be in, and arranged them as such before returning the pile to the heavy desk that stood in the middle of the room. She set them down quietly, not meeting the other woman's eyes. Afterwards, Trianna picked up the hat, but remained by the wall. She clutched the cap in a vice grip.

«What's wrong, Trianna?» the woman crooned. Trianna shook her head.

«Nothing, Madam.»

«I won't let them have her,» the uniformed woman growled, staring down at her papers. She stood still for a long time, leaning on her desk as though it was too tiring to stand upright. Oh, she was angry. After serving the woman for years, Trianna knew better than to bother her when she was angry.

«Madam, your hat,» she said simply instead, approaching and setting the woman's hat down on her head gently. She saw the taller woman's eyes flash dangerously, but then her look softened and she smiled.

«Thank you, Trianna.»

She adjusted the hat, making sure it was sitting right on her head, and sat down heavily. Her chair creaked gently when she did.

«I won't let them have her,» she said again, albeit a tad more resigned this time.

«Madam, with all due respect – isn't this the best outcome?» Trianna asked openly. «I mean, all things considered, it's better she dies. She's caused us nothing but trouble.»

The Peacekeeper considered the maid's words for a long time. Eventually, though, her eyebrows pulled together tightly and she glared up at Trianna.

«No. I won't let them. Not so easily.»

«But what will you do? The hunting team was dispatched last evening to catch her, dead or alive. Preferably dead.»

The woman looked up, a hurt look in her eyes. She was at a loss. She had no plan. It made Trianna sad to see her so upset. Then, the woman's expression changed. Her mouth fell slightly open as though she suddenly realized something groundbreaking, and she jumped to her feet. She began to circle the room, opening cabinets and pulling out various items. Flint and tinder, flash pellets, a quiver of arrows and a bow. From a drawer she pulled out several knives, all of them small but lethal and sharp. She gathered all the objects on her desk, next to the stack of paper. After a moment of consideration, the Peacekeeper turned towards the largest cabinet in the room. It was huge, with several wide drawers on the bottom and glass doors on the top. Everything was locked firmly, but the woman had the key and drew it out of her pocket now. Unlocking the cabinet and opening the glass doors first, she quickly leafed through the contents. Most of it was maps. The cabinet was full of maps.

She didn't find what she was looking for and cursed, slamming the doors shut. The glass quivered frighteningly, but did not crack. The Peacekeeper unlocked the top drawer and pulled it out, revealing just how large the drawers were. They were not very deep, but made up for it in length. Perfect for storing wide maps in. She read over the labels on each map and swore again, slamming the drawer shut and opening the next. The map she was looking for wasn't in there, either, but the third drawer brought her luck. She pulled out a rolled-up map with a satisfied grunt. It was a large one, indeed. It barely fit in the drawer, let alone on the desk. Nonetheless, it was promptly rolled out and examined.

It was a map of the entire world. Trianna had never seen it before. It was obviously fragile and cracking – an old map, perhaps. It detailed the continents and islands of the world in faded, but still legible ink. Everything was labeled, and Trianna thought she saw at least three cities that no longer existed on the map. The forests were bigger than they were now, but the large lakes seemed to be the same. Trianna was no map reader, but she clearly saw many lines she knew were not on any modern map. Roads. Roads where there were no roads. The lines crossed over each other in a multitude of places. Sometimes they seemed to just stop in dead ends. It was like a maze of roads.

The Peacekeeper traced her finger along one of the many lines, muttering lowly to herself. It seemed like she was familiar with the map, but not with a traveler's expertise. She had merely studied the map. She had never ventured down these winding paths herself.

«Madam, what are you planning?» Trianna asked nervously, shifting her weight. Her master waved her off impatiently and she fell silent again. It was better to leave the master alone in these circumstances.

After several minutes, the Peacekeeper grunted in approval and walked around her desk. In a desk drawer she found a pen, ink, and a smaller map of the world. It was a much simpler map, as well as modern. It was much newer, and thus very different, but the Peacekeeper copied down the road she had traced expertly. On the old map, it went all the way from White City to a Black Kingdom city on the southwest coast marked as Reon. No such city existed on the modern map. The Peacekeeper drew a small tower for every city that was missing and labeled them. Trianna did not ask why. The Peacekeeper outlined the forests as they looked on the old map, creating an odd sort of map. It was both present and past at the same time. A map to point them to the past as well as the future.

When she was finished adding all the details she wanted, the Peacekeeper rolled up both maps. She put the old one back in its drawer and the new one into her travel bag. She had retrieved the bag from under her desk, Trianna noticed. She had kept it ready in case she had to leave quickly.

After all the supplies had been packed, the tall woman finally breathed out.

«Trianna. You've probably guessed this by now. I'm leaving.»


«You can't stop me.»

«I know that.»

«Please remove yourself from the exit.»

Trianna shook her head. «Not until you agree to let me come with you.»

The Peacekeeper considered this for a few moments. Trianna could tell from the way she frowned that she disapproved of this turn of events.

«No,» she finally said. «You can't come. I have to do this alone.»

«If you don't let me come with you,» Trianna warned, «I might accidentally let someone hear about your new map.»

«I never thought you'd blackmail me, Trianna,» the master said with a crooked grin. «We don't threaten our masters.»

«It's not a threat, it's a warning. If you don't take me with you, they'll be after you in no time to destroy both you and her.»

The Peacekeeper grit her teeth angrily. «Trianna! It's too dangerous for you. Plus, you'll only slow me down.»

«I won't,» Trianna promised. «Look.»

She brushed her servant's coat out of the way, flashing a neat row of throwing knives in her belt. In addition, a bottle of water hung at her hip, along with a heavy-looking money bag.

«I'm prepared for this.»

The Peacekeeper bit her lip nervously, glancing around her office. Trianna kept her stance, staring at her master levelly.

«Fine,» the master finally said. «But if you slow me down out there…»

«I won't.»

They took one last look around the office together. It would only be a matter of days after they left before someone would take notice and try to come after them.

But that didn't bother the Peacekeeper by Trianna's side. She seemed confident that she would be able to find the person she was seeking and get away with it. She would deceive the Kingdom and defy orders just for this one person.

Peacekeeper Nari turned away from the room and left. Trianna delayed for another second, then followed loyally, closing and locking the door behind them.